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Install Motiongraph For Xperia On Any Android Device

Since Sony completely took over its mobile phone business that was previously a joint venture with Ericsson, the Japanese electronics giant has been reworking many of its strategies. Besides launching their new Android tablets early this year, the creator of the Xperia lineup of smartphones has been augmenting them with many engaging features to get to the top of the very competitive market. One such feature is the Motiongraph For Xperia app built in-house by Sony exclusively for their Xperia devices that allows users to create 2-second stop-motion shots consisting of dynamically moving object within a static image, similar to the Drama Shot mode found in the Galaxy S4’s camera app. XDA-Developers forum member xperiaz2 has now ported Motiongraph’s APK to work on any Android device, as long as it’s running Jelly Bean or KitKat.

Creating and editing Motiongraphs with the app is an extremely simple and fun process. It lets you tweak a myriad of options along the way according your liking. The app carries various image effects dubbed ‘Scenes’, using which you can quickly apply a filter such as landscape, beach, snow, sports, party etc. You can also change the camera focus between Infinity and Touch Focus, as well as toggle the LED flash, and adjust the exposure level.

For the best effects, make sure you have some moving object at hand. For instance, a spinning ball or some flowing water can make for some interesting outcomes.

Motiongraph for Xperia_Main Motiongraph for Xperia_Light Motiongraph for Xperia_Scene

Once you have recorded the motiongraph sequence, the app lets you swipe across the screen to define the areas that you want move. The green surface represents the static portion of the image, while the colored portion signifies the moving object. In other words, anything in the colored area can be set to dynamically move. You can also specify the start and end points of the video using the handles.

Motiongraph for Xperia_Edit Motiongraph for XperiaEdit2

Motiongraph also lets you control the playback speed of the video. To do that, tap the small mannequin at top, and then use the pertaining slider to speed up or slow down the playback. You can even control the smoothness of the video using the slider located at the bottom. The more frames you select for sequence, the smoother the final output will be. Once you’re happy with the configured options, tap the tick button, upon which Motiongraph will process and save the final image as a GIF file. You can view the stored Motiongraphs using any image viewer on your device that supports GIF files, or export it to your computer.

Motiongraph for Xperia_Speed Motiongraph for Xperia_Save

Motiongraph For Xperia works on all Android devices running JellyBean or KitKat. You can download it from XDA-Developers forum via the link below, and sideload it to your device like any other APK.

[via XDA-Developers]

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