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Get Circular Battery Percentage Mod On AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II [Guide]

Samsung Galaxy S II [S2] is perhaps the best Android phone that is now available throughout the globe. It is pretty astonishing that this beauty was released in the US only a month back. Since the time of this phone’s US release, users have been either converting to Sprint for their Epic 4G Touch or moving to AT&T for their version of Samsung Galaxy S II. For those who don’t know, Samsung Galaxy S II is an extremely thing, stylish Android phone that comes with a 4.3 Inch display and a dual core processor on board. Apart from general Android users and fans, this phone has also managed to capture a whole lot of developer attention and now there are dedicated development, modding and hacking threads for this phone on different Android portals, forums and blogs.

AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II was rooted in hours after it made its debut and since then we are witnessing a flood of ROMs, hacks, custom kernels, mods and tweaks flowing in from all directions. Like other Galaxy S II variants, the Samsung Galaxy S II by AT&T was also rooted with a a custom kernel that also gave ClockworkMod Recovery awesomeness.

The phone comes with stock TouchWiz 4 Launcher and there are many folks who like to keep the launcher due to functionality it offers. The scores of widgets and inbuilt social applications with different other functions is compelling folks to get root but keep the launcher intact. However the battery icon isn’t as interactive or attractive as it should have been.

Senior XDA Member, eep2378, has managed to develop a battery icon mod that transforms your battery indicator into a an eye-appealing circle icon. The development of circular battery indicator for TouchWiz on AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II means that you keep the stock launcher while changing the battery indicatior icon.

Here are some screenshots of the mod for your reference:


Installing this circular battery indicator icon mod on your AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II is pretty easy as you just need root on your phone with ClockworkMod Recovery installed. The developer of this mod has provided ClockworkMod flashable zip files that can be flashed on your phone via recovery using Install Zip from SD Card options. So far the user feedback has been positive and we haven’t really noticed anyone facing zombies after flashing the mod. Please head to the official XDA Mod thread posted here to download the mods and then follow instructions in the same thread to get it up and running on your rooted AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II. If you still haven’t rooted your phone, then check out AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II [S2] rooting guide posted here.

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