Timehop Brings Its Social Media & Photo Time Machine App To Android

The great thing about social media services like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is that you can always go back in time and see what you posted about something on a particular day. It may not sound useful or productive at all, but it feels pretty cool to have instant access to past memories at any time. Of course, you can't possibly remember everything. Timehop aims to ensure you'd never need to. A year ago, the company released an iOS app that lets people ‘go back in the past’ to view their posts on popular social networks for the current day. The far-famed Timehop app has now finally landed on the Google Play Store for Android devices. Read More

Tweetbits Organizes Your Favorite Tweets Into Categories In An Awesome UI

Nothing beats Twitter when it comes to micro-blogging. The service has proven to everyone that much can be said in 140 characters, and the ability to gain a strong following online is very much plausible for anyone who puts the effort into it (you might have heard of them Twittelebrities). Twitter fame aside, letting you organize your favorite Tweets isn't exactly a strong point of Twitter when it comes to its native features. And if you’re one of those people who love favoriting one tweet after another, you would know how tedious it can becomes to find a particular previously favorited tweet from the list at a future point. Enter Tweetbits – a third-party web app for Twitter that lets you organize your favorite tweets by grouping them in custom categories. Read More

Twitter Releases Vine For Web With A Full Screen TV Mode & More

At long last, it has finally arrived! Twitter launched Vine on iOS and Android quite a while back and starting today, your favorite video-looping and sharing service has landed to the web as well. Vine For Web lets you access your Vine home feed, browse other users' profiles and like, comment and share videos straight from the web. Speaking of sharing, you can even share your profile URL with others, which, in turn, will let them browse and view all your vines. Furthermore, there’s a new TV mode exclusive to the web interface that enables users to watch entire sequences of Vines from a profile or home feed, in full screen mode. Read More

Tweedle Is A Full-Featured, Customizable Twitter Client For Android

The default Twitter app on Android is good enough to keep you hooked to the micro-blogging platform, but in terms of customization options and certain advanced features, it still leaves us craving for more. If you want a Twitter app that can be easily customized in different ways, yet also remains simple, functional and user-friendly, try Tweedle. It’s is a free, full-featured Twitter client for Android that makes tweeting much more fun on a mobile device. It’s light enough to run smoothly even on older Android phones and tablets, and despite that, comes packaged with all the Twitter functionality you could want. Read More

Branches Is An Android Twitter App That Groups Recent Tweets By User

Whether it’s about expressing your opinion, breaking the news, monitoring industry trends or sharing life experiences, Twitter has a lot to offer all its users. It’s a one-stop-shop for the average Joe, journalists, enthusiasts in different fields, and even celebrities as well as large firms to stay connected with one another in real-time. But let’s face it, if you’re one of those Twitter aficionados who follow a lot of people on the micro-blogging platform, it can become fairly tedious to keep a tab on all the tweets from those people on your timeline, which soon becomes cluttered with an unstoppable stream of information that get hard to manage. Branches For Twitter is a new third-party Twitter app for Android that aims to make your experience more streamlined by automatically grouping tweets from each person in chronological order. Read More

Meet Flyne, An Offline Android News Reader By The Devs Of Falcon Pro

When the web was still new, keeping a tab on new content around the internet was not as easy as it is nowadays. Then came RSS readers, and everything changed for the better. RSS is a technology that allows you to keep track of your favorite websites and instantly receive updates from them. Google Reader was a popular name in this genre until Google pulled the plug on it. Now that we have all had some time to get the despair out of our way about its closure – and most of us have even settled with some alternatives – new reader apps are still pouring in. Should you have been looking one for Android, try Flyne. Developed by the folks behind Falcon Pro, what makes it different from most other news readers is that it can fetch data to your local storage for offline reading. The app also has a premium version that lets you connect your Feedly and Twitter accounts to it. Read More

Top 10 Twitter Apps For iPhone

In a relatively short period of time, Twitter has taken over from Facebook as the social network where all the cool folks hang out. The service comes with native integration in iOS, and the official Twitter app for iPhone is pretty neat as well. Having said that, a lot of people still prefer using third-party Twitter clients, owing to all the extra features they offer. Not many Facebook clients are very popular in the App Store, but Tweetbot, Twitterrific and some of the other Twitter apps can certainly give the official one a run for its money. Choosing the best Twitter app for your iPhone is not the easiest of tasks though, since there are a lot of them, and many are paid. So, here is our compilation of the best Twitter apps to help you with your selection. Go through it, and you might end up finding the perfect way to browse your timeline while saving some bucks. Read More

Facebook & Twitter Apps Get The iOS 7 Look & A Few New Features

iOS 7 is such a huge update that it has caused an avalanche of app updates of the magnitude that no prior firmware has ever triggered. Developers don't want their apps to look out of place on the OS, so all the big names have already jumped on the iOS 7's flat UI bandwagon, whether they like it or not. Yesterday, we covered updates for Flipboard and Foursquare, and two even bigger names have today joined that list now that iOS 7 is actually available for the public. Twitter’s latest iOS version focuses just on making the app at home on the firmware update, but Facebook has shuffled things around a bit more thoroughly. The navigation bar that was previously at the top of the screen has now been moved to the bottom, and is now omnipresent. There is also a new search button that enables users to quickly find any profile or page they want to view. Read More

Tame Filters Your Twitter Timeline To Show The Most Important Content

Lately, Twitter has been paying more and more attention to making the UI of both its website as well as its mobile apps as intuitive for the end users as possible. The micro-blogging platform has revamped its design several times since its inception, but let’s face it, if you’re one of those who follow too many people, even Twitter can’t help you. Your whole Timeline can turn into a disorderly jingle-jangle, making it hard to keep a tab on the important stuff – people in your timeline, the important hashtags, all those mentions and whatnot. Third-party twitter client Tame aims to give you a helping hand with all of this. With the tagline of "The social web is too chaotic. Time to Tame.it!", it aims to do so by ridding your timeline of all the unwanted stuff, presenting only the content that's most relevant to you. Read More

Analyze Twitter Accounts & Search For Any Tweet Ever Posted With Topsy

Have you ever wondered when was the first tweet ever jotted down on Twitter? It was March 21st, 2006 and the author was Jack Dorsey - one of the co-founders of the company that has now evolved into one of the most revered and influential ones in social media history. The micro-blogging platform has since then become a one-stop shop for journalists, entrepreneurs, hobbyists, authors, industry insiders and tech junkies to keep track of various world-changing trends and news. But lets face it, Twitter’s integrated search engine fails when it comes to letting you find specific tweets posted by you or by other Twitter users. That’s why social analytics firm Topsy has taken the matters in its own hands to let you find tweets from Twitter's very beginning. Topsy recently announced that it now houses every tweet that was ever posted to Twitter since its inception, so we decided to take a deeper look by ourselves and see how it works. Read More

Tweetshort Uses Shorthand & Digits To Shorten Your Twitter Updates

Brevity is the soul of wit, and it's also important if you tweet a lot. Twitter's 140 character limit is often a challenge, especially if you're retweeting or quoting a tweet. The struggle to remain comprehensible, not misquote someone, and add enough reference that people know what you're tweeting about is one that has many pulling their hair out. Tweetshort is a tiny web app that helps us shorten our tweets so that they fit in the 140 character limit, much like previously reviewed iOS app TweetShrink. The tool lets you type in your tweet and then shrinks it the best it can. Shrinking is done in much the same way we would do it, i.e. dropping out certain characters from a word, using numbers to replace words where possible, and using shorter, misspelled versions of words that are commonly used on the internet. Read More

Compare Popularity Of Any Two Terms Or Topics With vs. For iPhone

Opinion is something that everyone is quite willing to provide at all times. This has led to the rise of many successful social networks because If you take away all the additional aspects from these popular services, they are pretty much all about people broadcasting their opinions or asking for advice from their friends. There are already apps like Thumb and Blurtopia that allow users to seek advice from people they know, or even from the general public. In such apps, however, you have to wait for a considerable number of people to respond to your poll, which can take several days, if not weeks. vs. is an iOS app that lets you completely skip this wait, and can help you assess any keyword’s relative popularity in mere seconds. Using the app, you can pit any two keywords against each other, and based on recent activity on Twitter, vs. calculates a comparison score for each. Read More

FlowReader Combines RSS, Facebook & Twitter Feeds In One Interface

You can now start counting the days down to the end of Google Reader and be thankful that Feedly launched its own separate web service to fill the gap. Feedly is what I'll be using come July 1, 2013 but for those who are still looking for an RSS reader, time is running out. Fortunately, the options aren't limited and FlowReader is yet another RSS reader service that you could switch to once Google Reader closes its doors. It's not just a feed reader though; in addition to letting you import your feeds from Google Reader, the service can also connect with your Twitter and Facebook accounts, allowing you to view updates from each. Users can also post to Facebook and Twitter from within FlowReader simultaneously. It also has a 'save for later' feature that allows you to mark stories in your feed for later reading. Read More

View & Post To All Social Networks From One Place With Fuse For iPhone

With social networking sites introducing new features on an almost weekly basis, our online lives are finally going towards being streamlined. You can simultaneously post on Twitter and Facebook, while popular photo sharing apps like Instagram come with some impressive social media integration as well. When everything is converging, it seems reasonable to have services that are capable of combining your social networks without making you leave any of them. In the past, we have covered a few such services like Yoono for web and Cloze for iOS, but such services very rarely offer a news feed that truly combines updates from all of your accounts. Even if they do, the whole thing is often a complete mess and you end up missing several important posts. Fuse: Social takes care to keep things simple while offering a feed combining posts from Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Rather than just showing updates, what sets Fuse apart is that it even lets you use almost every major feature of these social networks. Read More

Use Twitter Analytics To View & Export Your Timeline & Follower Stats

Analytics, for a long time were something that only webmasters were interested in. Unless you had your own website or blog, chances were you did not need them. All that changed with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, and analytics became relevant for everyone. Neither Facebook nor Twitter users are starved for such services; the internet is littered with big names like HootSuite and several smaller ones that will tell you how many 'likes' a Facebook post received, how many new followers you gained, how many times something you tweeted has been retweeted, and more. If analytics interest you, you'll be pleased to know that Twitter has made its analytics publicly available to everyone, to graph out the number of new followers, unfollows, and retweets etc. over a timeline. They aren't very sophisticated just yet, and aren't live either; aggregate data takes 6 hours to appear, and it seems it's reporting the number of clicks on links inaccurately at the moment. Your data can be exported in CSV and XLS formats. If you've used Google Analytics, you won't be impressed but this is Twitter, and it measures different variables along different parameters. Read More

License Your Twitter & Instagram Photos & Earn Rewards With Dotspin

Every photographer starts out as an amateur one and with phones sporting such excellent quality cameras, just about everyone with a smartphone is an amateur photographer these days. You can discount people who take pictures of food and their pets, but  there are some truly amazing pictures taken and shared on Twitter and Instagram everyday. Dotspin is a service for protecting the rights to photos taken by amateur photographers as well as a place for photography enthusiasts to have their photos reviewed by experts and voted on by a community that shares their interest. It works on a surprisingly simple concept: most people share photos via Twitter and Instagram, and both these services allow you to add hashtags to your posts. Dotspin asks that once you've signed up for the service, you add the #dotspin tag to what you share online, which will prompt the service to add your image to their database where it will be accompanied by a license for how it can be used. Read More

TweetShrink For iOS Uses Shorthand To Squeeze Lengthier Tweets Into The 140-Character Limit

One can certainly understand Twitter’s reasoning behind limiting tweets to 140 characters, but there are times when you just have to say something that refuses to fit inside anything less than 150 or 160 characters. If you are on Android, there are a plethora of apps capable of letting users post tweets that are longer than 140 characters. Owners of the iPhone can enjoy some workarounds to the issue as well, with apps like the previously covered TweetAmplius. If you think about the whole issue though, there is another way of looking at it as well. Rather than bypassing the limit, what if there was some way of somehow bringing your tweet within 140 characters without losing any of its meaning? This is the approach adopted by TweetShrink for iPhone. The app uses an intelligent algorithm to reduce the word count of tweets before they are posted to your account. Read More

TweetDeck Gets New UI With Slide-Out Menu & Better Column Navigation

Twitter has just redesigned TweetDeck’s web interface. The change is noticeable the second you sign in to the service; the top bar has been repositioned to the left, and can be expanded and collapsed. You can compose a new tweet, add more columns and search Twitter from the top three buttons. The sidebar can expand to reveal the name of the columns you've added and the number of unread/new tweets in each column, your lists, and the search box. The columns you add are all represented by icons and should be easy to identify, unless they're for a search, which is represented by a magnifying glass icon and is almost the same as the Search icon itself. The new interface also makes it easier to follow your feed when you have a large number of columns added. Read More

Twitter Mobile Apps Get Easier Image Sharing, Richer Notifications On Android

Twitter has just released an update for both its iOS and Android apps and it comes with new features, an improved interface, as well as the removal of a few features that many active Twitter users will miss. The interface change, in Twitter’s own words, gives you wider timelines across the app. This interface change is for the iPhone only, and not the iPad. More functional changes to both iOS and Android app include viewing a thumbnail of the image you’re sharing instead of the cropped-out top half only, along with the ability to preview your tweet before sending it, toggle location information on/off for it, and switch between accounts as you compose a tweet. For users running Android 4.1 or above, the updated app also brings richer notifications, complete with user avatars and markers that tell you if it's a reply, a retweet, a DM etc. Read More

Batch Download Photos From Multiple Facebook & Instagram Accounts With Social Downloader

The power of social media has changed a lot of things over the past few years, including how we share photos with others. Not a while ago, people used to send photos to their friends and family via email attachments or using instant messaging services, but since the inception of social media sites like Facebook & Twitter as well as photo-focused services like Flickr, Picasa and Instagram, things aren't the same, as anyone can now share their favorite pictures with others in an instant. Though if you want to download photos already stored on social media, try Social Downloader. It's a small Windows app that lets you backup your Facebook and Instagram photos to your local drive. In addition to the images you've uploaded to the site and the ones you've been tagged in, you can also download photos uploaded by your friends and the ones they are tagged in, as long as the uploaders' privacy settings allow that. Read More