Get Answers To All Your Questions With The Official Quora App For iPhone

A few days back we covered Local Hero, an app that helps you get answers to any question from experts near you. But the whole location-based thing might feel like a restriction to some people and for that reason, you might consider trying out the latest Q&A app for iOS named Quora. While the app itself is new, the service isn’t. You can find solutions to just about any problem on Quora by inputting your searches in the form of queries (just like with Yahoo! Answers). The official Quora app is free, and comes with a bunch of really helpful features. The app is intelligent enough to voluntarily suggest search topics based on your past searches and current location, and comes with an elegant notification system that ensures that you can see the answer to your queries as soon as there is an appropriate response. Read More

ClearSpotlight: A Cydia Tweak To Auto-Clear iPhone Spotlight Search

If you are a jailbroken user and want to bring a touch of convenience to your iOS device’s spotlight search, then ClearSpotlight is just the tweak you want. This little tweak makes your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch forget all about your last Spotlight query as soon as you open one search result. This means you will have more room in that area if you are using something like ToDo Notes. For everyone who is a stickler for neatness and order, it has got to be an annoying feature of iOS that every time a query is entered in the Spotlight search area, it remains there until you manually get rid of it hitting the small close button in the text box. ClearSpotlight is a tweak that keeps the search area completely functional, but just makes everything neater, and just the way it always should have been. Read More

Display Search History From Google Goggles In Chrome

Google Goggles made image search on the go simple, all you need is your Android or iPhone, the free app and you’re all good to go. The app also makes it easier to translate text by uploading an image; extremely useful in case you’re visiting another country and having difficulty reading signs or directions. Ever wonder what happens to all those images? If you’ve enabled Search History in Google Goggles, then they are saved as you take pictures and use them to search. My Search History from Google Goggles is a Chrome extension that lets you see different pictures you’ve taken and the search results that turned all from within the Chrome browser. Read More

App Flow – A New Way To Discover Windows Phone 7 Apps

If you are a relatively new Windows Phone 7 user, chances are that you are thinking “What did I miss?” It is common for trends in apps to keep on changing with time. One app which is famous today might become completely unknown in the Marketplace within a month. This doesn’t mean that the app has lost its productivity or positives. It’s just that most people have already downloaded it and the world moved on. There is no easier way to search for such apps in the Marketplace, or rather, there hasn't been one until now. Meet App Flow - a search engine and comprehensive app discovery tool for the WP7 Marketplace. Read More

Access DVD & Book Cover Scanning In Bing Vision Outside US [WP Mango]

Despite the latest update to Windows Phone 7 being a mere beta so far, we have been talking about Mango and it’s cool, new features for quite a while now (like connecting to hidden Wi-Fi networks, media sharing from messages and graphical emoticons). One thing we haven’t discussed yet, however, is Bing vision. Frankly speaking, the capacitive search button in WP7 can get a bit annoying (especially while within an app when you hit it accidentally). But Microsoft put it there for a purpose, and now that purpose just got one huge face-lift. Gone are the days when hitting the search button just took you to the Bing homepage, and in Mango Microsoft has decided to add a lot of new and cool features to the Search menu in WP7. Among the changes coming to the search area in Mango is Bing Vision. In the next update of WP7 you will be able to use your mobile's camera to scan book covers and QR codes, in order to learn more about these products. Read More

+Music – Search & Stream Music In Chrome And Directly In Facebook

Just about every music streaming site lets you share videos or tracks on Facebook, but how many let you search and share music from inside the Facebook interface? None. +Music is a Chrome extension that lets you search videos on YouTube and Rdio or MP3s from different online sources. You can search and play songs in a pop-up in your browser. The extension adds a small media player next to the search bar in Facebook that allows you to control the song playing in the browser. Read More

efTwo (F2) Finds Multiple Words & Their Inflections On A Page [Chrome]

The Ctrl+F or Find On Page function that is present in all browsers is moderately helpful in finding a certain word mentioned on a page but it isn’t entirely helpful if you’re searching for information on a topic since it matches the word(s) letter to letter. efTwo (F2) - Advanced Find on Page is a Chrome extension that makes the find on page function work as it should. The extension not only remembers search terms but also automatically highlights them, in addition to finding and highlighting the word you searched for, it also looks for grammatical variations of it (tenses, adjectives or adverbs) and allows you to search for multiple words at the same. Read More

Advance Folders Watch Monitors Outlook Folders To Filter Useful Emails

Compiling a list of most important emails from multiple configured mail accounts in Outlook becomes next to impossible when you have to deal with great deal of emails everyday. From all the email related tasks, filtering out important messages takes hours of manual search unless you use an application that can help you find important emails from defined mailbox folders. Advance Folders Watch is a comprehensive mail search and filter add-in for Outlook, developed for technical support team members, analysts, managers, and the like, who need to implement an auto-mail sifting mechanism in order to quickly list down important emails of any given day. Advance Folders Watch supports both Exchange and IMAP/POP3 mail accounts, enabling users to keep tab on work and private messages, emails, and conversations. Read More

‘Search By Image For Google’ Reverse Searches Online Images In Chrome

Google recently went Tin Eye and incorporated a reverse image search in Google Image search that allowed you to do a reverse search for images uploaded from you local drive and find other sources where the image was uploaded and different sizes of it. The feature is a great one, it lets you find image resources based on an image you like and it lets you find images of a higher or lower resolution.The slight flaw with it is that you have to save the image on your local drive and then drag & drop it on the search bar in Google Image search. Search by Image for Google is a Chrome extension that adds an option in the right-click context menu to Search Image on Google whenever you right click an image. This saves you the trouble of saving the image on your computer just to reverse search it in Google. Read More

Add Web Service Search Connectors In Windows Explorer [Windows 7]

Unlike previous Windows versions, Windows 7 has a way more revitalized system search capabilities. Apart from providing fast index-based system search, it also allows you to add their frequently used web services to search locations, so you don’t have to open web browser, navigate to web service and then initiate respective search. Search Connectors is a tiny Windows 7 feature in the form of XML based script which lets you add as many web services as you want to Windows Explorer. You just have to open the required search connector in Windows Explorer to begin searching from web service in question. Read More

Synapse Is An Alternative To Gnome Do With Zeitgeist Integration

Synapse is an application and file launcher which can be used as a viable alternative to Gnome Do and Kupfer. Synpase automatically detects applications, documents, videos, images, etc which can be launched by typing the initials of the file name. In other words it is what the name suggests, i.e. a “Synapse” (scientific term) which permits a neuron to pass an electrical or chemical signal to another cell (like the operating system and the file being searched acting as the neuron and cell). Synpase can be handy for users who may not prefer Gnome Do or would like to get a larger image display with category refinement option for a searched item. It is also quite useful due to the various plugins which it uses, and due to Zeitgeist integration. Read More

Copygram – Search & Download Instagram Images Without An Account

Instagram; that world of pure image sharing bliss that requires you have an iPhone to get in isn’t just about picture sharing or laughing at the daily funnies. Instagram is a great resource for original images and what's more is the images are classified (tagged) by real people and not by search engines so you know you can expect highly relevant images if you were to search them. While Instagram is great, it isn’t available to people without an iPhone, Copygram is a web service that changes all that. The site lets you search for users or images by entering names or tags respectively on Instagram without needing an iPhone or an account con the popular image sharing site. Read More – Search Email Attachments, Download & Send To Dropbox

Attachments are those extremely important things that are too easily lost and very difficult to find and even built-in email search isn’t as effective as it should be. is a service that makes it easy to track down your email attachments; it lets you search attachments in you Gmail and Yahoo mail accounts, it searches your Facebook and Twitter stream for images, audio, video, documents, news, events and code. You can download items directly, share them on email, Twitter, Facebook or Dropbox. Read More

Social Searching – Search Your Old Facebook Posts And Tweets (Twitter)

Facebook and Twitter aren’t just the sites you go to get your daily dose of laughs; both services are used extensively to share information but trying to find an old yet useful Tweet or Post isn’t always the easiest thing when you have to scroll through a ton of feeds or wall posts. Social Searching is a web service that makes it easier to search Facebook posts and Twitter tweets. It’s like a personal search engine for your accounts; instead of entering the post/tweet text precisely it lets you use keywords (words used in the posts/tweets) to find what you’re looking for and lists all matching results. You can search your own updates or those of your friends. Read More

Quickly Search Shared Files Over Network With LAN Search Pro

Do you find yourself searching music, videos, and document files which are shared over the network? It would be, arguably, very hectic task to list down and access the remote paths where all files are residing. In corporate environment with large scale network, users tend to use a tool which can significantly mitigate the time and effort involved in searching required files available over the network. If you are having a hard time finding required types of files in network shared folders, try LAN Search Pro. It is an ingeniously simple yet powerful tool to find shared files with a capacity of filtering the network locations.  Despite being efficient in searching files from shared locations, it offers password management to apply different types of constraints in accessing files from confidential remote locations. Read More

Now You Can Search & Download Subtitles From Right-Click Context Menu With SubLight 2.6

Back in 2009, Nakodari covered one brilliant subtitle search utility called SubLight. At that point, it offered a neat interface with option to directly associate video player (VLC or WMP) and video file for which you want to search the subtitles. Recently, SubLight has been updated with latest version - 2.6, which comes with a great deal of improvements with most significant being revamped Office 2010 like UI, right-click context menu integration, support for more subtitle online resources, and drag & drop support to insert video file. Along with its primary source, the other online subtitle search resources are, Divx Titlovi, SubDivx, PodnapisiNet, and AllSubs. Read More

Quickly Search And Open Files, Programs And URLs In Ubuntu With Kupfer

Kupfer is a Linux application that speeds up searching for programs, files and saved website URLs. It is quite similar to Quicksilver and Gnome Do and merely requires typing the name (usually first letter) of the desired file, program ,etc to display a search result. However, it is more than just a searching tool and can be enhanced by using add-ons. Read More

Apture Highlights Is Awesome On-Screen Search Assistant For Firefox [Extension]

Coming across certain obscure terms/phrases is always a headache when you’re reading an article which is far too off your discipline, in such situations users tend to look up meaning of complex terms on Wikipedia and on other various websites to understand the context. Even though you can use Auto Context to initiate search in separate tabs via right-click menu, we think that you’d be better off using Apture Highlights – an elegant Firefox extension which offers on-screen assistance for understanding meaning of the selected word or phrase. It provides you selected phrase-related references in rich photos and videos format from Flickr and YouTube, updates from Twitter and elaborated articles from Wikipedia. Read More

Graph Your Gmail Mailbox Activities With Graph Your Inbox [Extension]

I just came across an interesting Google Chrome extension which is built to chart out your complete Gmail activity. Graph Your Inbox gives you a detailed insight into your email activity with specific recipients/senders, with friends over at Facebook, subscribed services, Google Talk conversations, and so on. Adding more, you can create graph for your all types of activities which are related/linked with your Gmail email address in a some way or the other. Whether you use your Gmail email address for subscribing services or keeping abreast with Amazon new books, products, eBay bids, etc. All the data from multiple services/websites can be shown in different types of graphs to lets you analyze your Gmail usage activity visually. Read More