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How to fix Twitter account not connecting to Xbox app on Windows 10

The Xbox app on Windows 10 can connect with your Facebook account and your Twitter account. There’s a dedicated setting for it in the Xbox app’s settings. If you’re able to sign in to Twitter via the Xbox app, you can use the game bar to tweet game captures. Unfortunately, the app isn’t always able to connect to Twitter. Users see a loading screen at best and then nothing. Here’s how you can fix the Twitter account not connecting to Xbox on Windows 10.

Twitter account not connecting to Xbox

If you’ve never tried signing in to Twitter from the Xbox app, give it a try first. Open the Xbox app and click the cogwheel button at the bottom left. On the General Tab, you will an option to sign in to your Twitter account. Click it.

If it works, then you don’t really have a problem. If you see the loading screen but the app returns to the settings screen without letting you log in, you’re going to have to use a work around.

In order to sign into Twitter in the Xbox app, open an app, any app. Once the app is open, tap the Win+G keyboard shortcut. This will open the game bar. Click the cogwheel button next to your profile icon.

This will take you to the game bar settings. Select the Accounts tab and you’ll see an option to sign in to Twitter there. Click the Sign In button and this time, the sign in page will open allowing you to sign in to your Twitter account.

Once signed in, you will be able to tweet photos and videos you’ve captured of your games. The Xbox app still will not show that you’r signed into your Twitter account on its Settings screen. Clicking the sign in option won’t yield any different results.

You won’t be able to tweet your captures from the Xbox app. This bug is pretty old and not common enough for there to be a solution just yet. The Xbox app has had quite a few updates but none of them appear to address this bug.

The sign in option in the game bar is fairly recent. It was added via an update and is the only work around available at present if you’re unable to sign to your Twitter account from the Xbox app. It’s odd that signing in to game bar doesn’t automatically sign in you in to the Xbox app even though the game bar works with your Xbox account.

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