Browse Twitter #music On Windows Phone & Download Track Previews As Ringtones With #trending

For some reason, Twitter chose to make their new #music service really tough to access, with iOS being the only smartphone platform having an official client for it. Even Android has been ignored so far, which means there is little chance of #music appearing in the WP Store for a long time. Apart from lack of support for various platforms, there are also a bunch of region restrictions that have so far limited the availability of #music to only a lucky few users when seen at a global scale. Despite all these adversities, a Windows Phone developer has somehow managed to bring an unofficial #music client to WP7 and WP8. #trending displays the latest charts from #music, keeping users in the loop regarding the tracks gaining popularity on Twitter. You can listen to a 30-second snippet of all the listed songs, and even download these samples as ringtones for your device. Read More

Export Twitter DMs, Mentions, Tweets & More To A Document With twDocs

Twitter is undoubtedly the most popular micro-blogging platform on the planet. Back in December 2012, the bird chirping social network introduced an option to users download an archive of all their tweets to their local drive, and it received positive response from users. Although not something really groundbreaking as there were a few services already offering this, it’s a handy feature nonetheless. twDocs is another web app that allows you to download not just your own tweets, but also tweets from people you follow. In addition, it can download your favorite tweets, mentions, direct messages you sent or received, search results and so on. The app can save this content in a number of different formats such as PDF, DOC, HTML, XML, TXT, XLS or CSV. Read More

10 Great Chrome Extensions For Twitter

Twitter is a very engaging network; you can open your timeline and before you know it, you've spent the better part of an hour reading links or conversing (read: debating trolls). For this and several other reasons, many users prefer Twitter clients over the web interface. Most Twitter clients not only have better features, but also support notifications for your @mentions, direct messages etc. At the same time, they give you control over the content you see, ensuring that only important things disrupt your work. The problem is that Twitter likes to axe the abilities of third-party Twitter clients by restricting its API, and many users have to turn to its web interface whether they like it or not. It’s situations like this when extensions can be very handy. Provided you have the right ones installed, your browser can act like an impressive Twitter client itself, and we've compiled a list of extensions for Chrome that will help you do just that. Read More

Twitter For Mac Updated With Retina Support & Easier Photo Sharing

Twitter has been integrated in Mountain Lion much like was in iOS 5 allowing you to tweet from just about any where. It does lack a universal hotkey that lets you open the compose tweet box, but you can easily add that with Quick Tweet. Even though Twitter has been integrated throughout the OS, this does not render Twitter clients obsolete as the timeline itself is not part of the integration, and thus, we continue to see Twitter clients evolve, even if slowly. The latest to upgrade its feature-set is none other than Twitter’s official Mac client. The update includes the long-awaited support for Retina displays, additional languages, and a new button that allows you to share photos directly from the New Tweet box. Read More

Hands-On With Twitter #Music For Web & iOS [Review]

Twitter’s much anticipated music app is now live, featuring both a web interface and an iOS app. The web interface is slowly being made available to Twitter users in the US, UK, and Australia. As expected, Twitter has also launched an iOS app for its music service called Twitter #music. You can expect hashtags to play an important part in this app. It connects with your Twitter account and gives you suggestions for music based on the artists that you follow, what’s currently trending, and what the people you follow are listening to. You can listen to the iTunes preview of different tracks right inside the app, and the tracks can be bought on iTunes. You will be able to connect your Spotify and Rdio accounts with Twitter #music and listen to full tracks. You can also tweet the tracks you’re listening to; the #nowplaying hashtag is added to those tweet automatically. Read More

Twitter For Android Updated With Holo UI, @/# Suggestions & More

The world’s favorite microblogging (and often ranting) platform has had its apps available for every significant OS out there and while the iOS app has been quite polished for quite a while, the UI of its Android counterpart had been long due for an overhaul. The wait is over, as Twitter has finally released the update, bringing the critically acclaimed Holo UI introduced in Android 4.0 ICS to the app. In addition to the Holo UI overhaul, Twitter for Android also gets a few feature additions, most notably automatic suggestions when you start typing a @username or #hashtag, integration with other services to install or launch their apps from tweets containing links to content on them, and a new font. Read More

Nextly Is A Fast & Elegant Reddit, Twitter, Facebook & News Aggregator

We’re always looking for a better way to browse the internet; websites redesign their interface to make content easier to read, apps are developed to assist reading and bookmarking, and then there are all the extensions that allow us to improve our browsing experience with just a tap of a few keys. Nextly is a web app designed to help you read content streams. It is presently limited to your Twitter and Facebook streams and a few choice websites including Reddit, Cracked, Time Magazine, etc. You can save your favorite streams, bookmark stories from them, and add tags and comments to your bookmarks. You will have to create an account with Nextly in order to use the service. Read More

Get Chrome Desktop Alerts For Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & YouTube

A while ago, we reviewed Chime - a Chrome extension that connects with your personal accounts on multiple social networks and gives you notifications for any activity. Chime stands out for two reasons: its gorgeous interface, and the multitude of services that it supports. The Notifications for everything is a Chrome extension that does something similar but supports fewer services and slightly greater customization. Chime kept a historical record of activity in your different account while The Notifications for everything is like the notification system that Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube lack. You can select which of the four mentioned services you want to receive notifications for, start receiving desktop notifications for them or simply view them on the extension’s icon. Read More

How To Use Vine’s New Sharing & Embedding Options

Since its release, Vine has enjoyed a decent run, but it hasn't become as big as Instagram or some of the other older services available to smartphone users yet. There might be other factors involved as well, but Vine’s absence on Android and its lack of easy sharing options has certainly hindered the app from becoming even more popular than it currently is. Twitter finally seems to have realized this, and decided to do something about it. No, there is still no Android app but starting today, you can conveniently share any public Vine post with your social network. In addition, users can also embed Vine videos into websites now. This means any of these popular six-second animations can now be shared via social media, email or on any third-party website with ease. Read More

Chrome Extensions To Make Viewing Twitter Images & Videos Easier

Very few people use Twitter’s web interface. Some need support for multiple accounts, other want to schedule tweets; some like to automate and filter tweets in their feed, while others just look for simpler features like the ability to edit a tweet before retweeting it. Twitter itself isn't very nice to third party clients and with its mounting list of restrictions, you might find yourself forced to use the web interface. One of the shortcomings you will come across on Twitter’s web interface is the image viewer. You can no longer see previews for Instagram images in tweets, and that's only the beginning of it. Here's a list of extensions that will help you view images and videos more easily. Read More

FireMe Checks How Likely Your Recent Tweets Are To Get You Fired

Due to their nature of letting us broadcast anything that's on our mind, Social networks have become one of the many reasons why people end up getting fired. Rights like freedom of speech are often questioned and we debate where the fine line between personal views, public defamation, and personal attacks should be drawn. While the debate rages on, the fact remains that people are still losing jobs because of things they say on social media. FireMe is a little web app that tells you if you've said a bit too much on Twitter, and how likely it is to get you fired. It analyses your recent tweets and tells you if any of them might get your fired, should your Twitter account be discovered by your boss or senior management. Read More

Previeweet For Chrome Shows Image Preview Thumbnails Over Tweets

Twitter lets you view images and play videos directly in the tweets, which works great and keeps you hooked to your timeline. Instagram has recently been removed from the list of services that Twitter shows directly shows you images from, but many other popular services are still supported. Previeweet is a Chrome extension that one-ups this feature in Twitter and allows you to see a thumbnail preview of tweeted images without having to open the tweets first. The thumbnail will sometimes be accompanied by a badge to show you which service it’s been shared from. Clicking the thumbnail loads the image in Twitter. Read More

Robird Is A Balanced, Holo-Themed Twitter Client For Android

Holo themed Twitter clients for Android have been around for some time now. Robird is another such app aspiring to make its mark in that area with the developer giving the app a very minimal and clean look. The simple and clutter-free nature of the app's design is well complimented by the intuitive and simple interface for navigation and using the various functions it has to offer. While it falls short of extensive customizations and settings that the competition may offer, you have to keep in mind that not all users are comfortable with such fancy settings, and many just want to keep things simple and effective. However, Robird does sport the basic must-have settings any casual twitter user would like to make use of. We take a look at how the app fairs, after the jump. Read More

Tweewer: News App & Google Reader Alternative Based On Twitter Lists

With the imminent demise of Google Reader just a few months away, the inevitable is happening: people have started to come up with unique ways to replace it. Not surprisingly, Twitter has formed the basis of one such solution provided by Tweewer, a web service that lets you view tweets by accounts in a Twitter list as if they were news items. Tweewer lets you view a tweeted link as it would appear on the website, or open the link in a new tab. You can retweet a news item, which is somewhat akin to the share function in Google Reader, and easily add a list of your choice. Read More

How To Share Vine Videos Longer Than 6 Seconds

Many would agree that the 6-second limit on videos shared via Twitter’s Vine makes complete sense, as the service is meant for short GIF-like clips rather than detailed videos. On the other hand, for anyone who has ever had a great idea for a Vine that just can’t be summed up in six seconds, the limitation is sure to be annoying. Previously, we told you about an easy way to embed Vine videos on websites, and now there is a way of bypassing another limitation Twitter has put on the service. If you own a jailbroken iPhone, then with a little help from iFile, it is possible to upload videos of any length to Vine. We tried the method on a video that is more than a minute in length, and everything worked as expected. Read More

Hands-On With The Official Twitter App For Windows 8 & RT [Review]

Official twitter apps for most mobile platforms have been available for quite a while, but Windows 8 and RT have been missing from the picture till now. Microsoft's tablet-optimized OS has been gaining a lot of traction since its release, and it’s about time for Twitter to bring its own Modern UI app to Windows Store. While it’s a little late to the show, the app does a great job in delivering a snappy Twitter experience on Windows 8 & RT devices, both PCs and tablets alike. Twitter for Windows looks quite similar to it’s mobile brethren, packing the same feature set, albeit in Microsoft's Metro design language. You get to discover topics of your choice, receive suggestions on who to follow, browse tending topics and so on. In addition, it boasts some Windows 8-exclusive features as well, such as the snap view to place the app on the sides of the screen, support for Windows 8 Share and Search Charms, notifications and live tiles support, etc. What’s more, it lets you browse and open URLs posted in tweets and view images in full screen, all within its own interface. Read More

Kiwi Is A Compact Client For Mac With Twitter Support has recently announced free accounts and if you’re on good terms with someone who has a premium account (they only get two invites per account), you might have gotten lucky enough to get an invite to one. So far as the look and functionality of the service is concerned, is similar to Twitter and if you’re looking for a nice desktop client to read and manage your feed, Kiwi is a good option. It’s a Mac app worth $3.99 (users with accounts can get it for free) that looks very much like a standard Twitter client. It is meant for your account with the added feature to post simultaneously to and Twitter. You must be running Mountain Lion and have an account to use Kiwi. Your Twitter account should be connected in System Preferences>Mail, Contacts & Calendars if you want to post to Twitter. Read More

Create Custom, Combined Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, & Tumblr Feeds With mybucketz

There are too many social networks out there, and too little time to keep up with all of them. In all fairness, not everything that appears in your news feed or timeline is worth reading, nor is it all equally important. mybucketz is a web service to bring more organization to your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr feeds. It lets you create ‘buckets’ of your friends or people you are following on these networks. These buckets then act as groups for reading updates only from the people you've added to them. It does take time to create buckets and organize all your contacts into them but once done with this one-time process, your feed reading experience will become much better. At the very least, it will be free of updates from apps, and promoted or sponsored content. Read More

Filter Your Twitter Feed By Images, Videos, Text & More With TwitLamp

Your Twitter feed is usually full of all types of content, including simple text tweets, links, images, videos, and audio. While you can see the videos and images that have been shared by a single user separately when you visit their profile, but you can’t apply similar filters to your timeline, without having to use a more powerful third-party desktop twitter app. TwitLamp is a free web service (with a pro plan) that lets you filter all tweets on your own timeline, as well as tweets by any user based on the type. Specifically, you can filter video, audio, links, images, text, and hashtagged tweets. The free version has a few limitations on how often your feed will be refreshed and how many times a day you can use the filters. Read More

Twitter For Windows Phone Gets New UI, Lock Screen Notifications & An Improved Live Tile

It might have taken longer than expected, but Microsoft’s promise of bringing better apps to Windows Phone 8 is finally coming true. After the WhatsApp overhaul last week, Twitter has received a significant update as well. Until now, Twitter’s Windows Phone client resembled the service’s web version rather than its smartphone counterpart, but finally the situation has been rectified, with the new update bringing a tabbed interface and better notification support. The ‘Connect’ and ‘Discover’ tabs have finally been added to the app. You can also configure lock screen notifications on WP8 devices quite easily. No Windows Phone app update is complete unless it improves the live tile, and Twitter is no exception. The app now supports a double-sided tile that shows alerts for mentions and direct messages. Read More