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How to Rearrange Photos on Facebook Post on Desktop and Mobile

Creating an engaging Facebook post often involves showcasing interesting photos, so the order of your pictures can be important. Fortunately, it’s easy to rearrange them to your liking. We’ll cover how to rearrange photos on a Facebook post using both mobile and desktop methods.

Rearrange Photos on a Facebook Post in Desktop

  1. Access Your Facebook Account: Log into Facebook on a desktop 
  2. Create a New Post: Click on the ‘What’s on your mind?’ field or the ‘Create Post’ button to start a new post
  3. Add Photos: Click on the ‘Photo/Video’ option to upload your photos. You can select multiple photos from your device, to be uploaded to the post
    Facebook post with images
  1. Rearrange Photos by clicking edit all and then dragging and dropping them with the cursor into the order you prefer. 
    Facebook post with images

Rearrange Photos After Posting:        

It is possible to move the photos after your post is published. Note: This method will be the same for other posts, like Facebook Pages and Groups:

  1. Click the three horizontal dots on the upper right of your post
  2. Click edit post
  3. Hover over an image and click Edit All
  4. From there, use your cursor to drag and arrange your photos as desired  
  5. Click Done

Photos on mobile app

If you’re using the Facebook mobile app, your options will be limited. The steps are mostly the same as already covered for the desktop version, but you won’t be able to drag and drop your images. In previous versions, you could move photos with a swipe of your finger. Newer versions, however, seem to have removed that feature. 

  1. Create a New Post on Facebook.
  2. Add Photos. Click on the ‘Photo/Video’ option to upload your photos. You can select multiple photos from your device, to be uploaded to the post
  3. The order in which you select your photos from your phone camera roll will determine their final positions. Like so: 
    Facebook camera roll
  4. The mobile app will give you a few layout options that display your pictures artistically. However, by choosing one of these layouts, you lose control of what order the photos are in. 
    Facebook image layout

Once your post is published, you can’t move the order of your photos without removing and re-adding the images.

Other in app functions

  • Edit Individual Photos (Optional): If you want to edit individual photos (like adding filters or cropping), click or tap on the photo. Make your edits, then save
  • Add Captions, etc.: You can add captions, tag people, or add a location to your post. These details affect the entire post, not individual photos
  • Privacy Settings: Adjust the privacy settings of your post, if desired


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