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Search Highlighted Text On YouTube From Context Menu [Chrome]

The Search Google For ‘Selected Text’ option that appears in all browsers when you select and right-click text is more than helpful. While it’s an easy way of sending a search query to Google, it is all the more helpful when you have to search a long phrase or a difficult to spell word. No matter how you look at it, it’s a simple feature with use in a large context. While the feature is undoubtedly useful, the fact is that Google, or whichever your default search engine is, is not the only source of information on the web. You may want to ‘Google’ something but instead of going through a list of search results, watching a video on the topic or reading a Wikipedia page on it might give you a more concise idea of what you’re looking for. Search YouTube is a Chrome extension that adds a Search YouTube option to the right-click context menu. It works exactly like the Search Google for ‘Selected Text’ option except the text you have selected is searched on YouTube. The option is good when you know you can find a tutorial or an interview related to a topic that you’re reading and would like to search for the videos on YouTube.

Getting the extension to work is nothing complicated. Select text and right click. You will see the Search YouTube For option. The option will search the text on YouTube and a new tab will open with results from the search. It works on any text you can select and text being hyperlinked does not have any effect on the working of the extension.

Search Youtube

Granted that YouTube is where you would search when you want tutorials or music videos, but if you’re reading about perhaps the latest announcement from Microsoft, you might want to watch snippets of the event. Additionally, some guides might be better understood if you could find a suitable video. In both cases, the extension can be a convenience.  It is somewhat limited in the sense that you can’t change or add the number of sites it can search text on but at the same time, if you find YouTube to be an excellent information source, it can make searching much easier.

The extension has no buttons or options whatsoever. It is unobtrusive and easy-to-use, simply install it and start searching YouTube from any webpage. Grab the extension from the link below and let us know what you think.

Install Search YouTube For Selected Text For Google Chrome

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