Nimbus Offers A Powerful Screenshot Tool For Chrome With Hotkeys Support & An Image Editor

A good in-browser screenshot tool is rarely accompanied by an editor and when it is, the screenshot feature is usually not all that great. Nimbus Screen Capture is a screenshot extension for Chrome that, besides having an excellent interface, is fast and feature rich. It can take screenshots of an entire web page, a selected area, only the visible part of the web page, and lets the user edit screenshots. The extension's excellent editor lets you crop, draw, write, and blur the image before saving. It also supports keyboard shortcuts and let you take a screenshot from the extension’s button that’s added next to the URL bar or from its options in the right-click context menu. Nimbus Screen Capture can save the screenshots in JPG, PNG and BMP formats to your local drive as well as Google Drive, and even send it directly to your printer. Read More

HotShots Is A Windows Screenshot Utility With Rich Annotation Options

We've covered a large variety of screenshot tools in the past, including the likes of some really great ones such as Greenshot and Shotty. Though if you're looking for a screenshot app for Windows that can let you annotate the captured images as well as upload them to a host of image sharing sites, try taking HotShots for a spin. This open-source application is designed with many features in mind and sports a decent UI along with an intuitive, tried and tested design. HotShots doesn't bring any new idea to the table, but takes the best ones out of existing screenshot tools and combine them to create a nifty application that can come in handy in a number of situations that need you to take and post screenshots to explain various complex tasks. Read More

Shape Magic Adds Search, Screenshot & Hide-Windows Items To Menu Bar

We review screenshot apps very often; just yesterday we reviewed PopShot that allows you to take screenshots and export them to any app, upload them online, or just save them to a location of your choice. With the growing number of screenshot apps, developers need to find ways to differentiate their own app from the rest, and that’s why you will find evolved screenshot tools that combine two or more other features as well. Shape Magic is an app available in the Mac App Store for $2.99 that adds bundles a screenshot tool with a search bar and a 'hide all apps' button. These features are added as buttons in geometric shapes on the Menu Bar - a square for hiding apps, a diamond or rhombus for accessing the search bar that supports several search engines, and a circle for screenshots. For each feature, there are customization options available too; you can choose to exclude certain apps when the rest are hidden, select which search engines are supported and what order they appear in, and include or exclude the cursor and window shadow in the screenshot. Read More

PopShot Is A Mac Menu Bar Screenshot Tool With Direct Exporting To Any App

PopShot is a Mac app that lets you set up conditions for a screenshot before you take it. The app lets you choose the file format, select whether the whole screen, a particular area, or a window is to be captured, and choose what the output will be i.e. a file saved to a pre-selected location, the URL of the file uploaded to PopShot, or the image opened in your app of choice. You can also set it to apply a label to the file. PopShot will remember the settings for the previous screenshot that you took, and let you quickly take another one with those same settings using a keyboard shortcut. Read More

Batch-Capture Screenshots Of Entire Webpages, Select Regions Or HTML Tags

While browsing the internet, we often come across information that we want to save or share. If it's just text or individual images, one can simply copy them directly. Though if you want to save whole web pages as images, URL2JPEG saves you the hassle of using your screenshot tool for the purpose, meaning you don't have to edit the image to remove parts of the browser itself from it. The tool can save a whole webpage, an HTML block or a manually-selected portion within it to a file or your clipboard. It works in three simple steps: enter the URL of your desired page, select what part of it you want, and save it to your PC. You can also capture multiple webpages simultaneously in a batch with URL2JPEG’s helpful Scripting option. To top it off, there's also the option to capture screenshots of multiple sites by specifying a whole IP range. More details after the jump. Read More

Save Screenshots To The Cloud & Access Them From Anywhere With

Although we mostly use Greenshot and Shotty here at the AddictiveTips for our nearly all our screenshots on Windows, there are countless other screenshot apps out there too, coming in a myriad of shapes and sizes. Today, we have an interesting app at your disposal that will not only let you take screenshots, but also sync them directly to the cloud. is a Windows app supporting a minimal design and a few handy features. It can take screenshots, presents them to you in its basic editor, and let you upload them to the cloud. This can help you take screenshots on one PC and grab them on another without having to use flash drives for the purpose, in case you are working with multiple computers. Read More

Postimage Offers Screen Capture With Quick Sharing & Annotation Tools

Both Windows 7 and Windows 8 ship with a Snipping Tool out of the box to facilitate users in taking screenshots of any on-screen activity. This tool allows you to capture and store images in full screen, windowed, rectangular and free-form modes. Although the native solution suffices for the job, if you’re looking for an alternative tool with more flexibility and options like screenshot annotation, and social media integration, try Postimage. This lightweight tool quietly sits in the system tray and can be brought into action using its context menu or predefined hotkeys. Read More

Win Toolbox Is A Unified Dashboard For Several Handy, Frequently Used Utilities

Win Toolbox is a multi-purpose Windows utility that acts as a Swiss Army Knife for launching and controlling system utilities as well as user-installed applications from a single place. It contains an umpteen number of features that might leave you fairly impressed. Although the program looks very simple from the UI, it provides useful tools like a screen capturer, color picker, fonts explorer, system shutdown timer and more. It’s fairly feature-rich with a truckload of settings and options, so lets take a closer look at the most salient ones after the jump. Read More

Screenink Is A Screenshot App With Powerful Layered Annotation & Freehand Selection

Screenink is an app for Mac and Windows that lets you capture screenshots of your full screen or any defined area of it. Unlike conventional screenshot apps that limit a custom area to fit in a rectangle or square shape, Screenink lets you draw out a custom shape on your screen and capture all content within it. It also gives you an on-screen protractor and ruler that allows you to measure both the length, width, and angle of anything on your screen. You can draw shapes, enter text, and use the app’s very own color picker to select a color from the screen. The app adds an always-on-top toolbar to the screen and a pencil-like icon to the Menu Bar that allow you use its many tools. It supports keyboard shortcuts as well for quickly performing its functions. Screenink's Mac app is available for $0.99 in the Mac App Store, while the Windows version costs $2.00. Read More

Easily Share Images & Screenshots To Imgur Via Drag & Drop With MyImgur

Imgur needs no introduction when it comes to sharing photos and pictures over the web. If you have ever used Reddit, you'd probably be as much familiar with this acclaimed service as you like viewing those cat pictures over at Reddit. MyImgur is a Windows application that lets you upload images or screenshots to Imgur right from your desktop. You don’t need to fire up your favorite browser, open Imgur’s website and then upload the images. MyImgur consolidates all these steps into one. You simply drag and drop your image over the application window and it will swiftly move to Imgur server. The application also lets you sign in to your Imgur account in order to upload images straight to your profile. Read More

Glui For Mac Is A Simple Alternative To Skitch With Dropbox Support

If you’re looking for a Mac app that takes screenshots, lets you annotate them, uploads them to the cloud directly, and does it all for free, Skitch is probably the first app that'll come to your mind, and what most people would recommend. Skitch has more than just the few features listed above; in fact, as far as screenshot apps for Mac go, it is possibly the most feature-rich free app of its category that we've come across. Though you might really like it for all its features that could save you a lot of time, or you might really hate it for all the features you'll probably never use and the controls that aren't very easy to figure out. For a simpler solution albeit one with a price tag of $2.99, Glui is a great alternative. It’s an app available in the Mac App Store that lets you take screenshots (of a particular area, the whole screen, or just one window), annotate them, draw on them with a pen tool, add some basic arrows or rectangular shapes to them, and upload them to your Dropbox account, without having to use separate apps for the purpose, or use a heavyweight app like Skitch that offers many features you don't require. Read More

oCam Makes Capturing Screenshots & Screencasts A Snap

The use of screenshot and screencast tools has seen exponential rise during the past few years, the reason being the availability of high-speed internet in most parts of the world, allowing people to easily and swiftly share screenshots and screencasts over services like YouTube and Imgur. While we've covered a multitude of screen capturing tools in the past, only few that boast screen recording and screenshot capture under one package. oCam is one such application for Windows that's both powerful and easy to use, thanks to its simple design. It lets you overlay a capture box on your desired area of the screen, and records any on screen activity within that box. Let’s see how it works. Read More

Have Your PC Auto Capture Screenshots At User-Defined Intervals

AddictiveTips is all about finding newer tools to help you get more productive and get more things done in lesser time. We always emphasize the importance of screenshot capturing utilities and how they can help you explain system problems to your friends or an expert. Screenshots are used in several situations; from a creating a manual to getting help on a forum, screenshots act as a visual aid to the issue under discussion. If you are a blogger, you likely know the importance of screenshots in explaining things in your blog post already. Mostly screenshot tools provide you with three modes for capturing screenshots: region capture, window capture and full screen. Auto Screenshot Capture is a screenshot app with a difference - it lets you take screenshots in succession after a custom interval, allowing you to capture ongoing screen activity. Read More

Quickly Capture, Edit & Upload Screenshots & Webcam Images With EzSnap

Yet another day, yet another screenshot tool and like always, it comes with a new function. We have covered a lot of screenshot tools in the past, many of them offering something unique to the users. While some, like Screen Sniper, allow you to capture and paste screenshots in bulk, while others, such as Free ShareShot, offer options for editing and optimizing the screenshots for direct printing and uploading. You can even capture screenshots of a remote PC without having physical access to it. EzSnap is another handy tool that allows you to quickly capture screenshots as well as photos using your webcam. You can also edit and upload the captured images, and view as well as sync your entire history and statistics in an online account, allowing you to access to all the images you capture from anywhere, at any time. Read More

Capture & Paste Screenshots In Bulk With Screen Sniper

While explaining something to others, words alone are often not enough and if the explanation involves computer programs, screenshots can act as a major visual aid for the process. Moreover, they are a great way to make boring and complicated tutorials easy to understand and less dull for the readers. Previously, we brought you a list of 5 best free screenshot capturing apps for Windows and today, we have another useful screenshot capturing utility for you called Screen Sniper. It allows you to take high quality screenshots with a hotkey, and provides clipboard support to store and paste multiple screenshots in one go. Keep reading to find out more about the app. Read More

Easily Edit, Watermark & Share Screenshots With Image Tools

Image editing applications come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them provide you with color correction controls like changing the hue, brightness, contrast and saturation, while others let you apply different filters to images. The problem with comprehensive image editors such as Adobe Photoshop is that the more options they have, the more difficult it becomes to learn them. There’s also another category of image-related applications: screenshot tools. If you have been a regular reader of AddictiveTips, you must have seen us review many, specially the ones that provide something extra to the users rather than just capturing plain screenshots. Today, we have one such utility called Image Tools that allows you to capture screenshots and edit local images such as adjusting brightness, gamma, contrast, format conversion, cropping, deborder, flip/ rotate, resizing, apply watermarks etc. When you are done, you can upload the images to IMDrops image hosting service directly from the tool to share them with others with a URL. More on Image Tools after the jump. Read More

Receive Email Alerts With Screenshots When Apps & Services On Your PC Start Or Stop

Have you ever been worried about what’s been running on your PC in your absence? Don’t want your kids to play video games all day? Process Notifier is probably what you need. This well-thought Windows application is designed to keep an eye on multiple processes on your computer, and notify you via email when a process such as an application like Google Chrome or Firefox starts or stops. The tool scans and monitors the selected processes according to the time interval defined by the user ranging from ten minutes to a day. This can come really handy if you have to share your PC with others and want to keep a tab on their activities while you’re not around. Read More

Remotely View The Screen Of Another PC On Network & Take Screenshots

Remote desktop tools allow you to diagnose and manage problems on other computers without having physical access to them. While some of the remote access applications only let you view the screen of another computer, others also let you control it from a remote location, making it easy to get assistance from others when you are in need, or provide the same service to others. Network administrators often need to manage and monitor several computers on the network. If you are running some tasks on one or more servers and you just need to keep an eye on them in order to know if and when an error is encountered, remote viewing access can come real handy, especially if the servers are in another room and it isn't physically possible to be in front of them as well as your workstation all the time. Today, we are bringing you an application called ScreenView that displays the screen of a computer on one or more computers by multicasting the screen over the network. You can change the view to full screen mode and take screenshots of the remote computer using the ScreenView client application. Read More

How To Change Location Of Default Screenshot Folder In Windows 8

One of the many new bright spots of Windows 8 is the freshly designed screenshot feature. You no longer need to launch the Snipping Tool or any third-party screenshot app like Greenshot for the purpose; simply press Win + Print screen and everything is taken care of; this hotkey saves a snapshot of any on-screen activity to the Screenshots folder under your Pictures library. By default, the screenshots are saved in C:\Users\(user-name)\Pictures\Screenshots directory. If you’re looking for a way to move this folder to a different location on your computer, there’s a fairly easy solution for that. In what follows, we will guide you through the process of changing the screenshot folder, as well as restoring it back to its default location. Read More

SSCapture Auto-Captures Screenshots At Regular Intervals On iPhone

iOS had native screenshot support before Android, but times have changed and this rather basic feature has made its way to both Google’s mobile platform and Windows Phone. If you happen to be an app developer, or are the kind of person who creates tutorials for others, screenshots must be a really important part of your everyday routine. Something that can’t be explained without a full video requires screencasts, and although iOS has a couple of nice screencast apps, they make your device really slow (especially if it's one of the older ones), as can be expected when constant screen recording is going on in the background. SSCapture is a new Cydia tweak that allows users to capture a stream of screenshots. All you have to do is perform an Activator gesture, and specify the interval that separates one screenshot from the other to start the capture stream. The tweak works silently, that is, the screenshots captured by it aren't accompanied by the default sound and flash. Read More