How To Get The Note II Multi-Window Feature On Galaxy S II I9100

The latest Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update brought the much talked about and well received Multi-Window feature to Samsung's flagship that was originally a marquee feature for the Galaxy Note II. The leaked and the official Jelly Bean update for the Galaxy S2 however, was a different story as the Multi-Window feature was left out. Don't be disappointed though, as XDA-Developers forum member ‘mythtrandyr’ decided to take matters into his own hands and released a fully working Multi-Window mod for the S2. The official Jelly Bean update coupled with this awesome Multi-Window mod has given the S2 a major boost and appeal to several owners who were considering ditching this phone for something newer. I know I’m not doing that anytime soon now! More on the mod and how you can get it up and running on your SGS II after the break. Read More

Install Leaked Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean On Samsung Galaxy S II

There was enormous speculation, numerous fake troll attempts and countless people losing sleep over it, but finally the wait is over! One of the most successful Android devices to date – the Samsung Galaxy S II – now has an official, fully working Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean ROM available for it. Super-excited? Let’s get it up and running on your S2! Read More

Jelly Bean Based CyanogenMod 10 Preview Available for Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S II & S III

Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean-based CyanogenMod 10 Alpha Peview is now available for all four variants of Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy S II and Galaxy Nexus, so those of you who can’t wait to get their hands on the latest version of the world’s most popular custom Android ROM need to wait no more to preview it right on their beloved Android devices. Details and download links for all these phones after the break. Read More

Install CWM Touch Recovery Or TWRP On T-Mobile Galaxy S II & Skyrocket

The official Team Win Recovery, ClockworkMod Touch Recovery, and the ClockworkMod recovery (non-touch) can now be flashed on the AT&T Galaxy S II Skyrocket and the T-Mobile in a single click or tap. Installing a custom recovery on your Android device is a vital and important step for those with rooted devices. The installation method is not always the same and varies from device to device, such as installing via ODIN (for Samsung devices), flashing via bootloader (HTC devices mostly), or flashing the file via an in the the original recovery. That said, one device often ends up supporting more than just one recovery, and these can adopt different installation methods as well. Given all this, it would be nice to have one app or tool that would flash the recovery of your choice straight away from one place. Easy Recovery Switcher, developed by XDA-Developers forum member starskyrob for the T-Mobile Galaxy S II, and the AT&T Galaxy S II Skyrocket is available as an App for Android, and as a desktop application as well. We take a look at how it works, after the break. Read More

Install Rooted Android 4.0.3 ICS Official Leak For Galaxy S II I9100

While the Samsung Galaxy S II is all set to receive its due share of Ice Cream Sandwich officially sometimes this quarter, waiting is not always an option for eager and avid Android fans. There have been a few leaks of ICS for the Galaxy S II before but this time, the device gets Android 4.0.3 (I9100XXLPB) where the build date is the 29th of January, and while still an Alpha/Beta release, this ROM is looking really stable and ready to be used as a daily ROM according to the folks over at Sammobile. Read More

MIUI v4 ICS ROM Ported To Samsung Galaxy S II I9100 [Download & Install]

The Galaxy S II gets MIUI ICS! While the device and its users eagerly wait for an official ICS release by Samsung, users hopes are also pinned on ROMs like CM9 and MIUI v4 ICS. Things seem to moving at a very steady pace and while experimental builds of CM9 are available along with leaked Samsung ICS based ROMs, MIUI was nowhere to be seen. While official unsupported, XDA-Developers forum member adyscorpius has recently released a port of the MIUI v4 for the SII. The ROM is largely based on the CM9 ROM. The ROM is actually quite stable but, as like things are for the SII with ICS at the moment, a few bugs and issues go hand in hand. Read More

Official CM9 ROM For Galaxy S II [Experimental] [Download]

The Samsung Galaxy S II I9100 gets CyanogenMod 9 based on Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich. ICS for the Galaxy S II seems quiet far away, and by that we mean, a stable ROM, be it custom or official. After a lot of ICS based ROMs surfaced for the SGS II, all which are buggy and incomplete (by no means do we undermine the efforts put into the releases by developers), it is good to see something coming in straight from CyanogenMod itself. The recent CM9 release, like the many custom ROMs before it, is a highly experimental build, that is in no way recommended to be used as a daily driver. According to the forum thread, we’re looking at a functional build of CM9 in either January or February, but heck, Android enthusiasts are never up for waiting. Read More

Overclock T-Mobile Galaxy S II To 1.8Ghz With Jugs Custom Kernel

Just when we think that the Galaxy S II has been pushed to its limit, we are proven wrong and the device shows no limits. Earlier we covered a news on the Galaxy S II being OC’d to 1.6 Ghz, and considering that we’re talking about a dual-core processor here, it was massive! Now, Team Kang of XDA-Developers has released a custom kernel that will push your device to an insane 1.8Ghz, but not the international version of the SGS II, but T-Mobiles Galaxy S II. How would you go about achieving this on your device? Simple just flash the custom kernel on your device if you're rooted and have a custom recovery installed. We’ll show you how, as we take you through a step by step installation guide. Read More

Install BlackChrome Theme On T-Mobile Galaxy S II [S2] [Guide]

Recently we reported T-Mobile getting some awesome root treatment via ODIN. However after rooting the phone, you don’t have much to do now other than installing apps from Market that need root or removing bloatware. Although the quest for gaining root on this phone has remained very slow, but we believe that soon Custom ROMs, kernel and tweaks will start surfacing to enhance your post-root experience. For now, the BlackChrome theme for T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II has been made available by mongo41, Senior XDA member and developer. The theme is meant to completely overhaul your phone’s TouchWiz UI with a neat dark and stylish out look. This BlackChrome Theme for T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II [S2] comes complete with a customized semi-transparent icon pack. The icons, quite interestingly, display text rather than any image.

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Get Circular Battery Percentage Mod On AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II [Guide]

Samsung Galaxy S II [S2] is perhaps the best Android phone that is now available throughout the globe. It is pretty astonishing that this beauty was released in the US only a month back. Since the time of this phone’s US release, users have been either converting to Sprint for their Epic 4G Touch or moving to AT&T for their version of Samsung Galaxy S II. For those who don’t know, Samsung Galaxy S II is an extremely thing, stylish Android phone that comes with a 4.3 Inch display and a dual core processor on board. Apart from general Android users and fans, this phone has also managed to capture a whole lot of developer attention and now there are dedicated development, modding and hacking threads for this phone on different Android portals, forums and blogs.

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Install MIUI 1.7.29 Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread ROM On Galaxy S II [Guide]

It has been quite sometime since the latest MIUI 1.7.29 custom ROM got ported to Samsung Galaxy S II. The latest, 32nd Beta, of this release comes with virtually everything working. Of course there are issues with Bluetooth connectivity speed and FM Radio, but most of the features and functionalities, as confirmed by the developer, are working just fine. Here is a list of what works in this release of MIUI so you can decide if you want to jump on this ROM:

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Use Galaxy S II I9100 Volume Key As Camera Shutter / Capture Button

When the news of a successor to the original Galaxy S I9000 surfaced, Samsung fans were optimistic and wishful that the new Galaxy S II I9100 would not only bring about the a much needed camera flash, but a dedicated camera button as well. With 4.3 inch Super AMOLED Plus screen, a dual core CPU, an 8MP AF camera with flash and the support for 1080p video recording, the Galaxy S II was the God of all phones. Wait a second, where’s the camera button!? Damnit Samsung, not again! So if you still decided to own one of these little pocket monsters despite the lack of a dedicated camera button, there is something you can do about it now, thanks to XDA-Developers forum member IILaryII, and the concept of hardware key mapping. IILaryII has come up with a mod that lets your phones Volume button act as a camera button.

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Install TouchWiz 4 SGS II Launcher On Galaxy S I9000 [Guide]

In case you are a Samsung Galaxy S Android phone owner and were looking to try the newest TouchWiz 4 UI that comes with Samsung Galaxy S II, then your wait is over. Gavin Phelan, XDA member, has released a custom GP’s TW4 hack that allows your Galaxy S to embrace this new UI without any problem. And not only you will have the complete UI, you will also be able to play with everything that comes on board like widgets etc.

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CM7 Nightly Builds Roll Out For Galaxy S II I9100 [Download & Install]

Just a few days back, CyanogenMod team announced that they will soon begin pushing out the CM7.1 Nightly builds based on Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread for the Samsung Galaxy S II. They have lived up to their word, as the Nightlies have begun showing up on CyanogenMod for download. This is great news for owners of the Galaxy S II since these builds would hopefully and eventually lead to a proper final build for the device, something that the device truly deserves. If you are familiar with CyanogenMod ROMs, you would understand, that Nightly builds are highly experimental and highly suspicable to instability on the device. However, this is not a certain thing and depending on how you handle your device, you may not have much of an issue using it for phone calls or texting etc. If you do, well, it IS a Nightly after all. Read More

Install CM 7 Android Gingerbread On Galaxy S II [ROM Manager]

Finally there is some great news for Samsung Galaxy S II [S 2] owners as CyanogenMod 7 nightlies page is now live with custom ROMs available for download. Earlier we covered the same nightly build, but we aren’t sure if that 3rd party link will be up for long. But now Galaxy S II is officially onboard and you can easily update your phone to the latest CM 7.1 nightlies manually or through ROM Manager premium. In case you don’t know, CyanogenMod is a 3rd party Android AOSP based firmware intended for select Android devices to enhance and optimize user experience. CM is perhaps the most adapted custom ROM throughout the world because of it’s being “AOSP”, less bugs and rock-like stability.

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Advanced Power Menu For Galaxy S II With CRT And Overscroll Glow

Let's face it, the CRT and overscroll glow animations are two of the sweetest UI elements the Android OS offers. If you've just moved onto a Galaxy S II from an Android device that offered you the overscroll glow and CRT animation, chances are that you miss the two badly. And why shouldn’t you, these effects are wicked! XDA-Developers forum member bmarko82 has released just that, but offers more then just those fancy effects. An advanced power menu is in now available giving you the options to boot into the recovery or download mode, making life for the frequent modder in you a lot easier. Stock ROMs or even a handful of custom ROMs for the  Galaxy S II do not offer the ability to reboot into recovery or download mode. Read More

Get Improved Data Speed On Your AT&T Samsung Galaxy S2

You always want to get the maximum out of whatever you pay for. It can be such an annoying thing when you are browsing the WAP over your phone and the data rate isn’t as expected and paid for. This issue has been repeatedly brought up by users who are on AT & T with Samsung Galaxy S II. However if you are feeling resigned to fate about this problem, despair no more, as XDA member locust43 has come up with a fix for the slow data speed issue. Read More