How To Rip And Burn Blu-Ray Disc Quickly

This guide will teach you how to Rip and Burn Blu-Ray Discs using BDDecrypter. BDDecrypter, which stands for Blu-Ray & DVD Decrypter is a free tool for Windows that lets you rip, burn, and emulate the blue-ray discs, we will discuss the later in a separate post. (Update: Mounting Blu-Ray Image as Virtual Drive as been posted here)You can rip the blu-ray disk either to an ISO image file or to the m2ts file set. The same goes for burning, you can burn a writable blu-ray disk either from blu-ray image or blu-ray file set.Read More

CladDVD Rips A Single Video Or Whole DVD Easily

Before I begin, let me explain how CladDVD.NET is different from other DVD Ripping tools. Suppose you have a DVD which includes 2 versions of the same movie, theatrical and special edition. You want to Rip only theatrical version(main version) of the movie, what will you do? Almost every DVD ripping tool will rip the whole DVD, which means both versions, which can be quite a headache. On the other hand, CladDVD lets you choose a specific version of the movie to rip, saving lots and lots of time.

Insert the DVD and load up this tool, on the main screen you will find two modes: PGC and DVD. If you have two different versions of the same movie, they will be named as PGC 01 and PGC 02. The version with less playtime is usually the main movie, and the one with longer playtime is obviously a special edition of the movie.

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How To Backup Or Rip DVD Movie Using HandBrake

Have you ever arrived in a situation where you need to make a backup of your DVD Movie on the computer? Or simply rip the DVD movie so that you can watch it on the iPod, Gaming console, or Computer?

HandBrake is a free opensource and muti-platform tool that allows you to make a copy of your DVD movie on the local hard disk. You can save the DVD movie into either MP4, MKV, AVI or OGM formats. Apart from it you can also convert single video files into above mentioned video formats.

Note: Make sure you right-click this tool and select ‘Run as Administrator’ when running in Windows. For Linux and Mac OS, simply click and run this tool.

To begin ripping the DVD movie, click Source and select the DVD folder or drive.

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Rip And Convert DVD Or Video File To MPEG-4(avi, mkv, etc)

Do you want to store videos from DVDs to your local drive in your computer without loosing the quality? HandBrake is one software that lets you convert the videos from DVDs without loosing much quality and since it is an open source project, it will always remain in development for further improvement and updates. It lets you rip and convert DVDs or video files to MPEG-4  video formats including .mp4, .avi, .ogm and even .mkv. This application is available for Windows, Mac OSX and Ubuntu Linux.

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