MobiText Is A Basic, Themeable Document Editor With Ribbon UI

Windows comes with the WordPad utility that provides sufficient options for most basic word processing needs. However, if you seek an application that goes beyond what WordPad has up its sleves - providing more features and options then a third-party software is the way to go. Just recently, we came across Document.Editor (reviewed here), a feature-rich application that we found to be a great alternative to WordPad. Developed by DyNiForm, MobiText is yet another similar utility that includes a handful of features to help you quickly create different types of documents such as reports, drafts, letters, resumes, memos etc. Similar to Document.Editor, it offers a ribbon-based interface. That's not all; the editor is skinnable as well (in case you rapidly get board of same UI looks). It comes packed with several different themes (Black, Blue, Metro, Windows 7 Style, Red and more) that you can easily switch between. As far as editing features are concerned, it provides you with tools sufficient for basic needs, such as copy, edit, cut, print, save, print preview, text color, spell check, indent and more. Read past the break for details.Read More

PilotEdit Lite: Advanced Text Editor That Can Handle Files Larger Than 50 GB

There are a host of text editors out there for Windows. Simpler text editing tasks can be performing using the default Windows Notepad, while for the complex ones, you can use Notepad++, an open-source text editor massively reviewed (and favored) on AddictiveTips. Previously, we covered a text editor for Windows, called Intype, which lets you perform advanced tasks using a host of sample code modules of several programming languages, including HTML, CSS, C, C++. Java, Perl, PHP, Python, SQL and a lot more. Today, we have another text editor called PilotEdit Lite, which doesn’t provide options to work with as many programming languages as Intype, but has a more focused approach. It works as a Text Editor, HTML editor, PHP editor, Java editor and Hex editor. The software can handle massive files - even those larger than 50 GB - and offers customizable syntax and keyword highlighting. More on the application past the break.Read More

SwipeSelection Allows Easier, Gesture-Based Text Selection In iOS [Cydia]

There isn’t much wrong with text selection in iOS, but needless to say, it could've been much more convenient. The area where the text to be selected is located, is usually hidden under your finger as you strive to move the cursor to an appropriate point. Also, users have to rely on the little magnifying glass that appears while seeking within text, and that can get a bit disorienting at times. This problem has been countered by a certain developer from the Cydia store, whose new tweak, SwipeSelection, makes use of gestures to make text selection really convenient for jailbroken iOS users. You don’t have to play a tedious game every time you want to edit a single alphabet in a whole paragraph once you have SwipeSelection installed on your iPhone or iPad.Read More

NickWrite: A Smart Text Editor For WP7 That Learns From Your Typing Habits

Out of the many reasons that have made me a fan of Windows Phone 7, the stock Messaging app has got to be somewhere near the top of the list. I am not talking about just the Facebook integration it offers (although that is quite awesome). Other things such as the great keyboard and non-intrusive spellcheck make it perfect for someone who texts a lot. I never thought any update, or app, can better WP7’s stock text editing, but NickWrite seems to have done just that! The app is a simple text editor on the surface, but its distinction lies in its ability to learn from the way you type! Of course, you can add new words to WP7’s own text editor’s dictionary, but NickWrite does everything automatically. It essentially starts guessing a sentence as soon as you begin typing it in, and at times, you will be able to finish a sentence without having to type anything after the first couple of words! Sound familiar? The app's predictive abilities have a lot in common with popular Android keyboard replacement SwiftKey X. Read on for details.Read More

Day! For iPhone: Your Personal Diary Of Activities & Moods Logged On A Calendar

If you are into the habit of diary-writing, there are many iOS apps that might be of interest to you. Other than some really good photo editors already available for iPhone, some apps are designed specifically for letting users maintain their daily journals. Day! is one such app that combines beauty and usefulness in perfect proportions. The app presents you with a calendar, whose looks can be customized in almost every way possible, and is meant to allow users to make a journal entry against each date. The word editor in the app is pretty thorough, letting you attach images, change the text size, font and color of the note, as well as assigning separate moods to each day. There is more to Day! than that, and you can find out all about the app by heading past the break.Read More

Message Transformer: Convert Text To Mirrored, Pig Latin Or Hackerized Form [iOS]

If you use an iPhone, or any other iOS device for that matter, you are probably familiar with text editing apps other than the stock Notes one. People use their iDevices for a lot of purposes, not the least of which is communicating with others via written text. Moreover, users like to employ their iPhones for keeping records of lots of things, as paper has gone out of fashion. All this makes text editing an important task in iOS. You can find many good text editors in the App Store, but the new Cydia app named Message Transformer is rather different from those. Message Transformer won’t let you create colorful words, or change the font and text styles; it is focused on a more practical area of text editing. All the text effects created by using this app can be pasted in SMS, or just about any other area of iOS supporting text. This app, exclusive to jailbroken devices, will let you create capitalized and mirrored text, text which has been transformed to Pig Latin or even Hackerized.Read More

Story Lite: Basic Text Editor That Lets You Plan Long Projects [Mac]

‘There’s an app for that’ is both a great and annoying thing to hear when you’re Mac user, since not everyone will tell what app to use when you’re trying to get something done. Writing is just one of those things that everyone does, and finding a good text editor is important. If you’re looking for something that covers the basics of text editing, Story Lite is a free Mac App that will let you input text, apply a border to the page, adjust text alignment, undo and redo functions, change the font and background color and highlight text. The app lets you create several editor boxes, and you can write in each one of them, which is useful if you’re creating a particularly long document and want to keep different parts of it separate until you’re ready to compile them.Read More

ToolBucket: Multiline Find & Replace, Generate Lorem Ipsum & More In Notepad++ [Plugin]

Notepad++ is a well known text editor among the readers of AddictiveTips. It's famous basically for its massive array of plugins that make it one of the most powerful text editors out there. It's library of plugins allows users to further enhance the the functionality of the program by introducing several new options with every plugin that you install. The default Windows Notepad does not allow you to perform anything other than what the program has to offer by default and you are confined to work using the basic tools offered by the application. Notepad++, on the other hand, has a much wider usage profile, even when no plugins are used. Each, easy available, plugin performs a specific action, such as adding a tree view bar, text translation into multiple languages, encryption of text etc. We regularly review Notepad++ plugins whenever we come across anything that can be useful to our readers. Today, we have another Notepad++ plugin for you, called ToolBucket. It provides you with Multiline Find and Replace, Generate GUID, Generate Lorem Ipsum, Compute MD5 hash, Compute SHA1 Hash, base 64 Encode and Base 64 Decode tools to help you perform these simple tasks, all from one module.Read More

Qute: Cross-Platform Eye Candy Text Editor With Mood-Based Themes

Different text editors offer you different types of options for performing both simple and complex text editing tasks. Simple tasks can be performing using the default Windows Notepad, while for the complex tasks, you can use Notepad++, an open source text editor massively reviewed on the AddictiveTips. Having a proper tool for the job is necessary in order to perform it smoothly and without glitches. Using a complex software to do something simple will only reduce your productivity. You will have to spend more time in learning how to use the tool than actually using it. Qute is a simple, open source, multiplatform text editor available for PC, Mac and Linux with Markdown and TeX support. It allows users to preview text paragraph wise, and lets them switch between editing and viewing modes. If your work requires you to work with text for long hours, Qute offers its users different themes to make looking at a single file for hours more appealing. You can quickly switch themes, as well as font effects. Keep reading to find out more about Qute.Read More

Create/ Share Colorful Notes & Convert To PDF With Cool Writer HD [iOS]

By now, the iOS app collection has reached a point of saturation where very few apps have the potential to surprise you and entice users to download them. The same holds true for notes app, and there are many good contenders which offer a variety of features for people wishing to experiment a little with the way they write on their iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Cool Writer HD is another notes app, and the customization options it brings to the mix are impressive, to say the least. Not only does it have many cosmetic features, the app can also be used to sync notes to Dropbox and convert them to PDF or image formats as well.Read More

TaskBadges: Use A Simple Text Editor As A To-Do List Manager [Mac]

If you’re the somewhat traditional type of person when it comes to creating to-do lists, i.e., you will sooner jot something down on paper than take the time to type it out and set a date and pick a sound alert for it, then to-do apps might not be doing you justice. For those that have transitioned one step beyond scribbling on paper, but will nevertheless just open a text editor, save it with a random file name (perhaps the default one) and type in a list of tasks, you need TaskBadges. It is a free Mac app that uses a very simple syntax to record tasks. Tasks are recorded in a text editor and the file is then added to this app. Using the syntax, the app detects how many tasks you’ve added and lists them as a notification on the file itself.Read More

TED Notepad: Editor With 312 Hotkey Supported Text-Processing Features

The Windows Notepad has not seen a lot of development in the different releases of Windows. You can justify the lack of features by arguing that Notepad is supposed to be simply, as Wordpad is available in Windows for the advanced editing operations. However, we have covered a lot of Notepad replacement applications, such as Notepad7, Glass Notepad, Letterpress and EditPad. All of these programs have their own strengths and weaknesses; for instance, Glass Notepad has a transparent interface, Letterpress offers declarative customization and EditPad Lite provides you with a tabbed interface. TED Notepad is a portable tool that can be used as an alternative to Windows Notepad. It presents you with 312, easily-accessible, innovative text processing functions that allow you to save a lot of time when editing documents. Not only does it have a massive number of features, all of them can be accessed though hot key combinations, enabling you to quickly create and edit your document. Read on to find more.Read More

Knowtilus For iPhone: Talking Browser, Text Editor, RSS Reader & Translator

Knowtilus is an app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, which is so multipurpose and versatile that it is impossible to place it under one category. The app integrates a lot of useful features, and makes using your iOS device a much more enjoyable and productive experience. The biggest part of Knowtilus is its web browser, which, apart from having a clean interface, also reads out whole pages to you, and lets you translate them to more than 20 languages. Other than the web browser, you get a text editor, which is not too complicated and lets you focus on the task at hand. There is even more to Knowtilus than that, and you can find out everything about its features by heading past the break.Read More

Jester: Text Editor For Comparing Documents & Creating Song Parodies

Using the right tool for the right job is very important for the successful completion of any project. It can save you a lot of time and energy, enabling you to use it in other more important and productive tasks, rather than wasting your time in trying to make the wrong tool work. Speaking of right tools, what do you do when you have to compare two documents side by side? Open them in two separate windows and switch between the windows again and again? If you have to frequently perform this tedious exercise, give Jester a try. Originally compiled by the developer for creating parodies of song lyrics, in my opinion, this portable application can prove to be useful in a lot of other situations. With options like synchronized scrolling, syllable count and a built-in rhyme dictionary, Jester offers a completely different package from other programs if similar nature. Keep reading to find out more about Jester.Read More

InType: Advanced Text & Programming Editor With Built-In Code Sample Library

We have previously covered a lot of text editors like Editra, a cross platform text editor, EditPad, a customizable tabbed text editor, and medit, a configurable programming text editor with multiple panes. Today, we bring to your another text editor, Intype, that allows you to perform advanced text editing. It includes a host of sample code modules of several programming languages including HTML, CSS, C, C++, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, SQL, XHTML and more. Using these sample code structures, you can easily start working on your application development projects, as you won't have to define and set the structure of the document. Moreover, it comes with a theme library and language grammars, project manager to quickly access finished work and work in progress. More about Intype after the break.Read More

Notepad7 Is Ribbon Based Alternative To Windows Notepad

The default Notepad of Windows hasn’t seen much GUI changes since a very long time. Even when Windows 7 came out, we were presented with a lot of changes in the user interface, but there was not anything different about the way Notepad looked. To be honest, the current GUI is pretty lame in my opinion. There are no tabs, no buttons to access the settings and you have to access simple document editing options such as Cut, Copy, Paste, Select All, Find, Replace, Font Style, Size, Bold, Italic etc from the menus at the top. Having the same options in as quick access buttons can save a lot of time of the users, since they will not have to open up a menu every time they want to perform a simple action. If you too find the default Windows Notepad boring and somewhat annoying, you can check out Notepad7. It is an application for Windows, more like a replacement for the default Notepad, which provides you with all the options of the default Notepad, but all on the main interface. Notepad7 removes the need to open a menu every time you have to perform an editing action. Read more about the application after the break.Read More

Nested Is A Specialized Editor For Creating Structured Documents

Most of the free document editors available focus more on the number of features and tools it has, and less on the actual writing. No one cares about how the application looks and how many bells and whistles it contain, but the core purpose is to provide as much productivity as plausible. And the said productivity is only possible if the user doesn't easily get distracted with cluttered environment of the tool. If you're like me who always wants something unique and minimalistic in design, then give Nested a shot. It is an open source text editor that lets you create and edit structured documents such as reports, publications, books, presentations etc. The application is designed for the purpose of keeping the user's concentration on content writing instead of format or markup. This gives users more time to think about the content than how would it be presented. The application has a rich WYSIWYM (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Mean) interface, enabling users to focus on structuring and writing the document instead of its appearance. The application hosts several examples for helping new users, formatting buttons, image gallery, assisted links, and easy options to publish document in HTML, LaTeX or PDF. Read on to find out more about Nested.Read More

Scratch Is A Programmers’ Text Editor For Linux [By Elementary]

Scratch is a Linux text editor for programmers, written in Vala and Gtk+ 3. This elementary-based text editor has been designed for the Pantheon desktop, and comes with support for a number of programming languages such as C, C#, C++, HTML, Java, PHP and many more. Scratch provides syntax highlighting with GTK source view-3, integration with Granite framework, as well as tab support. More after the break.Read More

medit – Fully Configurable Programming Text Editor With Multiple Panes

medit is an open source text editor that comes with a number of useful options to help developers edit their code files with convenience. It provides configurable syntax highlighting, keyboard accelerators, with the option to use C and Python based plugins (which can be built by any third-party developer). The most significant option in medit includes the option to view multiple panes simultaneously by aligning them in horizontal and vertical format. You can also create groups for specific text files for easy sorting them according to defined categories. medit is a tab supported text editor and has versions available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Unix.Read More

Scribes Is Ubuntu Text Editor With 70+ Programming Language Support

Scribes is an open source text editor for Linux based operating systems which has been designed to streamline the workflow of developers. It automates common and repetitive operations by providing hotkey support for indentation, paragraph management, line, word/paragraph selection, option to toggle letter cases, etc. Scribes supports more than 70 programming languages, inlcuding, HTML, Java XML, PHP, SQL, VB.Net, SH, RPM Spec, Python, Prolog, Perl,Pascal, Ruby, gtk-dic, FCL, Open GL Shading Language, C, C# and so on. Other features include, support for remote editing via FTP, SFTP, SSH, Samba, WebDav, automatic word correction, completion and pairing, document switcher, automatic indentation and a skinable interface.Read More