FanCake: Compete Against Sports Fans By Predicting Match Outcome [iOS]

There are many games which you can enjoy alone, like Angry Birds, but things tend to get to a whole new level if you can compete against other people in a game, rather than your iPhone’s artificial intelligence. It gets even better if you can play against your own social network friends. If you are a guy who is interested in sports, then chances are that the latest matches are often the point of discussion among you and your friends. FanCake is an iOS game which turns these discussion into a game, where you have to strive towards attaining more medals than your friends, and strangers, by correctly predicting the outcome of ice hockey and basketball games. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and you can learn all about it by heading past the break. Read More

SiriNBA: Ask iPhone 4S’ Siri For NBA Scores [Cydia Tweak]

When it was first launched, Siri might have been a bit limited in the topics it can handle, but with the passage of time and with a lot of useful contributions from Cydia developers, iOS’s talking personal assistant is becoming more and more smart. Now, with the latest Siri tweak, named SiriNBA, you can even discuss basketball with Siri. Via SiriNBA, Siri gains comprehension of NBA terminology, and you can inquire about latest (or even older) score in the fixtures of your favorite teams. The tweak is smart enough to understand the nicknames of teams, and even understands if you inquire about the scores indirectly. Read More Live Scores, Fixture Details & News From Soccer Leagues [WP7]

Being a sports fan, there are some Windows Phone 7 apps without which I just can’t imagine my Mango phone, like ESPN ScoreCenter, NFL Pro ‘12 and ScoreMobile FC. These are only those apps which I use regularly; apart from these, WP7 has many other good sports apps as well, and the list is always growing. is an app which has been released just a few days ago, and in that short span of time, it has become pretty popular among fans of the beautiful game, soccer (or football, if you prefer to call it that). The app has the latest news, analysis, scores and fixture lists from popular soccer leagues all over the world. In addition to that, no matter if you are a fan of Arsenal or Schalke, or any other popular team, you can pin their app page to your Start screen and stay up to date with the latest happenings regarding that club. Read More

Score Alarm: Get Notification Alerts For Live Sports On Android & iOS

A true sports fanatic (like me) will do whatever it takes to keep abreast of their favorite sporting events and score line, regardless of whether they’re in school, at work or on their way to home. Even if you can’t catch all the action live on your TV, there are numerous means to access the live scores of your desired sports via SMS alerts as well as various sports websites. However, imagine the hassle involved in constantly switching back and forth various websites/apps to check up-to-date information of multiple sports at once, or worse yet, the cost that you have to bear in order to receive the latest scores by subscribing to various SMS packages with your service provider, and that too, only to receive belated updates. Well, if you own an Android or iOS-powered device (with an active internet connection), you might be delighted to learn about the release of Score Alarm – an immensely user-friendly and neatly designed sports app that ensures that you receive all the latest info regarding your favorite sports via real-time notification alerts right on your mobile device. Be it a scoring point, goal or a crucial event, the app brings you all the live action from some of the most feverishly followed international sports/games of your choice, on an ‘as it happens’ basis. Read More

Comprehensive Sports Team Management App TeamSnap Comes To Android

TeamSnap is a comprehensive online team management service for sports enthusiasts that helps users (particularly team owners, managers and coaches) track and control each and every facet of their sports team from one place. Ranging from checking player availability to finalizing game schedules, TeamSnap puts you in complete command of your team. After enjoying a successful run on the iOS App Store, the service has released a beta of its Android client. Replicating the features of its iOS counterpart, the TeamSnap's Android app connects you to the service so that you can access, manage and collaborate with your sports teams on the go. Using the app’s extremely simple yet intuitive interface, you can check roster info, communicate with other teams (via SMS and mail), set team schedules and meetings, check photo galleries of teams of your choice, and track upcoming event locations on map. Read More

The Tennis App: All The Latest Tennis News, Scores & More On Android

We at AddictiveTips love covering sports apps occasionally, and our detailed coverage of the official US Open and Australian Open Tennis Championship apps for Android and iOS are perfect examples of how keenly we follow our tennis. However, those apps were tournament-exclusive. The Tennis App is a free app that has been bringing the latest news, live scores, results, fixtures, player rankings from the entire tennis world to iOS users for quite a while, and is now available in the Android Market as well. Aggregating all the up-to-date content from ATP and WTA, and featuring latest news from some of the biggest news sources, The Tennis App keeps you apprised of news both on and off the tennis field. Read More

Runtastic Pro: Your Personalized Fitness Trainer For The iPhone

If you are health-conscious, and spend some time each day on your fitness, then your iPod touch or iPhone can become your best companions. Not only do they let you listen to your favorite songs while you jog, you can also use a number of really useful iOS apps, aimed at lending you a helping hand in letting you stay in shape. Runtastic Pro is one such app, which has been around for quite a while in the App Store, and it comes with just about all the tools you can need while you are working out each day. Read More

Official 2012 Australian Open App Released In The Android Market

Cometh the 16th of this month (January 2012), focus of tennis fans from all across the globe will shift to the action from down under, as the first of the four major tennis tournaments of the year, the Australian Open Tennis Competition 2012, gets underway. To ensure that you do not miss out on any of the sizzling action from the hard courts of Australia, Tennis Australia, in affiliation with IBM, have released the official Android client for the tournament. Available in the Android Market by the name of 2012 Australian Open, the app packs enough statistical and multimedia content to keep you apprised of all the action from upcoming, live, as well as concluded, games. Latest news, live scores and radio commentary, updated fixtures and photo gallery, player profiles, interactive event guide and on-demand video coverage including player interviews, latest highlights, reviews and previews of matches, are among the numerous features that the app has to offer to the fans. Read More

Football Fans: Virtual Soccer Stadium For Soccer Lovers [Android]

Football Fans by Vubooo is a free Android app that a hardcore soccer fan can simply not afford to miss regardless of whether they’re attending a live game in the arena or viewing one on their television sets. The app provides you with a perfect platform to cheer for your favorite soccer team while booing the opponents during a live match. Using the app, you can post your thoughts on any ongoing or upcoming games, check-in to your favorite matches, follow your favorite teams, get real-time alerts of events during live games, and view the results of recently concluded ones. You can also view team formations, chants, comments and thoughts of worldwide soccer fans, invite your Facebook/Twitter friends to join in the fun with you, and lots, lots more. Be it the UEFA Champions League, Italian Seire A, German Bundesliga, English Premiere League, Spanish La Liga or Ligue 1, this app helps you stay in touch with all the scintillating football action from around the world. Read More

NBA Pro ’12: Get Live NBA Scores, Team News & Play Fantasy Prediction

If you have a Windows Phone 7 device, and you are a sports fan, then it is likely that you are aware of the app named NFL Pro ‘12. That app brought everything related to NFL on your Windows Phone. If you loved NFL Pro, then here is the good news. The developers of that app have released a pretty similar app for basketball fans, titled NBA Pro ‘12. Now that the season is finally underway after the lockdown, this app will be all you need while you are watching your favorites team fight it out on the courts. Read More

College Bowl Guide Brings Everything About Football To Your iPad

Football is one of the sports which has a huge fan-following all over the world, and especially in the US. We have covered a few football-related apps in the past as well, like NFL Pro 12 and Fantasy Football 2011. However, if you have an iPad, you can have the perfect box of college football information right in your hands. College Bowl Guide is a comprehensive source for this season’s college football. With this app, you can get full details about fixtures, players, match day analysis, and even photos or information regarding cheerleaders! Read More

Official App For Sports News Network SB Nation Available For Android

How many online sports based services can you recall that effectively amalgamate high quality, updated sports news with a fair share of perspective of die hard sports enthusiasts? Whatever options pop up to your mind, one thing is for sure that SB Nation ranks right up there with the very best on the list of the most authentic sports sources available. Perhaps, SB Nation enjoys integration with numerous sports-based apps and aggregators. If you've been hitherto relying on the SB Nation website to get your daily dose of sports news, editorials and exclusive content, we have a great news for you. Featuring all the latest and breaking news and updates from the sports world, the official SB Nation client for Android ensures that all the on-field as well as off-field action from your favorite games is always a tap away. The app provides you with a chance to support and promote your favorite sport, and participate in discussions with other fans. Initially available only for iOS, the app is now available in the Android Market as well. Read More

Nokia’s Fitness App Sports Tracker Now Available For Windows Phone 7

Every week, a new fitness app makes its way into the Windows Phone Marketplace. Such apps offer to track your GPS location during your workout sessions, the amount of calories you burn, the duration of your workout and much more. Nokia had pioneered the concept of a fitness app during the days of its Symbian OS and now it has re-launched Sports Tracker for its new mobile platform, Windows Phone 7. Sports Tracker offers various options for tacking your workouts whether you are Walking, Running, Cycling or Skiing, and keeps a diary of your workouts over a period of time. Find out what else Sports Tracker has to offer after the break. Read More

Official KFC T20 Big Bash League App Available For Android & iPhone

The fast-paced nature of the Twenty20 (or T20) format of cricket has made it a hit among fans and players alike. Its popularity at the international as well as domestic level speaks for itself, with T20 competitions held all round the year in various regions of the world. KFC T20 Big Bash League is Australia’s official domestic T20 cricket competition that takes place in various stadiums in the country once annually. It’s that time of the year again when some of the very best Australian cricket players start gearing up for the tournament and the fans brace themselves for some heart-pumping cricket action. Designed and developed by Reactive, the official KFC T20 Big Bash League app for Android and iOS ensures that you don’t miss out on any of the ongoing on-field as well as off-field cricket action from the land down under. Read More

ScoreMobile FC For WP7: A Must-Have App For Soccer Fans

If you know what El Classico means, if hearing names like Messi, Ronaldo and Rooney gets you excited, then surely you are a fan of the beautiful game called soccer (or football, if you aren't from the US). Every soccer fan using a Windows Phone 7 device is sure to have scoured the Marketplace for apps related to the sport. There are quite a lot of soccer apps in WP7 (ESPN Goals being one example), but it’s always nice to see something new making its way to the genre. ScoreMobile FC is a brand new app which brings to your phone just about everything related to soccer. You can see news, scores, results and even live text commentary for soccer leagues around the world. Read More

PlayUp For iPhone: Live Sports Scores & Fixture-Specific Chat Rooms

PlayUp is an iOS app for the iPhone which lets its users connect with people watching the same match as they are. If you are a fan of any team from any sport, you must know that most of us follow sports for one reason alone, to have bragging rights over our friends and acquaintances who are fans of rival teams. Sports is pretty much all about rivalry, be it Jets v Giants in the NFL, or Liverpool v Manchester United in Soccer. And the next best thing to watching a hotly contested match in the stadium is to interact with other spectators online. And what better way to do that than chatting during the match, and in real time! PlayUp is not just a platform for chatting with other sports fans, the app is a complete companion for important fixtures and has information regarding all the interesting sports events. Update: If you really want PlayUp on your Android phone as well, look at the end of this post. Read More

NFL Pro ‘12: A Comprehensive Football App For Windows Phone 7

For all the avid NFL fans and followers, here’s a piece of good news. If you are on Windows Phone 7, then you will never need another football app once you start using the latest addition to the Sports section of the Marketplace, NFL Pro ‘12. The app offers such completeness and ease of navigation that it is sure to become your number one stop whenever you need to look up latest scores in any game, or just about any information you might want about any of the fixtures or teams. Head past the break to get a look at this fantastic app. Read More

Cricter For Android: Cricket Scores, Fixtures & Rankings On The Go

Being a die-hard cricket fan, I always want to be 'in the groove', regardless of whether I am in front of the TV or not. Well, for those times when I am not, I'd love to have all the latest action from the cricketing world right on my Android device. This is where all those handy Cricket-oriented Android apps from the Android Market come into play. With loads of updated content on one of the most widely followed sports, Cricter is a free Android app meant for die-hard cricket enthusiasts. Ranging from county circuits to the fast-paced games of T20, Cricter brings you live cricket scorecards, commentary, results and schedules right on your device. The app also keeps you informed of the latest ICC rankings for various teams, batsmen and bowlers from the Test as well as ODI arena. Developed by Sixlogics, Cricter fetches all its cricketing content from Read More

THE Football App Brings Its Soccer News & Stats To Android

iLiga is a comprehensive soccer app for smartphone users that packs all the latest information & news pertaining to one of the most intensely followed sports of the world. Initially available only to iOS users, THE Football app now brings all the latest content to soccer-loving Android (Update: and now Windows Phone) users as well. Like its iOS variant, the Android version of iLiga contains plenty of informative and updated soccer content ranging from (local and global) soccer news headlines, featured multimedia content (images and videos), highlights, live commentary, match previews, reviews, in-depth statistics, standings, fixtures, player profiles and lots more. Read More

Thuuz: Sports Alerts Sorted By Level Of Excitement [Android & iPhone]

Although there is no shortage of sports-based app in the mobile app stores, not all are meant to allow you share your fervor with other sports fanatics around the globe. If you consider yourself to be a sports fanatic and own an Android or iOS powered mobile device, then you must try Thuuz – a free app that keeps you updated about all the thrilling sporting contests in and around your region in a slightly different, yet exciting way. Stay updated of your favorite pro and college sports and follow them in real-time. Tune into live games, check instant video replays (requires zip code) or cheer for your favorite sports (literally). Thuuz makes it all possible. Read More