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How To Rip And Burn Blu-Ray Disc Quickly

This guide will teach you how to Rip and Burn Blu-Ray Discs using BDDecrypter. BDDecrypter, which stands for Blu-Ray & DVD Decrypter is a free tool for Windows that lets you rip, burn, and emulate the blue-ray discs, we will discuss the later in a separate post. (Update: Mounting Blu-Ray Image as Virtual Drive as been posted here)

You can rip the blu-ray disk either to an ISO image file or to the m2ts file set. The same goes for burning, you can burn a writable blu-ray disk either from blu-ray image or blu-ray file set.

Blu-ray Dvd Decrypter main screenshot

The process is pretty straightforward for both tasks.

To Rip:

Insert Blue-ray disk in your Blu-ray ROM, run this tool, click Rip, choose the drive from the list, select whether to rip to an ISO image file or to the file set, and finally select the destination where you would like to save the content.

rip blue-ray to iso or m2ts file set

ripping blue-ray screenshot

To Burn:

Insert a writable blu-ray disk in your blu-ray writer, run this tool, click Burn, select whether to burn an ISO image file or file set. If you choose file set, then there is an option to select the file system which defines the way data is organized on the disk, in the next step add the files and finally click Start.

choosing blu-ray file system

adding files to blu-ray disk - BDdecrypter

burning data to blu-ray disk -bddecrypterOverall, it is a great tool that does the job pretty quickly without having to learn and set some advanced configuration. It works on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. It supports both 32-bit and 64-bit OS. Enjoy!

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