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Background Burner Helps You Remove Background From Photos

So you’ve got a photo that you’d love to use in your blog post, your slideshow presentation, or your eBook, but first and foremost you need to cut out its background? Well, with a comprehensive tool like Photoshop that shouldn’t be an issue. But then, we all don’t have Photoshop installed, and even if we did, it’d still take several steps (and precious time) to carefully trim the background and isolate the subject from the rest of the image. No thanks, I’d rather use Background Burner to get the job done because it’s free and it works just so flawlessly well. It’s a similar tool like Clipping Magic that we covered a year ago, which allows you to cut the background of images in similar fashion.

Background Burner_Main

Akin to Clipping Magic, Background Burner is a web app that will run in your browser. And just like many web apps, it starts with uploading the required image from your computer. A simple drag and drop over its interface is all it takes to initiate the upload process, or you could always use the classic file browse feature if you want.

Background Burner_Choose file

Once the image is loaded, the app attempts to burn the background from the picture automatically and after a few seconds of processing, it presents several results allowing users to choose from different options that have no background at all.

Background Burner_Inntiallize

The application also shows you the original image while all others are the edited versions without a background. Although, Background Burner doesn’t work well with complex images having several objects, it’s pretty useful for pictures that sport simple backgrounds. In any case, the app gives you different options and allows you to download the perfect one by clicking ‘Select’. Alternatively, you can click ‘Touch up’ to open an editing area where you can manually fine tune a few things.

Background Burner_thumbnail results

When you click Touch Up, Background Burner takes you to an editing interface where you can use the green brush to keep the things you want to use in the image and red brush to mark the area that you want removed. You can also zoom in and out the preview image and use the Undo option to easily revert changes.

Background Burner_touchup

Once you’re happy with the output in Touch Up screen, click ‘Use this’ to download it either as a JPG with a white background, or a PNG with a completely transparent background. In this same screen, you can also click ‘Replace background’ which enables you to replace the transparented background with a custom one.

Background Burner_download

In a nutshell, if you want to painlessly remove background from your favorite images while keeping the subject intact, Background Burner is worth giving a try. Not only is it free to use, but also fairly easy to employ.

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