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How To Find Popular Articles In Your Twitter Network

Twitter is messy to navigate and the trolls are always out in numbers. It makes you wonder why people use the network. Despite Twitter’s problem with trolls, it’s a good place to connect with people in a particular niche. You have control over who you follow and that lets you  control what you see in your timeline. If you often miss what people in your network are talking about, there’s a way to find popular articles in your Twitter network.

This method only works if you’re using Twitter on your smartphone i.e. on the iOS or Android twitter apps.

Popular Articles In Your Twitter Network

Open the Twitter app, and go to the Search tab. By default, you will see the top five trending hashtags with an option to ‘Show more’ under them. Scroll past the hashtags list and you will see a section called ‘Popular articles’.

These are the popular articles in your Twitter network. You can see which account(s) has tweeted the article, and in some cases you can also see how many times an article has been tweeted by people.

You will be able to see the twenty most popular articles in your Twitter network. The list, it seems, isn’t sorted by popularity. Instead, it appears to be in chronological order. This means, you can visit the search tab several times a day to read what’s trending. It also means that the list will change throughout the day. If you plan on reading something later, it’s a good idea to save or bookmark it some place.

It’s a shame this doesn’t work on the desktop. On Twitter for web, the trending hashtags will tell you if popular accounts you follow have been tweeting about a particular hashtag but that’s about it.

Try Using Lists

If you want to keep up with everything that’s popular in your Twitter network, and the twenty item limit in the Twitter apps is too restrictive, consider using lists. You can’t get a summary list of all articles that are popular in a list but, it’s much easier to keep up with news within a list. For example, if you follow technology news, having a dedicated list of all accounts that tweet about technology will make it less likely that you miss something important.

You can find public lists that have been created by other Twitter users and follow them. A public list saves you the time and effort you would otherwise spend creating a custom list. You can always copy users from a public Twitter list, and add them to your own list.

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