KLIK For iPhone Automatically Tags Your Facebook Friends In Photos

Most of us have been on some trip or gathering where literally hundreds of photos were taken by friends and then uploaded to Facebook, the most popular social network. If you were a part of some large group in an event, it can get tedious trying to tag everyone. KLIK by Face.com takes this burden off your shoulders and does all the tagging automatically through facial recognition. The best feature that can be programmed into an artificially intelligent being is the ability to learn with time, and that’s exactly what KLIK has on offer. If it doesn’t recognize the face automatically, you can enter the Learn mode of the app and teach the app yourself. The app has got some pretty good photo effects as well, and you can learn all about them by heading past the break. Read More

Stashpix For iPhone: Create Virtual Photo Stashes At A Location, View Those Left By Others

The thrill of discovering something that has been hidden from general view has always held a certain charm for people of all ages. Be it a treasure hunt, or just some small scavenging game, coming across a hidden stash is sure to make your day. This is the principle the new iOS app, Stashpix, is based upon. The app lets you view photos or albums shared by other users, but the distinguishing feature of Stashpix is that you have to be in the area where the image was originally shared in order to view it. Stashpix displays all the stashes of photos in your vicinity, and lets you add to them as well. In a similar manner, you can leave your mark on any area by creating a virtual stash there, so that future visitors of the location are able to appreciate your shares. It's like geocaching, but for photos. Read More

My Album For iPad: Create A Collage Of Drawings, Photos & Music

There are many iOS apps that let you create collages out of the photos, and there are also a lot of apps that are focused on drawing and finger painting. My Album for iPad combines both these features and adds one of its own to the mix. The app lets users edit photos and add musical effects to them. Not only that, you can put your drawing skills to use in My Album, and then combine your artwork with photos to create an awesome collage. The projects created using the app can be exported as PDF files or plain images. Read More

Rummage Is A Pinterest-Like Web Portal For eBay Items

Currently running hot among avid social media users, Pinterest is a virtual soft board for photos uploaded by users from all around the world. Rummage is a web app that, taking a page out of the social network's book, transforms eBay’s dull, boring design into an attractive, Pinterest-like interface, with quick access to large photos for items. This slick search tool gives you a fast, fun, and visual way to browse eBay, and lets you choose categories from a pull down menu displayed at the top of the page. You can enter queries in the search bar to find products of your choice, pin them to Pinterest or purchase them via eBay. Moreover, the light box photo displays, and social sharing buttons make Rummage not only visually more appealing, but also more practical and functional. When you've found an item you wish to bid on or purchase, simply click the View item on eBay button, and you'll be taken to said merchandise on eBay. Read More

Photo Basic 3: Comprehensive Image Editing & Archiving Software For Windows

A lot of good image editing and image archiving applications come bundled in paid software packages most of the time. Free programs are limited in their functionality and require you to buy a license to unlock their full potential. StudioLine’s Photo Basic 3 is an application for Windows that provides you with all the basic tools required for editing and archiving images. Even though it just allows you to use the application as a 30-day trial, you can get the license absolutely free for personal use. The image editing functions include Red Eye Removal, Auto Tone Levels, Exposure and Color Correction etc., while the archiving functions include options to edit EXIF data and Geotagging of images. Furthermore, you can run multiple instances of the application at a time, to edit multiple photos, or edit and manage simultaneously. More on Photo Basic 3 after the break. Read More

PicSee Pro For iPhone: Photo Editor That Lets You Remove Unwanted Backgrounds

Adobe Photoshop is one of the best, most comprehensive tools for professional-level image editing, but you don’t always want to use something as complicated as that to make minor changes to your ordinary photos, especially when they are on your iPhone. There are so many good casual photo editors available for iOS that you hardly ever need to transfer your photos to your computer for editing. However, there are a few tasks that are still really difficult to perform on an iPhone, and one such feat is the removal of background from the photo of an object or person. Not many image editors come with the background removal option, even the otherwise feature-rich ones. Fortunately, PicSee Pro is not one of those apps. Not only does it have all the usual photo effects, filters and coloring options, it has a whole menu dedicated to background editing and removal. Details past the break. Read More

Frame Artist For iPhone: Photo Editor With Templates For Creating Quick Collages

The iOS App Store has a lot of apps that let you create collages out of the photos in your device’s library, and the number of photo editors is even greater. A combination of both these genres is, however, pretty rare. That’s what makes Frame Artist worth a try for any iPhone and iPad users who have a thing for photo editing apps. Not only can it be used as a full-fledged photo editor, it also comes with a handful of collage templates, so that you can begin creating any design or image without having to work on the layout. Read More

Use Siri To Search & Download Images From The Web With JpgToSiri [Cydia]

Not that Siri isn’t already pretty useful, but for those who feel it could have been better in some aspects, there are many Cydia tweaks that enhance the talking assistant's abilities. If you have a jailbroken iPhone 4S, or any other device with access to Siri (through SiriPort, for instance), there are some really cool things you can make Siri do. However, there aren’t many tweaks that combine usefulness and fun in as perfect a proportion as the newly released JpgToSiri does. JpgToSiri, as the name implies, adds the ability to search photos through Siri. You can simply ask Siri to show you a photo of anything, and a random JPEG image will appear right within the conversation. Not just that, users can even save the images to their camera roll, or share them with friends. This means that the tweak converts Siri into a pretty decent image search engine! Read More

VFX Studio For iPhone: Add Realistic Explosions, Blood Splatters, Bullet Impacts & More To Photos

Photo editing has really been made easy by the apps that are available to iOS users, as tinkering with images in a touch-based environment is far more convenient than editing with a mouse. A few apps go for thoroughness and comprehensiveness, while others favor ease of use. VFX Studio is an iPhone app that is closer to the second category, and most of its filters and effects can be applied to an image with a single touch. The app specializes in visual effects, and you can add smoke, blood or any of the available clip art to the images on your device. Not only that, VFX Studio has a decent number of editing options as well, which can be used with the added effects or the original image. Read More

Instagrille For Pokki: A Compact, Elegant Instagram Viewer For Windows

These days, photo sharing seems to be the craze. The ability to instantly share photos with each other has been a major reason for the success of a number of applications and web services. However, the image sharing and hosting applications are not the only ones to share this success; a lot of apps for modifying and enhancing the images have also popped up on the scene. Instragram, recently acquired by Facebook, is one of the most famous apps available for capturing images with a mobile, applying different effect filters on them and sharing them with your friends and other people. Instagrille is, in essence, a desktop client for photo-sharing giant Instagram. It is an app for Pokki that provides users with a quick way to view their Instagram feeds directly from within Windows, without having to open a browser and navigate to an online viewer. For those who are yet unfamiliar with Pokki, it is (as explained in a previous article) an application built on the Chromium framework, which enables developers to build web applications that can be pinned and executed from the Windows taskbar. The application lets you sign in with your account and view popular Instagram images from all around the world, as well as those uploaded by you or your friends. The application supports both Grid and List views for feeds, and allows you to add photos to favorites and comment on them. More on the app after the break. Read More

645 PRO: Professional-Grade Camera App That Lets You Save Photos As Lossless JPEG & dRAW

iPhone camera apps are numerous, owing mostly to the awesome quality of photos that Apple’s hardware (the iPhone 4S, in particular) can offer. You can edit your photos, snap them in any way you want, but ultimately, it is the quality of the device's camera that has the most profound effect on the result. 645 PRO is a camera replacement app for iOS that brings the best out of the device's camera, producing results with quality that is on par with that of digital cams. It is, as the developer claims, the first app of its kind that allows you to capture dRAW (TIFF) and lossless JPEG images. Results aside, the interface itself provides the look and feel of a professional-grade camera, making the app an excellent substitute to the stock camera app for photography enthusiasts. Details regarding the apps many features after the break. Read More

Extragram Updated With New UI, Discovery Section & Full-Size Instagram Images [Web]

Last year when Instagram decided to open their API to third party developers, we came across a number of web apps that allowed users to finally interact with their instagram network outside their phones. One such web app that we covered was Extragram that provided users with a slick UI, some great design and intuitive navigation. Over time, Extragram has updated its interface with several new and improved features, making Instagram, which lacks its own web app, much easier to use even on a dekstop. Granted that you cannot still post photos, the service otherwise now offers you full-size images and a new way to comment on photos. You will be able to follow celebrities/brands, quickly view photo statistics and share individual photos on other social networks, without having to login to the website. Moreover, a Discovery tab has been added to the interface, which lets you explore unique and interesting images and Instagram users. You may also turn off public pages and browse photos with a visually more appealing interface. Read More

Photo Timeline Displays Your WP7 Photos On A Map & Calendar

Apparently, the term “timeline” is a favorite among everyone these days. There used to be just a Twitter timeline previously, until Facebook adopted the idea as well. To be honest, arranging your online life in a chronological order does give things a more ordered and neat look, and maybe that’s why the idea has caught on with considerable success. Photo Timeline is an app for Windows Phone 7 that brings essentially the same concept to a much more basic level. The app arranges all the photos in the camera roll of your WP7 device according to the time they were snapped on. In Photo Timeline, each active day has its own slot, with all its photos stacked against it. The app also has menus to let you view your photos on its calendar, or on a map integrated within the app. Read More

PicMonkey: Online Photo Editor With Skin Retouching, Customizable Filters & Blur Effects

Desktop image editors or online ones aren’t hard to find, but online image editors are usually limited in the number of features they offer. They usually allow you to perform only conventional functions like cloning a part of the image, cropping and resizing it, and adding frames or a few filters. PicMonkey is a web app that does all of this, and more. In addition to the wide range of filters it allows you to add to images, you can also edit the filters and change their intensity. The app has basic editing options, color effects, skin retouching effects, text and shape effects, frames and patterns that can be applied to an image. You can apply more than one effect at the same time as well. The app is in beta just now, and hence, all effects can be used for free. Once the beta is over, access to some effects will be restricted and will require you pay to use them. Read More

iPhone & iPad Photography App ‘Fotopedia National Parks’ Free For Earth Day

Fotopedia is a trusted and extensive source of photos shot (mostly in natural settings) by professional photographers. A few months ago, we reviewed Wild Friends, a Fotopedia iOS app that aggregates photos of wildlife taken by the pros. Now, with Earth Day just around the corner, Fotopedia has updated 9 of its apps for the retina display of the new iPad, including Fotopedia National Parks, which is available for free until Earth Day. If you haven’t already used the app, you are in for a (free) treat. The app contains masterpieces shot by famous photographer QT Luongin in 59 national parks all over the United States. These aren't just pleasing to the eyes, they serve as excellent wallpapers as well. Not only that, you can use the app to get information relevant to any national park in the country, and read interesting stories about them. Read More

InFrame Cut: Create Collages, Edit Individual Photos & Apply Filters [iOS]

We have covered many iOS apps that let users create collages out of their photos, but the genre is so popular among users that more and more good apps keep popping up in the App Store. This is what has compelled us to review InFrame Cut today (coupled with the fact that it recently went free for a limited time). The app’s best feature is its ease of use, and that it comes with an impressive array of photo effects which can be applied to each photo in the collage individually. There are some more nice features in the app as well, and you can find out everything about them by reading on. Read More

Kidfolio For iPhone: A Social Network For Parents & Scrapbook For Baby Photos

If you use Facebook, or any other social network for that matter, you must have noticed that people, in general, are fond of sharing and looking at photos of babies. Mostly, the people interested in such shares are themselves parents, so it seems like a reasonable idea to provide parents with a social network of their own, which is exactly the thing Kidfolio has done. This newly released iOS app acts both as a scrapbook for baby photos, and a social network where you can share said scrapbook with anyone you want. The app also provides its users with useful parenting tips, and a place where you can meet other parents to discuss your problems. An impressive Aviary-powered photo editor within the app provides all the essential editing and styling features that one may require. Read More

Photo Wall For iPhone: Collage Creator With Loads Of Backgrounds & Graffiti

Photo Wall is a simple app that specializes in just one thing, and that is creating collages out of your photos. This might not sound too remarkable, as the App Store is full to the brim with photo editors, many of which have built-in collage creators. The uniqueness of Photo Wall lies in the fact that it has a vast collection of collage backgrounds and graffiti, where the latter includes stickers, clip arts and stylized text fonts. The app has a few handy editing options as well that let users thoroughly tweak their images manually. More about these, and other features of the app, after the break. Read More

Create Your Own Photo Filters & Effects Using Snapster For iPhone

There were many popular photography apps that offered photo effects before Instagram, but the photo sharing network made photo editing so easy and mainstream that now anyone with an iOS device can make his or her photo look like a work of art. However, when you look closely, the number of camera filters available in Instagram aren’t a lot. There are other iPhone apps which have a lot more editing options, but even those can’t compete against Snapster, the app which not only has a pretty nice collection of filters, but also lets you define effects of your own. In addition to that, the app has an assortment of picture frames and textures which can be applied to any photo with a single touch. Read More