9-Lab Removal Tool Is An On-Demand Virus, Rootkit & Registry Scanner

As malware continually evolving, so are the security firms that are fighting back with equally robust, top-notch security solutions. And thanks to an increased awareness, so is the end users' knowledge and expertise to keep their PC safe from malicious threats. 9-Lab Removal Tool is an advanced anti-malware app for Windows designed to take care of shady software lurking on your computer. The application effectively removes malware including viruses, trojans, rootkits, malicious registry keys, spyware  and other harmful or potentially unwanted items from your machine. The application comprises of a simple UI and boasts an advanced protection engine that can detect and remove malware from every nook and corner of your PC, including hidden locations and services launched at system startup. Read More

EnhanceMy8 Is A Powerful Windows 8 Maintenance Utility

Windows 8 has allowed Microsoft to pursue new frontiers beyond its decades old Windows model. The hybrid new OS has opened fresh opportunities for its maker, both in the desktop and tablet industry. The number of new features, settings, UI elements and other tidbits that it comes with is incredibly impressive. Not only is Windows 8 fast, but the beautiful transition animations in its Start Screen and Modern UI apps are simply gorgeous. If you've already made your jump to Windows 8 and want to tweak it to make it even faster, try taking EnhanceMy8 for a spin. The software hooks you up with some system maintenance tools such as Disk Cleaner, Disk Defragmenter, System Info and Registry Cleaner, along with several of other tweaking options in order to – as the name implies – enhance your Windows 8 experience.Read More

PowerTools Is A Powerful Windows Registry Cleaner & Backup Suite

Keeping your PC in top notch condition is integral for its longevity. There are many tools out there that let you perform maintenance tasks on your PC and the latest among them is PowerTools Lite 2013 - a highly robust Windows registry cleaner that determines the overall health of your computer by performing a number of registry scans. It lets you fine tune the registry, fix a variety of errors, and remove obsolete entries wherever required. In addition to cleaning the registry, it also contains an immunization feature that enables you to block malicious websites from accessing and spreading malware threats on your system. This in turn adds an extra shield of protection and keeps your privacy intact. Apart from being feature-rich, it also come with a user-friendly interface that's easy on the eyes.Read More

Now Remove Locked Files & Apps Left Over Data, Check Viruses With FreeFixer

FreeFixer is a powerful Windows application that enables you to remove apps’ left over data, and potentially dangerous applications, scripts and hidden payloads that can cause serious damage to the system. Since our review of FreeFixer back in 2009, the application has seen quite a lot of improvements in terms of both file removal options and features, including show file path and owning process that prevents file from deletion, improved error messages, support for additional companies, manual file registration, file authenticity check, virus check report from VirusTotal.com, increased file upload size limit and a lot more. Read past the jump for more details.Read More

10 Lessons Software Developers Should Learn From CCleaner’s Success

By now everyone knows that CCleaner is synonymous with System Cleaning just like Google is synonymous with Search. It is one of the oldest system cleaner out there which was first launched back in 2005. Even through CCleaner had the advantage of launching the first ever complete system cleaner at that time, users must note that the real success comes with various factors(which also includes timing).Read More

Windows 7 Registry Cleaner

Windows registry can become clogged after heavy activities and Windows 7 registry is no different. You will find registry keys left by uninstalled programs, trail applications, and badly programmed software. Once your registry gets filled with junk/useless keys, it directly effects your system performance. So which utility would you use to clean up Windows 7 registry? I have found Auslogic Registry Cleaner to be the best.

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How To Remove Obsolete Or Unwanted Items From Windows Registry

Sometimes when you uninstall a program and the uninstaller turns out be be corrupt, you have to manually remove the program from your computer by deleting the folders and shortcuts. But how will you remove registry items? Some of these registry items are left due to program errors, misapplied registry hacks, etc. Problems also arise when users transfer or delete programs without realizing that many registry entries are aiming to the old location. When such unwanted registry keys are left untouched, it can directly effect your computer’s stability and performance.

There are many registry cleaners out there like CCCleaner, etc, but one tool has recently garnered my attention. Little Registry Cleaner is a free opensource utility for cleaning obsolete or unwanted items from Windows Registry.

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