Add An OS X Like File Preview Feature To Windows 10

OS X has a preview feature that can be used to get a quick look at files. The feature supports different file formats allowing users to take a look at images, text files, documents, etc. If the feature appeals to you then Seer is a free Windows app that you should check out. It mimics this exact same feature on Windows 10 down to the keyboard shortcut that opens the preview. All you have to do is select a file and hit the Space bar to preview it.Read More

Preview Links, Photos & YouTube Videos Within Selective Websites With SwiftPreview For Chrome

Have you ever opened a link from a list and later forgot which one you clicked? In such cases, you have no choice but to go through every link on the list one by one. SwiftPreview is an extension for Chrome that shows a preview of any picture or link in a customizable window when you hover the mouse pointer over it. You don’t need to open a link to see what it is about; you can use this extension to take a peek at its contents without leaving the current page. This can be particularly useful for twitter users, as it also supports shortened URLs. However, that's not all the extension has to offer. With SwiftPreview, you can disable previews for selective sites, pin previews to the browser window and play YouTube videos right within pinned previews. Needless to say, it is one of the best quick-preview extensions out there and a must-have extension for people who don't like to navigate back and forth between web pages.Read More

6 New Features In OS X Mountain Lion’s “Preview” App

In our extensive review of Mountain Lion, the latest installment for OS X, we briefly reviewed the new features that have been added to the stock apps. There are quite a few additions to almost all apps and many changes, like the addition of a Share button and the integration of iCloud, are ones that you will see implemented all across the OS. While some apps deserve more spotlight than others, we feel Preview, easily one of the most used stock apps, could do with better detailing. We found Preview to have 6 noteworthy features that we could only mention but not discuss earlier. The news that Preview now allows you to fill PDF forms has travelled fast and is perhaps now one of the more known features of Mountain Loin; however, Preview was zapped with these additional five tricks as well. For convenience, you can now rename files from the title bar, for peace of mind, you can now restore older versions of files, insert pages or images to a document from your camera or a scanner, annotate images or files with more shapes like ovals and call outs and finally, save files directly to iCloud.Read More

Take Time-Delayed Screenshots With Mac Preview & 3 Other Tricks [Tip]

On the surface of it, Mac’s default image viewer seems lacklustre. Sure, it lets you view your images, and is, in effect, the Mac’s sole native screenshot taking tool, but it doesn’t seem as feature rich as it should be. That's perhaps why you often find a whole host of screenshot tools for Mac, but Preview can actually do more. This little tip not only shows you how to take a time-delayed screenshot of your entire screen via Preview, but also how to resize the selected screenshot area proportionately along either y-axis or x-axis, and how to move the selection area around to a different part of the screen.Read More

TabsPreview Adds An Eye-Candy 3D Preview For Open Tabs In Chrome

TabsPreview is a Chrome extension that gives you a gorgeous 3D preview of all your opened tabs, with multiple search capabilities and customization options. It provides an instant thumbnail preview of all the opened tabs within the new tab screen or a new window. This can be quite handy for people who work with several tabs and often find it difficult to sift through them. Whenever you click the extension's button in the toolbar, TabsPreview refreshes the thumbnails, so that you can always view the latest previews for all your open tabs. In addition to that, the extension offers you different preview modes, such as Stack, Grid, Glow etc. Both the scroll wheel or arrows displayed at the bottom of the page can be used to navigate between the previews, and you can also look through opened tabs by entering keywords in the search bar.Read More

Preview PDF Files In Windows Explorer Without Changing Default PDF Viewer

One of the most used document formats is arguably the PDF. Hop onto any site and you'd see various type of documents, all in PDF, ranging from Brochures to Instructions manuals to other guides. Adobe Reader is undoubtedly one of the best PDF file viewers out there (Adobe is the company behind the format, after all). Its used by the masses to work with PDF files everyday. The problem with Adobe PDF Reader however, is that it is not a lightweight application. Low-end PCs often take a lot of time while rendering PDF documents within Adobe Reader, and therefore, most people who have outdated machines like to other use third-party applications, for reading PDF documents, which are lightweight and less resource hungry. We at AddictiveTips love previously reviewed Sumatra PDF Viewer and use it ourselves too. It is a lightweight PDF reader for Windows that happily makes peace with low-end hardware. However, unlike Adobe Reader, SumatraPDF and other lightweight PDF viewers do not provide users with PDF document preview in Windows Explorer. Luckily, we have found another solution that do provide you the very same. Labelled as PDF Preview, it is an application for Windows 7 that lets you preview PDF files within Windows Explorer without changing your default PDF viewer. It also installs an additional PDF Viewer to read PDF documents, but it doesn't require you to change PDF file associations to get the preview. Does this application fare well with SumatraPDF? We will find this out.Read More

Highlight Text To Search On Google, YouTube, Wikipedia & More [Chrome]

Select Search, a Chrome extension, provides you with quick search options on popular engines, and can save a lot of time when you have to search the same term on multiple websites. With it, you can search Google, Wikipedia, Twitter with only a click or two. In addition to that, you can add other popular search engines to the pop-up and quickly search Google Images or YouTube for selected text. All you have to do is select some text on a website, and a tiny pop-up will appear with Wikipedia, Google, Twitter and Google Image search options. The pop-up is also active on text fields and is fully customizable. Users can add various popular search engines to the bubble, change the number of columns, transparency and more from the Select Search Options.Read More

Colorwheel: Convert HEX & RGB Values, Preview Colors In A Pop-Up [Chrome]

Getting colors to look just right or finding the best color theme for a website’s design is critical because websites being developed nowadays are works of genius. They combine minimal design, functionality and possibly some of the best color themes you can image to make a good website. If you’re a designer or just thinking of having a website designed, it’s a good idea to play with colors and developing a good sense of which colors render well. There are many apps and extensions out there that let you preview different colors using HEX and RGB values, but most of these are way too complicated. Colorwheel is a simple Chrome extension that converts HEX and RGB values and lets you preview colours in a pop-up. All you need to do is enter HEX and RGB string values in the universal input bar, the output for which will be displayed right there. Clicking on the preview box places the content of the box into the universal input bar. Users should also note that HEX values can be entered with or without the hash tag.Read More

Desktop Panorama: Preview & Manage Multiple Virtual Workspaces

One can easily get distracted if there are a lot of applications open on the desktop, in conjunction. As most of the people don't have the luxury to use dual or let alone triple display setups, this can be a major problem. The other way is to get a bigger screen, which provide more screen real estate, however, large panels in 2650x1600 resolution still cost an arm and a leg. To cope with this, Virtual desktops comes in handy. Virtual desktop allow the user to have one application in focus at all times, without having to close the applications not currently under use. They provide a clutter free environment, where each virtual desktop comprises its own set of windows. Earlier, we have covered a few virtual desktop applications that let you create multiple virtual desktops on your computer screen, for example, desktop management application WindowSlider and mDesktop, which can create up to 10 virtual desktops. Desktop Panorama is another virtual desktop application that we found and thought to share it with you guys. It allows you to move Windows in a virtual workspace, and provides you with a preview of your complete workspace. The nifty application lets you expand the desktop, drag windows to and from the desktop, and arrange them. More on Desktop Panorama after the jump.Read More

Bring Windows 8 App Bar To Windows 7 Desktop With Stardock Tiles

Windows 8 includes a lot of changes, specially in terms of the UI. One of the features added to the new version is called Switch List. It allows you to manage all the open apps through a thumbnail preview that appears from the left side. You can switch between apps and close any that you no longer need. Having something like that to manage all the open documents can be really useful and the following tool does exactly that. If you have habit of opening a lot of applications at once, and face a hard time organizing and navigating through them, have a go at Stardock Tiles. It is an tool that manages active applications by installing a visual bar at the side of your computer screen, allowing you to quickly preview and maximize/minimize your active applications. It basically emulates the Windows 8 metro user-interface, allowing you to add and manage tiles for applications in Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. The application lets you control the appearance, size, location, and pages appearing in the its visual bar.Read More

AutoPanorama: Easily Create Panoramic Photos On Windows Phone 7

There was a time when it took an expert photographer to take panoramic photos of an outstanding view, and even that would be slightly flawed. Imagine how cool it would be take panorama photos without having to fuss about the right alignment of all the images? AutoPanorama for Windows Phone 7 does all the merging and aligning for you to create the perfect panoramas. You can make a panoramic photo out of more than 50 images! To assist you with alignment, the app offers a a slight preview of the previous image each time you are going to take the next photograph. The best feature of this app is its simplicity; you do not have to browse through a lot of options and screens to get the hang of it.Read More

PicsLikeThat Lets You Search Images By Picture Similarity [Web]

Image search is never easy; even if you’re using Google Images, searching and finding the right image is something that will take some serious time. The more obscure the search or the longer the phrase you enter, the harder it is going to get to find the perfect image. Watermarks and image size not being taken into account, most images are not named properly and even a sophisticated engine like Google cannot always find the right image. If you consider the fact that there are also large image repositories like Flickr, Instagram and Picasa to search from, your search is going to get a lot more complex. PicsLikeThat is a web app that searches the Fotolia databases for images to match your search. When you enter a query, a large number of images are displayed that match it. To search similar images, just double-click any image of your choosing. You can also repeat this process until you find the right image, and once you have it, click to preview the image in Fotolia.Read More

theTabs – Preview And Switch Between Tabs In Any Window [Chrome]

Are you an Internet Explorer fan while secretly being a closet Chrome or Firefox user or is it the other way around? You love a browser that isn’t Internet Explorer but there are times when you wish a certain feature from the Windows’ default browser would be added to your favorite one? One feature that would rock if added to other browsers would be how all open tabs in Internet Explorer 9 can be previewed using the Windows Aero Peek feature. If you preview either Chrome or Firefox, you only see the active tab for each window and that makes it hard to find the tab you’re looking for. theTabs is a Chrome extension that allows you to preview all open tabs in any window in a new tab. While it doesn’t add anything like the tab previews that Internet Explorer has, it makes it easier to find tabs in a window.

Read More

Preview Documents In Mac Before Exporting Or Printing

In Microsoft Office 2010 and 2007 there is a build-in option to preview the document before exporting or printing. This preview can be extremely useful. Suppose lets say that you want to export the document to PDF format, once saved, you open it and find that there is an extra blank page at the end of the document which is useless.Read More

Prevent Thumbnail Animation Preview In Windows 7 Taskbar

Whenever you hover the mouse pointer over the icons of the running applications in the taskbar, you will see that it displays the preview of each application with some animation. This feature consumes quite some system resources. So if you are on a low specs system(like netbook), then you should seriously think to tune up your Windows by disabling some unnecessary features. In this post, we will guide you through the process of disabling the Taskbar Thumbnail Preview Animations in Windows 7.Read More

Speeding Up Thumbnail Preview For Windows 7 Taskbar

Windows 7 task bar is also known as the super bar and offers cool features like larger icons, jump lists, pinning option and particularly improved thumbnail preview feature. Taskbar's thumbnail preview displays a small thumbnail preview of your minimized window or application when the mouse is hovered over it. But usually it takes some time to display the thumbnail, to reduce this time follow the steps below.Read More

Create Preview Thumbnails From Any Video File

Video Thumbnails Maker is free tool for Windows that takes multiple screenshots of the video and then create a thumbnail out of it. It supports wide range of video formats, such as, avi, wmv, rm, rmvb, mpg, flv, mov, vob, 3gp and mkv. Note that the video codec of all above  mentioned formats must be installed on your system before you can create their thumbnails, otherwise the operation will fail.

To begin, click Add folder or Add Files and add the videos. You can batch create thumbnails by adding multiple video files to the list. I tested this tool by creating thumbnails of a movie called ‘The Guardian’.

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How To Preview A Small Portion Of Any MP3 Or AVI Video File Before Downloading It

In my last post I discussed about downloading specific files from inside zip or rar archive with LoadScout. Another useful feature of this app is that it lets you download and play a small portion of any mp3 or avi file for free.

Suppose you want to download a high quality audio podcast in mp3 format that is of 100mb. You can download and play a small portion of this podcast and decide whether you like it or not. If you like it then you can go ahead and download the whole podcast or just find the next podcast. In similar way, suppose you want to download a video(in avi format), instead of downloading the whole video, you can download a small portion and play it to see if it’s the right video for you.

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How To Browse And Extract Individual File(s) From ZIP Or RAR Archive Without Downloading Them

Do you want to browse the archive and view it’s content before downloading it? Or you want to download only few files from the archive? LoadScout is a free app that lets you browse files inside remote archive and download them instantly. It has a build-in download manager which can download files easily from both web and FTP server. To test this software I uploaded a RAR archive with different sample pictures.

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Replace Windows Explorer With More Powerful Feature Packed Ultra Explorer

Are you tired of working with standard Windows Explorer and thinking about using a more powerful solution? If yes, then you might want to know about Ultra Explorer that has the power to replace your existing Windows Explorer for all the tasks at hand with its faster file management and convenience of file browsing. Using it might be difficult at first but you'll get used to it in just a period of short time, by then you wouldn’t even want to think about going back to the default standard Windows Explorer.Read More