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View Trends, Insights & Statistics For Google Search Results [Chrome]

Insights For Search, a Chrome extension, provides statistics, trends and insights for Google search results, by displaying graphs for interest over time, top related & rising searches to the right hand-side of the search results. The extension quickly shows you what people are searching for, the top searches, and the rising searches over a time period of 30 days. With it, you can spot trends and find out what people around the world are interested in.  The full reports allow you to compare search terms by geographical locations, time range, and other various filters. The extension is great for visualizing how interest for a particular search term has grown with time. The top and rising searches can help you with keyword research.

Insights for Search provides users with a visual representation of interests, trends and top searches. Once you’ve installed the extension, you will be able to view graphs for Interest over time, Top Searches, and Rising searches for your related search term on the right hand-side of the Google search results. By default, the interest over timeline graph displays data for the last 12 months. To change the time range or for a more detailed search, you can view the full report.

interest over time


Next, as you scroll down the Google results page, you will find the Top Searches category. These terms are related to your Google search term, and basically show you the most significant level of interest for the past 30 days.

top searches

Rising searches highlights searches that have experienced significant growth in a given time period, with respect to the preceding time period. The Breakout category is displayed for certain terms instead of an actual percentage, meaning that the search term has experienced a change in growth greater than 5000%. To view full reports for each category, click View full report in Google Insights for Search option at the bottom of the results.

rising searches

Insights For Search can be quite a useful tool for bloggers, advertisers and marketers. It gives users a quick way to find out the latest trends and search term popularity while they browse the web. You no longer need to especially enter search terms to find out their trends. Simply browse the web, and at the same time, find out what the world is searching for. Insights For Search worked perfectly, and I would recommend you to explore this neat tool. The extension can also be installed for Opera, Firefox and Safari by installing the script below.

Install Insights For Search For Google Chrome


  1. I have been testing Google Insights for Searches for a while. I found that the GIS results change over time. In other words, I ran the exactly same report (with filter: 2006-worldwide-health) twice, one is on 9/24/2012, and the other one is on 9/21/2012. Surprisingly, the two GIS reports do NOT match. How could this happen???

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