Batch Compress PNG Images Losslessly On Windows With PNGoo

As I am sure you already know, the Internet has three popular image formats. There's the 'lossy' JPEG, which works in most cases since it looks alright, and takes relatively low space; there are GIFs with their support for transparency, and animation, but are terrible at reproducing a wide range of colors, and finally, there's the 'lossless' PNG, which supports transparency, doesn't compromise on reproducing the original image, but takes a little too much space for comfort. Read More

Kraken Greatly Reduces PNG, JPG, GIF & SVG Image Sizes Without Noticeable Loss In Quality

Reducing the size of large images is a common task among people who often deal with images. If you’re a photographer, blogger, or anyone who constantly comes across the need to upload a ton of images to blogs or for sharing via email attachments or social media, you surely have an idea about the importance of compression. Images smaller in size not only save upload time, but also internet bandwidth. Web apps like, TinyPNG and JPEGmini etc. are fairly popular among photo junkies for reducing picture size while keeping the quality reasonably the same to the naked eye. Kraken is another such web service that aims to help you with compressing your images without compromising their quality. It differs from TinyPNG and JPEGmini in that it supports multiple image formats including PNG, JPEG, GIF and even SVG. It also features lossless and lossy optimization modes, giving you flexibility and choice between quality and compression.Read More

PngOptimizer: Drag & Drop To Batch-Compress PNG, GIF, BMP & TGA Files

PNG (Portable Network Graphics), is hands down one of the most useful image formats to share high quality screenshots and photos with others. Along with lossless data compression, it supports image transparency that helps graphic designers easily add image layers to the photo, but when it comes to uploading PNG files on image sharing websites, let’s say Imgur, one thing that bugs most people is to find a perfect balance between quality and size of the image. Although, JPEG format perfectly does the job in day to day image editing and image sharing (as the difference between JPEG and PNG quality is barely visible to the naked eye), people simply prefer to keep original copies of images in PNG format. Today, we discovered a very neat application called PngOptimizer that may help both graphic artists and photo hobbyists alike. This open-source application is designed to compress PNG files by cleaning useless pixel information from images, thus reducing their file size. In addition, you can copy screenshots to the application and quickly compress them. It also lets you work with other image formats, for instance, GIF, BMP and TGA files, and comes packed with various settings and options to tweak the compression process. Details to follow after the jump.Read More

ConvertICO: Batch Convert PNG/JPG to ICO & Back, Combine Multiple Images Into One Icon [Web]

As the world has moved towards Web 2.0, and with the advent of HTML5, highly capable web apps have started to become a norm, ranging from capable image editors, multimedia creators, document manipulators, to the likes of architectural simulation and 3D anatomy of the human body. However, a web application doesn’t necessarily have to be complex and feature rich to prove useful, and that’s exactly what I found ConvertICO to be. This simple web app lets you convert images to icons, and vice versa. Supported output icon types include those for Windows (XP, Vista, 7), Favicons and even any custom dimensions that you choose. Moreover, ConvertICO adds batch processing to the mix, and lets you even merge multiple PNG files into one icon.Read More

Screenshoter – Fast And Simplified Screen Capturing Tool For Firefox

Not every person needs to take a screenshot but for those that do, finding a good software to take it is important. The decision to use one software over the other can be based on the quality of the screenshot it takes, the ease of use and what features it has. Screenshoter is a Firefox extension that lets you take screenshots of complete web pages or a custom defined area of the web page. The extension saves the screenshots in either PNG or JPEG format. The extension is easy to use and the quality is fairly good.Read More

Strip Images Of EXIF Data With Image MetaData Stripper

Metadata of images can contain personal information about a user, along with extra imagery which one might not be willing to share along with the image. For instance, Photoshop generates small preview images which are hidden in the original image. If you simply crop the picture and resave it under the original file name, the preview thumbnail stays the same and reflects not what your image currently looks like, but instead it appears like the original image. Moreover, EXIF data can end up displaying your geolocation along with your image which is quite undesirable for many users. As this data can be misused by scammers from your pictures online. Image MetaData Stripper is a portable application (for Windows and Mac) which removes metadata from common image files in JPG or PNG formats. It does not alter the image quality, and can process multiple images in a snap. You can also automatically save a backup of the source image.Read More

Free Opener Is A Free File Viewer For Almost Any Type Of File

We require installing many standalone applications for viewing videos, photos, listening to music and opening documents of various formats. But what if one application can open all kinds of files? Free Opener is an application that does just that. It supports a large number of file extension, including video, audio, document and image formats.Once you install this app, you will no longer need a PDF viewer, multimedia player or an app for opening compressed files.Read More

View Images In A Folder Tree With Artsage Portable Image Viewer

ArtSage is a portable graphics viewer which displays image files within a folder tree, slideshow and with transition effects. It has some unique features which common file viewers greatly lack, such as, the ability to display images with selected opacity levels, an interface free slideshow, auto-scroll, windows wrapping and image squeezing. ArtSage can display multiple images in unique styles including a collage of images from a selected folder.Other than having it's own set of unique options, ArtSage contains many commonly used features which an image viewer is suppose to have, such as, rotation, cropping, zoom, full screen, etc. It supports a large array of commonly used graphic and picture formats like BMP, EMF, GIF, ICO, JPG,PNG and TIF, etc, which makes it a comprehensive image viewer with additional features.Read More

How To Batch Convert And Compress PNG Image Files

Last year we covered an online service called Smush.It that can optimize and compress any uploaded image. The process was rather time consuming, first you needed to upload multiple images and then after processing it will give you an archived file which you can download. But not everyone is connected to internet 24/7. Isn’t there any desktop software to do the same thing, but more quicker?

PNGGauntlet is a free tool for Windows that can convert any image format to PNG format and also compress/optimize the PNG image. Since most webmasters use PNG as their format of choice, it is an invaluable tool. Just add the images, select the Compression strategy, and click Optimize.

Note: For maximum compression, leave the compression strategy as default(Xtreme).

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How To Make Your Own Professional Icons Online

iconfu is a free online tool that lets you create professional looking icons instantly. You can select to draw from various available tools Normal Pen, Alpha Pen, Color Sampler, and much more.  It is totally customizable, you can change the size of the icons, add transparent effect, create shadows, choose from thousands of colors, etc.

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