PictureCollageMaker For Windows Boasts Countless Templates, Frames & Photo Effects

Who doesn’t like making those beautiful-looking photo collages? After all, it makes the whole photo sharing experience a lot more mesmerizing. Previously, we have reviewed an umpteen number of photo collage tools, such as Cookiepix for Mac (review), Shape Collage (review) and the recently covered CollageIt (review), just to name a few. However, if all this isn’t enough to satiate your appetite, then go ahead and give PictureCollageMaker a shot. This feature-rich application has a quite a lot to offer, and is filled with a gargantuan amount of templates, frames, masks, clip art and photo effects.  You can create your collages either through a wizard mode, or by manually selecting various parameters, the latter of which is much more comprehensive.Read More

InFoto Generates Gorgeous Inforgraphics About Photos On Your Android Device

Just recently, we covered a mobile camera benchmarking app called CamSpeed for Android and WP7 that provided users with information regarding several key parameters, including shutter time, focus time and image time etc. While the app was quite good in its own respect, how many casual mobile users among us really care about such hardcore information? What most of us photography-maniacs are looking for, is a simple and graphically-rich app that can let us know of our photography habits; some basic information that presents us with core data pertaining to how we use our mobile camera. This is exactly what InFoto brings to the table. Those who've used Photo Stats on their iOS-powered devices might cite InFoto as an Android replica of the app. It is, in fact, only slightly different. Basically, InFoto is an infographic generator that, through its well-polished layout and smart metadata analysis, shows you information relating to various locations where you have captured the most images from your device’s camera, among other details. Read More

PhotoPocket: Password-Protect, Tag & Edit Photos/Videos On Your iPhone

Setting up a lockscreen passcode on your iPhone might be enough to deter casual privacy invaders, but if you are really careful about your photos and other media, you need something more. PhotoPocket is an app that provides this secondary layer of protection in a pretty optimized manner. Not only does this iOS app have the ability to act as a security vault for your photos and videos, the photo editing and sharing options on offer are quite good as well. If you like neatness and order, PhotoPocket can prove to be your perfect companion for managing your iPhone photos, as the app has a comprehensive tagging system, too, allowing users to assign graphical tags to each album they create.Read More

Slide.ly: Create Slideshows With Photos & Music From Popular Social Networks [Web]

Creating slideshows for your favorite photos not only requires a lot of effort, but can also be a time consuming task, especially when half of your photos are on Facebook, others on Instagram or Flickr, and the rest saved on your computer. So, with all your pictures scattered, how do you create a slideshow? Slide.ly is a free web application that grabs all your photos/albums from multiple popular social networks, such as Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Picasa and Google Images, letting you create gorgeous slideshows with a mix of your favorite music tracks and effects. The app is easy-to-use and comes with a slick interface. Once you’ve connected all your accounts, the service will let you pick and arrange images from different sources. For instance, you can select five photos from Facebook, two from Instagram, a few from the local disk and so on. When the images have been added, you will be able to arrange or shuffle them, add your favorite music from YouTube or SoundCloud, and add bright dots, spots, dust or glow effects to your slideshow. Moreover, with Slide.ly, you can share slideshows on social networks, email, embed or copy the URL.Read More

Sony Releases “α” CLOCK for Mobile: A Time-Lapse Photography Android App Powered By “Time-shift UI”

Seems like Sony has decided to leave Android users with plenty of visual goodness to savor over the weekend through a couple of great new apps. Just yesterday, we saw a beautifully-designed photo gallery app called 'million moments' released by the technology giant. Today, we’re going to present you with yet another fine-looking Android app from the company. "α" CLOCK for Mobile lets you experience Sony’s new Time-shift UI on your Android device. The app presents you with photos of several worldwide destinations (UNESCO World Heritage Sites) taken with cameras that use "α" Interchangeable lenses. From a single point, countless photos of each location are snapped at various times of day, and compiled into a single time-lapse photography package. Using the aforementioned Time-shift UI feature, users can enjoy breathtaking sights of the selected location from a preferred time of day. Though, that's not all the app has to offer.Read More

ReconBot Turns Your iPhone Into A Spy Cam & Audio Recorder

You can use the camera on your smartphone in many ways, both appropriate and inappropriate; good and evil, if you may. The same holds true for ReconBot, an iPhone app that lets you play detective by secretly capturing videos and photos, recording audio and remotely streaming a photo feed captured by your device. The app comes with all the options necessary for a stealth camera; you can configure a trigger time for it, and when the capture starts, the screen will remain blank so that the target is not alerted. So, if you're in the mood to give Mr. Bond a run for his money, or just want to keep an eye on your toddlers while you're at work, , ReconBot is the app you need. More past the break.Read More

million moments For Android: Elegant Photo Gallery App With Smart Labeling & Flip-Style Transitions

Developed by Sony Digital Network Applications, million moments for Android is a beautiful and customizable digital photo album that employs an elegant bookshelf layout and flipping page animations to showcase the most memorable moments of your life through various personalized albums (referred to as books within the app). It features a smart photo-labeling system to automatically create new albums and fill relevant images that might be residing on your device. Moreover, the app also supports native photo-capturing, tagging and captioning feature to let you instantly grab images of required events, places, moments et al, and place them under relevant albums. The option to sift through entire photo albums with flipping pages effect, combined with easy photo maneuvering, labeling, sharing and captioning options, make million moments one of the simplest yet highly intuitive photo browsing app to have hit the Google Play Store to date.Read More

Facebook Covers for Timeline: Upload Ready-Made Covers To Your Profile [Android, iOS]

Whether or not Facebook should’ve left the decision of activation its Timeline feature entirely to the users’ discretion from the very first day is a debate that we’ll reserve for some other occasion. For now, all those who love embellishing their Timeline Cover with a brand new photo at frequent intervals, but feel short of quality alternatives in this regard, we have a very handy solution. Facebook Covers for Timeline (I hope the name says it all) is an Android and iOS app that helps you find some of the best Cover photos for your Facebook Timeline. Initially released in the iOS App Store, the app has just made its way into the Google Play Store to provide Android users with some fine quality Facebook Timeline covers. Unlike the iOS variant that currently costs $0.99, the Android version of the app is absolutely free. Featuring dozens of popular photo categories, each comprising a wide variety of regularly-updated images, the app lets you change your Facebook Timeline Cover photos right from your mobile device.Read More

Use Any Image As Background For Stock Photos App In iPad [Cydia]

For many people, Windows Phone 7 isn’t mainstream enough to be included in most smartphone discussions, but I have been a fan of the Mango platform for quite a long time, and that’s why I couldn’t help comparing the new Cydia tweak 'RollPaper' with a stock feature in WP7. RollPaper is a pretty single-purpose jailbreak tweak, using which you can set any image as the background for the stock Photos app in a jailbroken iPad, just like WP7. RollPaper is available only for iPad, and that makes perfect sense, as the background is visible clearly only in the iPad version of the Photos app. The tweak has options to let users set both downloaded and system images as the app’s background, and if you want, you can even choose distinct backgrounds for all your albums within the Photos app!Read More

Relive: Sync Photos Between Android, iOS & Windows PC, View Them In A Timeline

Relive is a cross-platform photo aggregating and exploring app for Android, iOS and Windows-powered devices. Unless you’re one of those few users who always carry their entire photo collection with them, Relive can prove to be a more than able companion, since it serves as an online photo aggregator as well as a reliable photo backup solution. The app aggregates photos from your smartphone, tablet, computer and even Facebook on its own cloud, and helps you easily keep in sync with all your various photo albums, regardless of the platform you’re currently using. Apart from collecting your photos under on roof, Relive also lets you explore all the photo albums by year, week, month or source on your mobile device and/or a web browser.Read More

Photosynth Comes To WP7; Lets You Create & View Amazing 360 Degree Panoramas

Photosynth, the immensely popular photo app for iPhone, is an official Microsoft release, and that’s why its absence from the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace has been a source of constant annoyance for Mango users, especially given to the fact that the official client for the photo-stitching service has been around in the iOS App Store for a long time. Finally, the guys over in Redmond have paid attention to their own mobile platform, and Photosynth is now available in the WP7 Marketplace! The app can be used to view the gorgeous 360-degree panorama images that characterize Photosynth, and not only that; you can use the app to create your own panoramas, too! Of course, there are a few shortcomings and limitations when you compare the WP7 client with the iOS one, but overall, the app is everything users have always wished for. Read on for details and screenshots.Read More

Pinterest-Like Visual Search Engine For eBay, Amazon, & Shopstyle, Viewer For Instagram [Web]

Pinterest has gained immense popularity over the past few months, and it seems they are actually going to bring a new trend among social media users. Only a few days ago, we covered Searchgonzo, a Pinterest-like product discovery engine. 5th village is a similar web application that is geared towards shopaholics, letting them search and explore products from popular online shopping services such as eBay, Amazon and ShopStyle. Additionally, it allows you view and filter Instagram images by tags and even lets you sign into your account. With it, you can browse thousands of pins to find the perfect style, product, image and more. The slick tool lets you choose categories from a pull down menu displayed at the top of the page. When an image is clicked, the service automatically redirects you to the product’s website, so you can purchase it or view further details, such as price, time left etc.Read More

Popular Windows Phone 7 Photo Editor & Camera App ‘Fhotoroom’ Goes Free

We have covered quite a few photo editing apps for Windows Phone 7, and some of them are quite comprehensive when you look at the number of photo effects and filters they offer. However, most of those apps are specialized only in some areas of photo editing. Fhotoroom is the number one app in the Marketplace category of photo editors, and it focuses on just about all aspects of photo editing you can imagine. Like Instagram, Fhotoroom has a few pretty good public galleries, and its editor maintains its ease-of-use despite being really feature-rich. Even the camera in Fhotoroom is good enough to take on any standalone camera replacement app, and everything about the app has just been taken to the next level of awesomeness, thanks to the latest update of Fhotoroom. Read on for details.Read More

Loupe: Create Awesome One-Click Collages With Your Facebook, Twitter & Instagram Photos [Web]

Loupe is a free web application that lets you create gorgeous collages of shapes using photos from your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram accounts and other online sources. The tool is as simple and elegant as they come; it allows you to pick photos from multiple albums and social networks and shape your collages as hearts, butterflies, a variety of symbols, logos and more, all in a few clicks. Once your collage is ready, you can share it with your friends and social networks. More after the break.Read More

KLIK For iPhone Automatically Tags Your Facebook Friends In Photos

Most of us have been on some trip or gathering where literally hundreds of photos were taken by friends and then uploaded to Facebook, the most popular social network. If you were a part of some large group in an event, it can get tedious trying to tag everyone. KLIK by Face.com takes this burden off your shoulders and does all the tagging automatically through facial recognition. The best feature that can be programmed into an artificially intelligent being is the ability to learn with time, and that’s exactly what KLIK has on offer. If it doesn’t recognize the face automatically, you can enter the Learn mode of the app and teach the app yourself. The app has got some pretty good photo effects as well, and you can learn all about them by heading past the break.Read More

Stashpix For iPhone: Create Virtual Photo Stashes At A Location, View Those Left By Others

The thrill of discovering something that has been hidden from general view has always held a certain charm for people of all ages. Be it a treasure hunt, or just some small scavenging game, coming across a hidden stash is sure to make your day. This is the principle the new iOS app, Stashpix, is based upon. The app lets you view photos or albums shared by other users, but the distinguishing feature of Stashpix is that you have to be in the area where the image was originally shared in order to view it. Stashpix displays all the stashes of photos in your vicinity, and lets you add to them as well. In a similar manner, you can leave your mark on any area by creating a virtual stash there, so that future visitors of the location are able to appreciate your shares. It's like geocaching, but for photos.Read More

My Album For iPad: Create A Collage Of Drawings, Photos & Music

There are many iOS apps that let you create collages out of the photos, and there are also a lot of apps that are focused on drawing and finger painting. My Album for iPad combines both these features and adds one of its own to the mix. The app lets users edit photos and add musical effects to them. Not only that, you can put your drawing skills to use in My Album, and then combine your artwork with photos to create an awesome collage. The projects created using the app can be exported as PDF files or plain images.Read More

Rummage Is A Pinterest-Like Web Portal For eBay Items

Currently running hot among avid social media users, Pinterest is a virtual soft board for photos uploaded by users from all around the world. Rummage is a web app that, taking a page out of the social network's book, transforms eBay’s dull, boring design into an attractive, Pinterest-like interface, with quick access to large photos for items. This slick search tool gives you a fast, fun, and visual way to browse eBay, and lets you choose categories from a pull down menu displayed at the top of the page. You can enter queries in the search bar to find products of your choice, pin them to Pinterest or purchase them via eBay. Moreover, the light box photo displays, and social sharing buttons make Rummage not only visually more appealing, but also more practical and functional. When you've found an item you wish to bid on or purchase, simply click the View item on eBay button, and you'll be taken to said merchandise on eBay.Read More

Photo Basic 3: Comprehensive Image Editing & Archiving Software For Windows

A lot of good image editing and image archiving applications come bundled in paid software packages most of the time. Free programs are limited in their functionality and require you to buy a license to unlock their full potential. StudioLine’s Photo Basic 3 is an application for Windows that provides you with all the basic tools required for editing and archiving images. Even though it just allows you to use the application as a 30-day trial, you can get the license absolutely free for personal use. The image editing functions include Red Eye Removal, Auto Tone Levels, Exposure and Color Correction etc., while the archiving functions include options to edit EXIF data and Geotagging of images. Furthermore, you can run multiple instances of the application at a time, to edit multiple photos, or edit and manage simultaneously. More on Photo Basic 3 after the break.Read More