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Instantly Auto-Adjust The Width Of ‘Details View’ Columns In Windows Explorer [Tip]

The Windows 7 & 8 Explorer provides users with a lot of viewing options including Extra Large Icons, Large Icons, Medium Icons, Small Icons, List, Details, Tiles and Content. While most users do not usually change the default view mode, other view modes, like Extra Large Icons, Details view mode, also come in handy in different situations. For instance, I keep Medium Icons as a default viewing mode for most  of my content, but prefer Details view mode to view the audio files in my music collection folder. In the Details view, files are displayed much like they are in the List view, but with additional information. Though, you might have noticed that sometimes, when you open a folder and switch to Details view, the columns are not appropriately sized according to the field content. You can drag each column to the required size or double-click the right edge of a header, but doing so in every folder is a tedious task. Join us after the break for a extremely simple way to instantly adjust the width of all columns in a folder that has the Details view.

Usually, when you open a folder and change the current view mode to Details, the columns do not adjust their size according to the content in each field. That’s the reason why you cannot view the complete attributes, such as file names, titles, file size, creation date and other information, of the files. Nevertheless, this problem can be easily solved by changing the size of the header.

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One way to resize the headers is to grab the edge of a header with your mouse and drag it to the desired length. However, this can take a lot of time of there are a large number of headers. To quickly resize the columns/ headers (of Details view) inside a folder, you can use the “Ctrl +” hotkey. Using the combination instantly resizes all the available columns to match the length of the field content.


To make the shortcut work, you need to select a file or folder inside the parent folder at least once before you press the hotkey. Also, this combination works only with the “+” key available on the Numpad , and not with the “+/=” key present alongside the Backspace key. Users without a numeric keyboard (in laptops) will have to use the Fn Key in combination with the “Ctrl +” hotkey to quickly resize the columns in Details view mode.

[via ghacks]

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