Kidfolio For iPhone: A Social Network For Parents & Scrapbook For Baby Photos

If you use Facebook, or any other social network for that matter, you must have noticed that people, in general, are fond of sharing and looking at photos of babies. Mostly, the people interested in such shares are themselves parents, so it seems like a reasonable idea to provide parents with a social network of their own, which is exactly the thing Kidfolio has done. This newly released iOS app acts both as a scrapbook for baby photos, and a social network where you can share said scrapbook with anyone you want. The app also provides its users with useful parenting tips, and a place where you can meet other parents to discuss your problems. An impressive Aviary-powered photo editor within the app provides all the essential editing and styling features that one may require. Read More

Photo Wall For iPhone: Collage Creator With Loads Of Backgrounds & Graffiti

Photo Wall is a simple app that specializes in just one thing, and that is creating collages out of your photos. This might not sound too remarkable, as the App Store is full to the brim with photo editors, many of which have built-in collage creators. The uniqueness of Photo Wall lies in the fact that it has a vast collection of collage backgrounds and graffiti, where the latter includes stickers, clip arts and stylized text fonts. The app has a few handy editing options as well that let users thoroughly tweak their images manually. More about these, and other features of the app, after the break. Read More

Create Your Own Photo Filters & Effects Using Snapster For iPhone

There were many popular photography apps that offered photo effects before Instagram, but the photo sharing network made photo editing so easy and mainstream that now anyone with an iOS device can make his or her photo look like a work of art. However, when you look closely, the number of camera filters available in Instagram aren’t a lot. There are other iPhone apps which have a lot more editing options, but even those can’t compete against Snapster, the app which not only has a pretty nice collection of filters, but also lets you define effects of your own. In addition to that, the app has an assortment of picture frames and textures which can be applied to any photo with a single touch. Read More

HoneyGram: Honeycomb & ICS Instagram Browser With A Built-In Collage Creator [Android]

The official Android client of popular photo editing and sharing app, Instagram, was released in the Google Play Store last week where it managed to amass a record 1 million downloads within just 24 hours of release. Clearly, an overwhelming response that has to be attributed to the app’s gorgeous retro filters, easy image sharing, and an extremely active community, all of which was initially available to iOS users only. If, however, you’re an avid Instagram fan looking for alternate ways of exploring all the network, then you must consider trying HoneyGram – a free Instagram explorer that sports several different ways to browse the network's public images and a built-in editor that allows you to create photo collages from your favorite Instagram albums. Read More

PhotoBox!: View, Batch Download/Upload & Untag Yourself From Facebook Photos [Android, iOS]

All the usual gripes of Android users regarding the annoyingly slow official Facebook app aside, the app is currently missing the option to un-tag yourself from any photo. Enter PhotoBox! – a comprehensive Facebook photos explorer for Android and iOS devices that claims to be the very first solution to the problem. Initially exclusive to the iTunes App Store, PhotoBox! for Android is now available in the Google Play Store. Using the app, you can browse through, like and comment on your Facebook photos uploaded by friends and pages that you've liked, upload and download photos in bulk, and apply filters to them. The app also lets you search across the network for photos by album or friend name. Read More

Shoot, View & Share Panoramic Photos With DMD Panorama For iPhone

Jailbroken iOS users get the awesome option of enabling the panorama mode within the stock Camera app in iPhone, iPad and iPod touch (as covered here). It is cool to be able to shoot photos in panorama mode without having to install any third-party app, but if you don’t have access to the Cydia store, you have to rely on apps to snap panoramas. There are many apps available in the App Store which let you do that, but DMD Panorama has a certain advantage over them, as not only is it a camera replacement app, but also has a network of its own, where you can discover beautiful panorama images and share them over your social network. The app has other really handy sharing options as well, and you can know all about them by reading on. Read More

Pixable: Browse Facebook Photos In iPhone-Like Interface [Chrome]

When we browse through our Facebook newsfeed, we come across a massive collection of all kinds of photos, uploaded by our friends and family. To see all these images we need a lot of time, and with all the effort, it is still possible that we might miss out on the ones that actually matter to us. This is where Pixable, a Chrome extension, comes in handy. This smart tool organizes photos in a gorgeous way and lets you see all of them in one slick pop-up. The extension is fully customizable, and after you’ve connected your Facebook account with Pixable, it instantly pulls photos from Facebook feed and creates a photo stream that you can view right in the pop-up. Additionally, Pixable ranks and sorts your friends’ photos based on popularity and your connections, giving you a more personal viewing experience. With it, you can flip through feeds like New Cover Photos, My Likes & Comments, Top of the Day, New Profile Pics, Most Recent Photos and others. The extension makes sure that you enjoy your friends' photos by following them, and receive notifications when they upload or when they are tagged in photos. Read More

Photo Enhancer: Hide Photos In Any iOS Album & Reorder Camera Roll [Cydia]

Apple maintains a pretty tight control over almost all areas of iOS, specially if you don’t have access to the Cydia store. One thing which has always bugged a lot of users about iPhone is the way it handles photos. In very old versions of iOS, it was not even possible to delete albums without using iTunes, and then there were all those Photo Stream horror stories. When you look closely, however, it is evident that the problems encountered by the Photos app in iPhone, iPad and iPod touch can be resolved with only a few minor changes, and those changes are just the thing Photo Enhancer brings to jailbroken iDevices. Using this fresh tweak, you will be able to do two things; first, Photo Enhancer gives users complete control over the way albums appear in the stock Photos app, and you can even change the position of Camera Roll. The second, and more important feature the tweak brings to the Photos app, is the Hide button, which will let you hide all the photos in all the albums. Read More

PlayGram: Browse Personal, Popular & Nearby Instagram Photos On Android

With its registration phase already underway, the official Android variant of the popular photo editing and sharing iOS app, Instagram, seems to be inching closer to being released in the Google Play Store. We still have no final word on the release date, however, what we do have in the Google Play Store is PlayGram – a comprehensive Instagram photo explorer for Android. Using the app, you can log in to your personal Instagram account to view your Instagram followers' and your own recent uploads and activities on the network. The app provides separate sections for viewing public photos uploaded to Instagram from near your location (much like the iOS app InstaBAM) and popular public photos from all across the globe, lets you browse photos by tags, like and comment on photos or share them over the web. Read More

30 Day Challenge: Vote On & Share Photos Based On A Daily Topic [WP7]

Photo sharing is not a new concept by any means, even for a relatively-infant platform like Windows Phone 7, so it is always nice to see apps which bring something new to this rather crowded genre. 30 Day Challenge is one such app, which brings an amazingly new flavor to photo sharing. Much like writer’s block, we all tend to ignore the cameras in our smartphones for long stretches of time, undecided which photo you want to snap and share. This app provides a solution for that, and presents users with an exclusive topic each day, requiring you to post photos related to that topic. Other people using 30 Day Challenge get three votes daily, and the photo with most votes ends up featured for all to see. Read More

Flickr my Wallpaper: Android Live Wallpaper That Cycles Between Random Flickr Images [Android]

Flickr is a great online photo sharing platform with thousands of high quality images uploaded by both casual users and professional photographers from all over the world. If you start browsing the extensive photo repository of the service, you’d probably find plenty of images good enough to be used as your computer or mobile device’s wallpaper. Well, if you own an Android device, you can actually automate the process of setting Flickr images as wallpapers with the brand new live wallpaper called Flickr my Wallpaper. The app saves you from the hassle of manually downloading your favorite images one-by-one from Flickr to set them as your device’s wallpaper. It automatically fetches random Flickr images after regular intervals of time and sets them as your home screen background. That’s not all; you can specify a photo tag to have the live wallpaper display relevant Flickr photos. Flickr my Wallpaper is an ideal solution for all those Android users who are greatly impressed by the quality and variety of photos that Flickr has to offer. Read More

Flickr Earth: Explore, Save & Share Geo-Tagged Flickr Photos [Android]

The insanely popular and one of the most feverishly accessed photo sharing web services, Flickr by Yahoo!, needs no long introduction. Apart from the official Android client of the service, you are likely to bump into numerous third-party Flickr clients in the Google Play Store, each boasting some additional features of its own, like the previously reviewed Fixplorer. Adding to this list of rather useful but unofficial Flickr clients for Android is XDA member, yunusual’s Flickr Earth – a free app that lets users explore, download and share geo-tagged photos from the Flickr service via their Android devices. Using the app, you can start exploring all the photos shared on Flickr from your current location or from any particular region of the world. In this regard, you can navigate anywhere on map to find interesting photos from Flickr, browse the service’s extensive photo repository by region/continent/country, search for Flickr photos by tags, enjoy high quality photos in full-screen, and explore detailed information pertaining to each shared photo on the go. Read More

Flixel: Create Animations, Apply Effects & Share With Others [iPhone]

A few days back, we covered an iOS app named Viddy, which allowed users to share videos with their friends and other app users after making desired changes to it. Just like that app is an Instagram for videos, Flixel is an app which lets you do, more or less, the same thing, but with animations. This iPhone app won’t make you snap a lot of photos and then stitch them together in a complex manner to make an animation. All you have to do is to point your iPhone or iPad’s camera in the direction of a moving object, and you will have a fully functional animation, which can be edited and then shared with all your friends and personal network on the app. Read More

BeMe: Android IM With Audio Emoticon, Video, Photo & File Sharing

Fresh to the Google Play Store, BeMe is an innovative and fun-filled instant messaging Android app with plenty of exciting features. Using BeMe, you can start chatting with other app users from any part of the world, and share texts, photos, videos, audio clips, conventional emoticons, location, contacts, files, or various audio-based emoticons with them over the internet (Wi-Fi/3G/4G). Whether it’s a freshly grabbed photo, video, voice clip, or an existing one from your device’s local storage, the app lets you share all in an instant right from your Android. BeMe is a welcome addition to list of world-famous instant messengers, like WhatsApp, Viber and plenty of others that allow users to share messages and multimedia content with their mates in real-time over the internet. All you need to start indulging with your friends is a valid mobile number and a nickname that the app will use to create a unique BeMe identity for you. Once an account is created, you can start chatting with your friends, and share virtually anything from your Android on the go. The app maintains a detailed log of all your conversations with your friends, as well as the total amount of data shared with contacts via the BeMe chat interface. Read More

Search, Caption & Share Photos With Blurtt For iPhone

Most of us spend more time texting, or using messengers, than we do making phone calls. Writing words has become an important medium of sharing, specially since the advent of SMS. There are occasions, however, when the complete spirit of what you are trying to say cannot be conveyed fully with mere words. In scenarios like these, you just wish that there was some way to tell your correspondent the way you meant to say something. The easiest method of doing so is via photos, and that’s why so many people like to use emoticons with their texts. Blurtt is an iOS app which takes things a step further and using this app you can choose any picture, add a caption to it and then share it with your friends via Email, SMS, on Facebook or through Twitter. Read More

How To Use Google Earth To Geo Tag Photos & Delete GPS Data

Nowadays, there are multiple types of cameras available out there that come with Geotag photofeature to automatically use your current location in order to geo tag the pictures you take, but what about all those photos in your collection which were taken with old cameras? If you’re among those who like to geo-tag their photos, Google Earth PhotoTag is probably what you need to geo tag your un-tagged photos. Based on widely used Image Metadata Manipulation Tool namely EXIV2.exe, it uses Google Earth to find the exact location where photos were taken, and help you geotag those images whose EXIF info lacks location (latitude,longitude and altitude) meta data. Moreover, it has the ability to not only show all the saved EXIF information, but also edit the meta data. You can choose to manually delete the GPS tag, add description to images, and fly to exact location on Google Earth to find more details about the area where selected photo was taken. Read More

Creative Studio: Edit/ Apply Effects To Photos On Lumia & Unlocked WP7

Not only has Nokia got the permission to customize Windows Phone 7 to be used in the Lumia series, they also keep a constant stream of exclusive Mango apps coming for their users. The latest addition to the Nokia section of the WP7 Marketplace is Creative Studio. It is a camera replacement app which will let you snap pictures and apply a bunch of stunning effects to them. Apart from that, the app can be used to make basic changes to your images, and just for fun, there is a whole section for giving funny faces to the photos you take using Creative Studio. The best feature of the app is its ability to let you take panorama images with complete ease, and the results are just stunning. Read More

InstaCamera: Quickly Capture Multiple Photos Of Fleeting Moments [Android]

While everyone was delighted by Galaxy Nexus' zero-shutter lag, most of us don't own it and the technology hasn't see its way to other devices yet. However, when hardware doesn't allow it we look to the software side, and thankfully enough there are numerous camera applications available in the at Google Play Store, each with its own set of features and settings. The camera application I have for you today might not fill the void that has created by zero-shutter lag technology, but you may find it useful at various instances. Simply labelled as InstaCamera for Android, the app aims to help you capture photos almost instantly. How? Well, the app automatically captures a single or multiple shots the moment it is launched. Along with auto start, you may also take pictures manually,  should you so desire. There aren't many options, with the UI being simple and minimal, with a few different settings. Does it work the way as its name implies? That's what I am going to find out. Read More

View Photos According To Their Locations With PhotoMaps For iPhone

As you might already know, most photos on the internet have got some location data associated with them, indicating the place where they were snapped. In most cases, this data is ignored, and nothing much comes of it. There are a few apps, however, which use this data with stunning results. One such app is PhotoMaps for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and using this iOS app, it is possible to view photos from any part of the world. PhotoMaps will pinpoint the exact source location of images on a map. Whenever you navigate to a particular area on the app’s map, the photos which have been captured there will be displayed, and you can share and comment on them with ease. Read on to know more. Read More

How To Fix iPhoto Crashing Issue On iOS 5.0.1 [Cydia Tweak]

People were really appreciative of iPhoto as soon as it was released on the iPad event a few days back. The app is just about perfect for people who like to use their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch as a primary camera, and like to share their photos with friends on the go. Unfortunately, for all its positives, this new iOS app has a huge drawback. It’s plagued by crashing issues on iOS 5.0.1, and many users have seen their $4.99 go to waste without being able to do anything about it. If you are encountered by this crashing bug, the app just runs for a few seconds and then crashes without doing anything. No matter what you try, there is no apparent way of fixing the issue. Well, now there is! Enter iPhoto501Fix, a new and free Cydia tweak with just one purpose, fixing the crashing bug in iPhoto. Read More