View Endless Streams Of Vine Videos On Your iPad With VineTube

Countless examples have shown in the past that merely being a brainchild of some giant company doesn’t ensure an app’s success. Google, Microsoft and Apple have all been forced to shut down certain services that the masses simply refused to use. Some might have expected Twitter’s Vine to meet the same fate, but people have taken to it pretty quickly. More and more Vine videos are showing up on almost every Twitter user’s timeline, despite the fact that the app is presently available only for iOS. We are sure Vine’s popularity will soar when its Android version is released, but we've got to wait for it for now. Even the iOS app isn't optimized for the iPad yet, which is a source of frustration for many tablet users. Creating and uploading videos in Vine’s letterboxed version isn’t much of an issue, but you just can’t enjoy browsing through the service’s video collection without a dedicated tablet-optimized client. In Vine Flow, Android already has a pretty decent app for discovering and viewing Vine videos, and now, there is an app by the name of VineTube that basically brings the same idea to the iPad, albeit with a slightly different implementation. Read More

Create A Customized Twitter Timeline On Android With Neatly

Though not as widely renowned or feature-rich as the likes of Slices, PlumeFalcon Pro, TweetCaster or Tweetbot, Neatly is a neat cross-platform third-party Twitter client that brings quite a few nifty features to the table, including various intelligently-curated timeline views, enhanced content filtering, extended user profiles, and plenty more. Already available on iOS, Blackberry 10 and several Nokia devices, Neatly is now being offered as a beta app to Android users. The app focuses on multiple ways of presenting you with well-filtered content, so that you can keep an eye on only the most relevant stuff from your micro-blogging world. Read More

Plume For Android Updated With New Widgets & Facebook Support

The last major update to the famous Plume Twitter app for Android brought with it the much-awaited Holo UI and support for posting comparatively longer tweets. Today, the folks over at LevelUp Studios have pushed another significant update to one of the most widely used unofficial Twitter clients for Android. Plume v5.0 has been beefed up with quite a few noticeable features such as much improved scrolling speed, profile banners, and a prompt to post the text part of your image-oriented tweets in case the image itself doesn't load. However, the biggest improvement in the entire update can be seen in the app’s refreshed widgets (for both home and lock screens) that are now more customizable than ever before, and fully capable of sporting content from your Facebook Wall as well. More than anyone else, the new customizations in Plume are undoubtedly going to suit those of us who have connected multiple Twitter accounts with the app. Read More

Discover & View Vine Videos On Android With Vine Flow

When Twitter acquired video clip sharing service Vine back in October last year, fans of the popular micro-blogging network speculated if they’d soon be able to embed short video recordings within their tweets. As it turned out last month, Twitter finally launched the official Vine app for iOS that lets you record and share 6-second long personal video recordings to Vine, Twitter and Facebook. Since its release, this brand new video sharing sensation by Twitter has managed to attract fans and critics alike, with a large share of complaints coming rightfully from the huge Android user base that has been left out in the cold. However, not all’s doom and gloom for Android fans, especially with the likes of Vine Flow catering to their video discovery and streaming needs from Vine. Fresh to the Play Store, Vine Flow is an unofficial Vine client for Android that lets you explore the latest video content shared by worldwide Vine users. Read More

Sleek Android Twitter App ‘Carbon’ Finally Arrives In Play Store

The official Android client of Twitter is decent enough to keep you hooked into your micro-blogging world on the move, but compared to some of the feature-filled third-party alternatives out there, it just doesn’t seem to suffice for power users. Many of us prefer aesthetics and user-friendliness over a relatively huge feature set, while others wish to have as many neat tricks at their disposal as possible, even if they have to pay for it. If you’re still in search of the ideal Twitter app for your Android device, Carbon for Twitter might be worth a try. After staying in testing phases for quite long, Carbon for Twitter has finally made it to the Play Store as a slick and animation-filled Twitter client. Though not as feature-rich as OneLouder Apps’ Slices or as gorgeous as Falcon or Plume, Carbon for Twitter certainly has quite a few goodies of its own that we shall explore past the break. Read More

KeepApp Offers A Combined Timeline For Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Foursquare On Android

If your social contacts spread across multiple online networks and you find it tough keeping track of their activities on your mobile device through a bunch of different apps, KeepApp might save the day for you. It is a social network aggregator for Android capable of displaying the latest activity from as many as four major networks: Facebook, Foursquare, Instagram and Twitter. Through a Holo-themed, unified timeline UI, you can take a peek at what’s happening on each of the four networks and interact with the posts in various ways. Though not the only app of its kind, KeepApp is special in that it lets you view last updated status of each supported network even in offline mode, just like the stock apps for these services. It also lets you directly download images contained within posts from all supported networks. In addition, it keeps you informed of your Twitter updates via push notifications, and supports natively posting retweets and @Mentions, complete with image support. Read More

Social Tiles For iOS Is A Modern UI Pinboard For Twitter Profiles & Facebook Pages

Some apps don’t do much, but are so good-looking that one just gets lured into use them once in a while based on their looks alone. Social Tiles might appear to be one such app at first, but there is more to it than a shiny interface. If you are the admin of a Facebook page or just want to keep an eye on the popularity of your Twitter profile, Social Tiles can be of use. The app lets you pin any public Facebook page or Twitter profile to its home screen, where you will be shown stats portraying the account’s fame. There is no limit on the number of accounts that can be monitored via Social Tiles, and the best part is that you don’t even need to sign in to your account to use the app. Social Tiles can also offer some really good quotes that can be shared to your social network accounts with a single tap. Read More

TweetAmplius Removes Character Limit From Twitter & Tweetbot For iOS

Since Twitter is a microblogging service, the 140 characters limit for tweets is quite sensible. There are cases though when conciseness can’t help you. For example, a humorous tweet won’t sound too funny if you had to break it into multiple parts. In addition to that, many deem the character limit on direct messages to be less reasonable than that on tweets. There are countless web-based solutions to this problem, and even smartphones platforms have apps of their own to free users from the limitation. With TweetAmplius however, you don’t have to switch to a new Twitter client in order to bypass the character limit. This Cydia tweaks allows you to send direct messages and tweets of any length from Tweetbot and the official Twitter app for iOS. Long tweets are automatically shown as links that point to a Pastie page. Read More

Vine By Twitter Is A Network For Sharing Short, Looped Video Clips

Twitter started out as a text-only affair, with people sharing their thoughts on different topics, discussing events live as they happened, and sharing interesting links to online articles, photos and videos. For a good amount of time, Twitter didn’t do anything about the latter content-type, but in recent months, Twitter has introduced features like Cards, which displays linked article summaries inline with tweets, they updated their iOS and Android apps with the ability to edit photos in a manner similar to Instagram before sharing them, and today, the company has gone even further by announcing an all-new app/service called Vine, which lets you share videos online. It’s an interesting mix of services like Instagram, Cinemagram, YouTube and Twitter itself. Read More

Browse Instagram In A Beautiful Pinterest-Like Layout With

Instagram rolled out profiles last year, complete with a Facebook-like cover photo. While the interface is lacking in many basic features, still something is better than nothing. There have been many services in the past to give you a web interface for Instagram even before it had one of its own, and is the newest member of the list. What makes it different however, is its Pinterest-like approach to displaying the images that have been shared on the service. It also makes it considerably easier to find new users, by grouping them under categories. You can view a single user’s images by clicking on their username. You can also like images, comment on them, and share them on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Read More

Serendip Brings Non-Stop Crowd-Sourced Music Streams To iPhone

Gone are the days when everyone just relied on their phone or iPod’s local music library to listen to songs. With the advent of 3G and easy availability of Wi-Fi at many public places, a lot of us services like SoundCloud and YouTube to stream content on the go. Another advantage of these services is the ease with which you can discover new artists and songs. Serendip combines the concepts of music discovery and social networking with non-stop streaming to provide you with an online radio of sorts curated by your friends and other users of the service. Serendip’s web service has been around for quite a while, but now you can enjoy its personalized audio streams on your iPhone as well. Serendip for iOS has everything that the web variant offers; you can follow friends from your social networks and discover other Serendip users who share your musical taste. The app offers endless streaming, which means you don’t have to keep pulling your phone out of your pocket repeatedly to select the next song. Read More

Get Notifications For Twitter Feed, Mentions, DMs & More In Chrome

Twitter can be a distraction and keeping up with it while trying to work can itself be quite a challenge. Apps like TweetDeck are one easy way to keep up with your feed by providing you notifications for all Twitter activity that involves you, eliminating the need for you to manually keep checking twitter for them again and again. If you would rather not use a desktop client, Notifications for Twitter is a handy Chrome extension that will give you almost every benefit that a desktop app does, right in your browser. The extension offers desktop notifications for new tweets in your timeline, new Direct Messages, @mentions, new results in a saved search, and whenever someone adds you to a list. You also get to choose which of these notifications the app displays, giving you control over them. The extension adds a  speech bubble next to the URL bar that changes color when there is new activity, and allows you to quickly post a tweet as well. Read More

Popular Mobile Twitter App TweetCaster Gets A Web Interface [Review]

If you’re active on Twitter and often tweet from your Android, iOS or Windows Phone device, it’s likely you’ve heard of TweetCaster by OneLouderApps. It’s a popular Twitter client that is rich in both features and customization options, and allows users to cross post to Facebook. TweetCaster has launched a web interface, expanding its reach to desktop platforms as well. It’s still in beta and you can use it only if you’ve used the TweetCaster mobile app. Whether you've been using the mobile app for a while now or this is the first time you’re hearing of TweetCaster, you're bound to love the web app. Of course, there’s more to TweetCaster than just looks; the web service mimics most features from its mobile counterpart and borrows a few from Slices For Twitter, another versatile OneLouderApps Twitter client, which also happens to have a companion web app. Join us after the break for a detailed look at what the TweetCaster web app has to offer. Read More

Download Photos Posted On Any Twitter Profile With TwitterDownloader

Twitter is certainly not the world’s most popular platform for sharing photos on the go, but it works just OK if all you’re doing is sharing a quick image or two. One of the many reasons why Twitter isn’t popular as a photo-sharing platform is the very clunky photo viewing experience. You are forced to view images one by one, without any option for looking at them at a glance like the way you can on other services like Facebook, Instagram and Flickr. Now, one developer saw this issue and came up with a solution: a desktop program called TwitterDownloader. Developed using Microsoft’s .NET Framework, the program lets you download photos recently uploaded on any Twitter profile and view them in a grid format. Read More

Find Interesting Twitter Users To Follow With Discovr People For iOS

Despite the fact that an average Twitter user follows well over a hundred people, it can be difficult to come across new people who regularly tweet what you find interesting to read. Twitter offers the Discover section of course, but that's quite limited, to say the least, and does not focus much on people due to the presence of Trends, popular tweets and region-wise hashtags. Discovr People might be the best choice for anyone who wishes to find interesting and relevant Twitter users, and that too in a really neat and easy-to-understand manner. All you have to do is enter anyone’s Twitter handle, and this iOS app will come up with a graphical connection chart, listing all the important and active people who have interacted with the target user in the recent past. You can expand the connections tree by hitting the icon of any profile shown as a node of the original chart. Discovr People even lets you view public profiles within the app, complete with past tweets, listed connections and other parts of their account. Read More

Schedule Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn Posts With Buffer For iPhone & Android

If you want to be popular on social networks, timing does matter. You don’t want to swamp the timeline (or home page) of other people even if all your posts are super awesome in your opinion. However, it is not always easy to remember each good post or image that is worth sharing, which is why having a social media scheduler is a pretty cool idea. Services like Buffer have been around for quite a while, letting people share interesting posts at customizable intervals. Times have changed, however, and not a lot of people who own smartphones use social networking sites from their computer. That is why Buffer's release for iPhone and an update to the Android version comes as a great news for heavy Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn users. Other than scheduling posts, Buffer is also convenient for sharing items from sources like Pocket, Reeder, Flipboard, etc. Read More

Twitter Update Brings Instagram-like Photo Filters To Android & iOS

Well, that was quick! Over the past weekend, Instagram decided to discontinue its image previewing support on your Twitter timeline, but Twitter pushing out its very own Instagram-like filters so swiftly for users of the popular micro-blogging network? That certainly wasn’t on the cards for even the most optimistic users among us. As it turns out, the recent update to the official Android and iOS Twitter clients brings as many as eight different Instagram-like vintage photo filters powered by none other than the renowned online photo-editing service, Aviary. That’s not all; prior to uploading, you can take a peek at the effect of each filter on your photos via a unified grid view, or by simply swiping sideways. In addition, the update introduces an auto-enhance feature to help you improve your photos’ outlook in terms of brightness and saturation, and also brings to the table several basic image editing tools such as cropping and scaling. Read More

Rowi Is A Simple Yet Elegant Twitter App For Windows 8

Without a doubt, Twitter has become the undisputed leader in the world of microblogging. Since social integration is one of the key elements of Windows 8 and RT, having a dedicated Twitter app on board makes a lot of sense. We have covered plenty of Twitter apps sporting the new Modern UI including Tweetro and MetroTwit and today, we are sharing with you yet another one called Rowi. The app allows you keep a tab on the latest tweets, mentions, messages and followers on your Twitter account in an amazingly fluid UI. Read More

View Your Twitter Feed On Mac Screen Saver With TwitterTicker

Mountain Lion came with Twitter and Facebook integration and there still aren’t a lot of ways for users to take advantage of it. Even the integration itself is very basic with no support for keyboard shortcuts, and surprisingly, there isn’t a crazy number of apps in the Mac App Store to take advantage of it either. TwitterTicker is a free Mac app that makes a screen saver out of your Twitter feed. The app is very basic and allows you to choose how many recent tweets should be shown and how long each tweet should stay on the screen. The tweets themselves are displayed with subtle hints to make them easier to read, Hash tags are brighter than the rest of the text and links are slightly dull to highlight the main text of the tweet. Previews for images uploaded directly to Twitter are shown; however, links to images uploaded to Instagram etc. are not. Read More

Falcon Pro: Elegant Android Twitter App With An Impressive Widget

Available in the Google Play Store for free, Falcon For Twitter is one of the most feature-rich standalone Android home screen widgets for Twitter that you’ll ever come across. Apparently, the developer of the widget approached XDA member Joenrv, asking for his help to transform the widget into a full-fledged Falcon app. As it currently stands, the beta version of Falcon Pro has just been released by the developer for public testing. Having tried out the app myself, I must say that the developer deserves a pat on the back for coming up with a truly well-polished product. Although still under development, this sort-of-Holo-themed app is looking well on course to emerge as a commendable third-party Twitter app for Android. Besides the sleek looks, the app shares most of the attributes with the widget itself, including support for @mentions, Direct Messages, Favorites, Lists, Trends, native search tool, inline image previews, built-in browser, geo-tagging of tweets, TwitLonger integration to post tweets longer than the 140-character limit, customizable notifications and other basic socializing elements required to constitute a typical Twitter mobile app. Read More