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Add An OS X Like File Preview Feature To Windows 10

OS X has a preview feature that can be used to get a quick look at files. The feature supports different file formats allowing users to take a look at images, text files, documents, etc. If the feature appeals to you then Seer is a free Windows app that you should check out. It mimics this exact same feature on Windows 10 down to the keyboard shortcut that opens the preview. All you have to do is select a file and hit the Space bar to preview it.

Install Seer and go to a folder with images, a text file, a zipped file, or another folder inside it. Select an item in the folder and hit the Space bar. A preview window will open displaying the contents of the file. Hit Space again to close this preview.


If you’ve never used this feature on OS X, you might wonder what the difference is between opening a file and ‘previewing’ it. The difference is the app that is opening. Instead of the feature rich app associated with a file type Seer which is lightweight opens.

Seer supports a large number of common formats for images, audio and video files, and even compressed archives. When used to preview the contents of a compressed archive file, Seer will list the contents of the archive i.e., individual files inside it. It also supports Photoshop, Illustrator, JSON, XML, and Markdown files. Seer is available for Windows Vista and above. It works flawlessly on Windows 10.

Install Seer

via Windows Clan

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