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Cast Your YouTube, Twitter, And Reddit Feed To Chromecast [Android]

A while back we reviewed an Android app called Trending Videos Cast that searched for trending videos on YouTube and other popular media channels. It then cast those videos to your Chromecast saving you the trouble of finding and queuing them yourself. The app, as we noted in our review, left much to be desired for but was nevertheless a pretty good concept. Scarlett for Chromecast is a free Android app that addresses many of the areas where Trending Videos Cast was lacking. Apart from the much more sleek and clean interface, the app can connect with your YouTube and Twitter accounts and display the feed from each one. It can also cast videos popular on Reddit and comes with a nice dashboard for when the app is idle.

Install Scarlett for Chromecast and select the source of the content you want to cast. In order to cast from your Twitter and YouTube account, you will have to sign in to each one. If you want to cast from Reddit, an account isn’t necessary. Once you’ve connected your accounts, head over to the Feed tab.

Scarlett for Chromecast-sources Scarlett for Chromecast-cast

Select the source you want to cast from and then connect to the Chromecast device on your network. The app takes a few seconds to begin streaming but once it does, video playback is flawless. The dashboard projects a wallpaper, the current weather, and a clock when you aren’t streaming anything.

Videos are streamed in two different layouts; the default layout shows upcoming content in small tiles next to the main video on your Chromecast. You can switch to the full screen layout and view a video in full screen. If you go to the Search tab you can have Scarlett for Chromecast cast playlists in your YouTube account.

Scarlett for Chromecast-choose-feed Scarlett for Chromecast-casting

Scarlett for Chromecast is not without its flaws. Each time you switch a feed source, you have to reconnect to the Chromecast. Additionally, it doesn’t find the video content in your Twitter feed and instead displays the tweets on your TV. Granted, the tweets are displayed with previews of any links that have been shared but if it were able to filter media content it would be exponentially better. That said, Scarlett for Chromecast is an incredibly impressive app that makes watching YouTube videos from channels you’ve subscribed to considerably easier.

Install Scarlett for Chromecast From The Google Play Store


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