Feel The Wheel: Control Windows Opacity And Size With The Mouse Wheel

The main reason I like Windows is that it has a wide array of useful applications available for it. From the not-so-popular Windows Store apps to the conventional desktop tools, it caters to all types of computer users. Feel The Wheel, for instance, is a little freeware application for Windows operating system that you can use to add transparency effect to the window as well as easily resize it via hotkey. Using this application, you can painlessly control a window’s overall opacity on the desktop, so that you can instantly preview any opened window beside it and resize it using the mouse scroll wheel.Read More

Batch Resize, Watermark & Compress Images Easily Using Snap Converter

You can find a whole host of screenshot and image editing apps for OS X, Skitch being one of the most famous and comprehensive ones among the lot. With most of these apps and utilities though, what you get is one thing done well; you will find an app that is excellent at compressing images with little to no loss of quality, another one that's great at renaming files in bulk, and yet another one that rocks at adding watermarks to them. What's hard to find is a Swiss Army knife that does all such related tasks, and does them really well. Snap Converter is a Mac app worth $ 3.99 in the Mac App Store that handles five major functions for images in bulk: it lets you resize, rename, compress, convert between popular image formats, and add a watermark to images.Read More

Instantly Resize Windows To Match Any Custom Screen Resolution

When you are creating a website or a new application, it is very important to make sure that it runs correctly on every resolution. Since there is no standard size or standard resolution of computer monitors, everyone has set theirs to a different one. In some cases, including myself, people have two different monitors of a different size, with a completely different resolution set on each one. A developer must keep the fact in mind that while moving the application or website window from one monitor to another, it should be able to resize its content and retain its shape in such a way that its still usable. One way to check if a tool works in all resolutions is to change the resolution of your monitor, however, that can be a tedious task to switch between all the default resolutions. Instead, you can just resize the windows to different resolutions and check if they work correctly after the resize or not. Window Size is a portable tool for Windows that allows you to resize any window to a desired screen resolution. It provides you with some presets for changing the resolution, along with an option to set a custom width and height for the window.Read More

AltMove: Resize, Move & Manipulate Any Dialog Box Or Window

There are some dialog boxes and application windows that cannot be resized conventionally using the click and drag method. For instance, the Internet Options window cannot be resized using the regular action. Previously, we have covered applications that allow you to resize any window, for instance, ResizeEnable is one such previously covered application that lets users resize the unresizable windows. However, it is limited to only enabling users to resize the windows. If you want a program that lets you resize windows and also provides you with other options, such as move windows, hide windows, change their opacity etc, try AltMove. It is a portable application for Windows that adds more functionality to your mouse for interacting with dialog boxes. The program allows you to perform several functions, including moving windows that do not support moving by default, resize windows that cannot be resized using the normal method, change the opacity of dialog boxes with intervals of 10%, minimize and maximize applications etc. Keep reading to find out more about AltMove.Read More

Framator: Resize Windows With Pixel Precision For Screencasts & More [Mac]

We’ve detailed Mac’s built-in screenshot capturing ability that works with Preview earlier, and no one can say that it lacks full functionality. Compared to it, the screenshot feature in Windows is almost useless, and PC users have to download a third part app to take a half-decent snapshot of their screen. Preview may have screenshot actions covered, but there are multiple other instances where you might need to sketch out pixel specific dimensions on their screen, like when creating a screencast. Framator is a free Mac app that allows you to create a frame and customize its dimensions as per your requirements. The frame can be moved around on the screen, and all icons and windows within the frame can be used normally. The app is free until the end of June, and since the functionality is rather minimal, free seems the best price to get it for. It comes with two frame presets that are ideal for submitting app screenshots to the Apple Store, so developers might be more interested in this app than the casual user.Read More

Capture Timed Screenshots & Copy Them To The Clipboard

Screenshots are a great way to make boring and complicated tutorials easy. Moreover, there are times when you can't explain something only in words, and a screenshot does wonders for in getting the message across. Imagine how bland the articles here at AddictiveTips would look if we stop adding screenshots with the text. We have covered a lot of useful screenshot taking tools, such as GreenShot (reviewed here) and Shotty (reviewed here), which let you take screenshots of your complete desktop screen, a particular window or a specific region. Today, we have another screenshot application called Gadwin PrintScreen, to add to the list of good screenshots taking tools. The application allows you to take screenshots using a hotkey, has four capture modes, saves the captured image to a file as well as Windows Clipboard, and specify the file format and image size for saving the screenshot.Read More

Redimensionneur: Batch-Resize Images, Add Filename Suffix & Apply Image/Text Watermarks

In order to perform numerous image editing tasks, most users choose to install multiple applications, but having so many tools installed on your system not only creates unnecessary clutter, but also reduces efficiency. If you don't want the hassle of having to use multiple image editors to perform some basic tasks, you might want to try previously reviewed Converseen, an open-source image converter and resizer that supports more than 100 image formats and allows you to convert, resize and rename an unlimited number of images in one go. However, it lacks the option to save the settings to re-execute the batch image editing operation. Today we have a simple, yet a powerful image manipulation tool called Redimensionneur (Resize image in mass), which allows you to resize images, add a suffix to their names, create thumbnails, and add text and image watermarks. Read on for pertaining details and a few screenshots.Read More

Instantly Auto-Adjust The Width Of ‘Details View’ Columns In Windows Explorer [Tip]

The Windows 7 & 8 Explorer provides users with a lot of viewing options including Extra Large Icons, Large Icons, Medium Icons, Small Icons, List, Details, Tiles and Content. While most users do not usually change the default view mode, other view modes, like Extra Large Icons, Details view mode, also come in handy in different situations. For instance, I keep Medium Icons as a default viewing mode for most  of my content, but prefer Details view mode to view the audio files in my music collection folder. In the Details view, files are displayed much like they are in the List view, but with additional information. Though, you might have noticed that sometimes, when you open a folder and switch to Details view, the columns are not appropriately sized according to the field content. You can drag each column to the required size or double-click the right edge of a header, but doing so in every folder is a tedious task. Join us after the break for a extremely simple way to instantly adjust the width of all columns in a folder that has the Details view.Read More

Feewhee: Use Mouse Scroll To Resize Windows & Adjust Their Transparency

When Windows Vista came out, the Aero-Snap feature revolutionized the way we resize our windows. It allowed users to quickly resize windows in different sizes to make efficient use of the available virtual work space. You can place windows side by side, place them vertically or automatically resize more than 2 windows horizontally and vertically to be able to access the content from each one. However, the default Aero-Snap feature is somewhat limited. It doesn’t allow you to stack windows in different positions. For instance, if you want to stack four windows on your screen in the form of a grid, you will have to manually resize them, or use a third party desktop manager that allows you to perform automatic window resizing and management of all open applications.Read More

iMage Tools: Rename, Resize, Watermark, Rotate & Flip Any Image [Mac]

We’ve covered quite a few apps that add effects to an image, but the number of Mac apps that we have covered for resizing and watermarking images are rather few. Apps that rename, resize, flip and watermark images aren’t hard to find; what’s hard is to find one really good app that does this all. iMage Tools is a free Mac app that lets you define a renaming syntax for images, watermark an image in any color and font, resize it, rotate it, flip the image vertically or horizontally and save it to either JPEG, PNG, TIFF or BMP format. The app, additionally, lets you change the image quality of a JPEG image. It lets you apply all these effects to one or multiple images at the same time.Read More

Seam Carving GUI: Content Aware Image Resizing With Removal Of Unwanted Areas

Seam Carving GUI is an open source image resizing utility that lets you resize your photos without affecting the focused subject. It does so by removing unwanted visual content in the image by employing a technique known as CAIR (Content Aware Image Resizing). CAIR was developed by Ariel Shamir and Shai Avidan, and the application functions on the basis of carving seams in an image. Now, that might sound like technical jargon to some, but seams can be called as non-wanted paths in an image, and we can increase and reduce the size of an image by increase or decreasing the seams. This is a great alternative for cropping and other conventional image resizing techniques. More after the jump.Read More

Bilderman: Automatically Resize Screenshots To User-Specified Size

With the massive number of screenshot tools out there, it is very difficult for developers to think of new options for adding to the screenshot tool that are not already a part of some previously released software. Due to the same reason, it also becomes almost impossible for users to rate one screenshot taking utility as the best one. Every application comes with its own strengths and weaknesses, such as Screen Capture + Print that provides you with three options after taking a screenshot; Print, Copy to Clipboard, and Save to File, Owely that lets you take screenshots, quickly edit them and instantly upload to Owely’s servers for sharing and TipCase Web Snapshot, a portable application for Windows that lets you easily capture the full-page screenshots of web pages. Today, we have another portable screenshot capturing application named Bilderman, which automatically resizes a captured screenshot before saving it in the specified location. Keep reading to find out more about Bilderman.Read More

Image Resizer/Scaler: Drag To Resize Images On Websites [Firefox]

Images available on the internet come in different sizes and resolutions and should the size of the image be too small, you have to zoom in a web page to get a better look. Although a simple solution, it also means the rest of the content on the web page will be enlarged and take up space. Image Resizer is a simple Firefox add-on that provides users the ability to resize or scale images on any website by simply dragging them. The extension is basically built to help those who often come across websites, which have either very small or very large images. Using Image Resizer, you don't have to manually zoom in/out the page; it resizes only images without changing the default size or view mode of the page. To increase the size of the image, hold the left mouse button on the image, and start moving the mouse outward towards the bottom-right to increase the size. To return the image to its original size, right click it. You can also maximize the image by double-clicking it. Details to follow after the jump.Read More

JMC Photo Resizer Is A Simple Yet Useful Image Resizer For Windows

Image resizing comes in very handy especially if you run a website and need to constantly upload images to the internet. Larger size means that the image will take more time to upload, will consume more space on your website, and resultantly, people visiting your website will have to wait longer for the images to download and get displayed on their systems. You can check out some very good image resizing applications for Windows, such as Image Resizer and Free Resizer. Back in 2009, we reviewed an image viewing application called JMC Photo Gallery, which we liked so much that we rated it as an alternative to Windows Live Gallery and Picasa. The same developer has come up with an image resizer, JMC Photo Resizer, and we thought we'd check it out and review it for you guys. Read on to find out more about JMC Photo Resizer.Read More

Simple Image Editing Tool Batch Converts Images & Adds Watermark [Mac]

We’ve covered multiple image format converters for both Mac and Windows, and several web apps that allow you to edit images, but few that allow you to add watermarks to them, and that, too, in batches. Simple Image Editing Tool is an open source, Java-based Mac app that converts images to two formats, i.e., PNG and JPG, compress images in JPG, and adds a custom text watermark to images. Image conversion and compression aside, the watermark feature is no doubt of interest to anyone wanting to protect images from copyright infringement, or even for freelance designers who want to share design mock-ups with clients who seem unlikely to pay for work.Read More

Contenta Converter Basic: Image Compressor, Resizer & Converter [Mac]

Format conversion software aren't that hard to come by, as you can find even web apps that do as much, but there are few options for file compression, and not many of them deliver reasonable quality images. Contenta Converter Basic is a Mac app that converts between various image file formats, and compresses them. The app also helps you organize the converted images by setting renaming patterns based on one of several parameters provided in the app. Similarly, it lets you create folders for organizing images, where folder names can be pre-defined based on available tags.Read More

GridMove: Automatically Resize App Windows To Adjust Their Positions On Screen

When working on a computer, especially if you have plenty of real estate, it's common for a lot of users to keep two or three desktop windows open at a time. Switching between windows can be irritating specially when you have to compare contents of two windows. Windows 7 introduced with itself, a handsome feature called Aero Snap, that easily lets you resize your opened windows by dragging them left or right. GridMove is a desktop window manager that goes even further and lets you quickly resize windows by dragging them to the sides of your computer screen. What makes it different is the fact that it creates a visual grid on your computer screen, making it easy for you to snap and resize windows. It is particularly useful for users who have large screens, and usually keep two or more than two desktop windows open at the same time. With multi-monitor support the usage real state extends even further - predefined resizing templates allow you to maximize the useable space of your monitor. Read on to see if the application is worth  a try.Read More

Take Full Advantage Of Your Widescreen Monitor With SplitView

Aero Snap is very useful which is used a lot by people who need to keep multiple windows open at a time, but do not have more than one monitor. If you have a big monitor, you can use the space instead to host multiple windows instead of just one but resizing them manually can take a lot of time. Aero Snaps simply automates the process, however, it is only available in Windows 7 and above. SplitView is an application that lets you split your monitor into multiple virtual monitors, enabling you to take full advantage of your widescreen or high resolution monitor. Aero Snap, which performs almost the same function, is only available in Windows 7, whereas, SplitView brings the same functionality to Windows XP users. You don’t have to manually move or resize your application windows to fit your desktop. You can run two or more application side by side, simplifying tasks like copy/pasting and comparing documents. Moreover, when using extended desktop, it allows you to snap application windows to the left and right side of your screen with just a click.Read More

Resize Windows To Any Pre-Defined Resolution With Sizer

Sizer is a small window resizing application that lets you define custom window sizes which can be easily toggled in a click. You can also configure altering the position of the window when a specific size is selected for it. This is useful for instantly viewing a particular website in smaller resolution or making sure that the size of all windows is the same when taking screenshots.Read More

Print Multiple Pages On Each Sheet Of Paper With iPrint

Resizing and rearranging documents for printing can be quite a hassle. It often becomes hard to reduce the content size to adjust multiple sheets on a single page. It can also be difficult to retain a document’s uniformity, when changing text size or page width and length in a word processor, such as MS Word.iPrint is a printing utility which can be used to easily rearrange document structure to print content in a uniform and compact way on fewer pages. It provides automatic detection of empty pages and allows deleting unwanted pages. You can group together print job requests, convert documents to PDF or HTML format and generate a revenue report based on the reduction of used papers for printing documents. After installation, iPrint integrates into installed applications and helps in changing page structure before printing documents from any application (e.g. Adobe Reader, MS Word, MS Excel, etc). During installation, you can set it as your default printer to make sure that you are provided page structure management options before the printer receives a print command.Read More