Serendip Brings Non-Stop Crowd-Sourced Music Streams To iPhone

Gone are the days when everyone just relied on their phone or iPod’s local music library to listen to songs. With the advent of 3G and easy availability of Wi-Fi at many public places, a lot of us services like SoundCloud and YouTube to stream content on the go. Another advantage of these services is the ease with which you can discover new artists and songs. Serendip combines the concepts of music discovery and social networking with non-stop streaming to provide you with an online radio of sorts curated by your friends and other users of the service. Serendip’s web service has been around for quite a while, but now you can enjoy its personalized audio streams on your iPhone as well. Serendip for iOS has everything that the web variant offers; you can follow friends from your social networks and discover other Serendip users who share your musical taste. The app offers endless streaming, which means you don’t have to keep pulling your phone out of your pocket repeatedly to select the next song. Read More

Get Notifications For Twitter Feed, Mentions, DMs & More In Chrome

Twitter can be a distraction and keeping up with it while trying to work can itself be quite a challenge. Apps like TweetDeck are one easy way to keep up with your feed by providing you notifications for all Twitter activity that involves you, eliminating the need for you to manually keep checking twitter for them again and again. If you would rather not use a desktop client, Notifications for Twitter is a handy Chrome extension that will give you almost every benefit that a desktop app does, right in your browser. The extension offers desktop notifications for new tweets in your timeline, new Direct Messages, @mentions, new results in a saved search, and whenever someone adds you to a list. You also get to choose which of these notifications the app displays, giving you control over them. The extension adds a  speech bubble next to the URL bar that changes color when there is new activity, and allows you to quickly post a tweet as well. Read More

Popular Mobile Twitter App TweetCaster Gets A Web Interface [Review]

If you’re active on Twitter and often tweet from your Android, iOS or Windows Phone device, it’s likely you’ve heard of TweetCaster by OneLouderApps. It’s a popular Twitter client that is rich in both features and customization options, and allows users to cross post to Facebook. TweetCaster has launched a web interface, expanding its reach to desktop platforms as well. It’s still in beta and you can use it only if you’ve used the TweetCaster mobile app. Whether you've been using the mobile app for a while now or this is the first time you’re hearing of TweetCaster, you're bound to love the web app. Of course, there’s more to TweetCaster than just looks; the web service mimics most features from its mobile counterpart and borrows a few from Slices For Twitter, another versatile OneLouderApps Twitter client, which also happens to have a companion web app. Join us after the break for a detailed look at what the TweetCaster web app has to offer. Read More

Download Photos Posted On Any Twitter Profile With TwitterDownloader

Twitter is certainly not the world’s most popular platform for sharing photos on the go, but it works just OK if all you’re doing is sharing a quick image or two. One of the many reasons why Twitter isn’t popular as a photo-sharing platform is the very clunky photo viewing experience. You are forced to view images one by one, without any option for looking at them at a glance like the way you can on other services like Facebook, Instagram and Flickr. Now, one developer saw this issue and came up with a solution: a desktop program called TwitterDownloader. Developed using Microsoft’s .NET Framework, the program lets you download photos recently uploaded on any Twitter profile and view them in a grid format. Read More

Find Interesting Twitter Users To Follow With Discovr People For iOS

Despite the fact that an average Twitter user follows well over a hundred people, it can be difficult to come across new people who regularly tweet what you find interesting to read. Twitter offers the Discover section of course, but that's quite limited, to say the least, and does not focus much on people due to the presence of Trends, popular tweets and region-wise hashtags. Discovr People might be the best choice for anyone who wishes to find interesting and relevant Twitter users, and that too in a really neat and easy-to-understand manner. All you have to do is enter anyone’s Twitter handle, and this iOS app will come up with a graphical connection chart, listing all the important and active people who have interacted with the target user in the recent past. You can expand the connections tree by hitting the icon of any profile shown as a node of the original chart. Discovr People even lets you view public profiles within the app, complete with past tweets, listed connections and other parts of their account. Read More

Schedule Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn Posts With Buffer For iPhone & Android

If you want to be popular on social networks, timing does matter. You don’t want to swamp the timeline (or home page) of other people even if all your posts are super awesome in your opinion. However, it is not always easy to remember each good post or image that is worth sharing, which is why having a social media scheduler is a pretty cool idea. Services like Buffer have been around for quite a while, letting people share interesting posts at customizable intervals. Times have changed, however, and not a lot of people who own smartphones use social networking sites from their computer. That is why Buffer's release for iPhone and an update to the Android version comes as a great news for heavy Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn users. Other than scheduling posts, Buffer is also convenient for sharing items from sources like Pocket, Reeder, Flipboard, etc. Read More

Twitter Update Brings Instagram-like Photo Filters To Android & iOS

Well, that was quick! Over the past weekend, Instagram decided to discontinue its image previewing support on your Twitter timeline, but Twitter pushing out its very own Instagram-like filters so swiftly for users of the popular micro-blogging network? That certainly wasn’t on the cards for even the most optimistic users among us. As it turns out, the recent update to the official Android and iOS Twitter clients brings as many as eight different Instagram-like vintage photo filters powered by none other than the renowned online photo-editing service, Aviary. That’s not all; prior to uploading, you can take a peek at the effect of each filter on your photos via a unified grid view, or by simply swiping sideways. In addition, the update introduces an auto-enhance feature to help you improve your photos’ outlook in terms of brightness and saturation, and also brings to the table several basic image editing tools such as cropping and scaling. Read More

Rowi Is A Simple Yet Elegant Twitter App For Windows 8

Without a doubt, Twitter has become the undisputed leader in the world of microblogging. Since social integration is one of the key elements of Windows 8 and RT, having a dedicated Twitter app on board makes a lot of sense. We have covered plenty of Twitter apps sporting the new Modern UI including Tweetro and MetroTwit and today, we are sharing with you yet another one called Rowi. The app allows you keep a tab on the latest tweets, mentions, messages and followers on your Twitter account in an amazingly fluid UI. Read More

View Your Twitter Feed On Mac Screen Saver With TwitterTicker

Mountain Lion came with Twitter and Facebook integration and there still aren’t a lot of ways for users to take advantage of it. Even the integration itself is very basic with no support for keyboard shortcuts, and surprisingly, there isn’t a crazy number of apps in the Mac App Store to take advantage of it either. TwitterTicker is a free Mac app that makes a screen saver out of your Twitter feed. The app is very basic and allows you to choose how many recent tweets should be shown and how long each tweet should stay on the screen. The tweets themselves are displayed with subtle hints to make them easier to read, Hash tags are brighter than the rest of the text and links are slightly dull to highlight the main text of the tweet. Previews for images uploaded directly to Twitter are shown; however, links to images uploaded to Instagram etc. are not. Read More

Falcon Pro: Elegant Android Twitter App With An Impressive Widget

Available in the Google Play Store for free, Falcon For Twitter is one of the most feature-rich standalone Android home screen widgets for Twitter that you’ll ever come across. Apparently, the developer of the widget approached XDA member Joenrv, asking for his help to transform the widget into a full-fledged Falcon app. As it currently stands, the beta version of Falcon Pro has just been released by the developer for public testing. Having tried out the app myself, I must say that the developer deserves a pat on the back for coming up with a truly well-polished product. Although still under development, this sort-of-Holo-themed app is looking well on course to emerge as a commendable third-party Twitter app for Android. Besides the sleek looks, the app shares most of the attributes with the widget itself, including support for @mentions, Direct Messages, Favorites, Lists, Trends, native search tool, inline image previews, built-in browser, geo-tagging of tweets, TwitLonger integration to post tweets longer than the 140-character limit, customizable notifications and other basic socializing elements required to constitute a typical Twitter mobile app. Read More

Search App Store, Cydia, Social Media & Much More From iOS Spotlight

Spotlight search is among the most favorite targets for Cydia developers. The perfect combination of permanent presence and limited usefulness has enticed many jailbreak developers to come up with tweaks that can really enhance Spotlight. SLightEnhancerSearch is the latest tweak that will put your iPhone’s Spotlight search on steroids. While almost all local areas of your iDevice are already accessible through Spotlight, the search range is by no means complete. For example, Spotlight is useless if you want to search within the App Store. When it comes to web searches, there are just search engines (Google by default) and Wikipedia on offer. SLightEnhancerSearch lets users decide what they want to search for from the Spotlight. You can add a lot of search shortcuts to the list, including major social media apps, iTunes, App Store, Cydia, iBooks and more. Join us after the break for the complete list and further details. Read More

Get Push Notifications On iPhone When People Unfollow You On Twitter

Whether it is because you’re too noisy, unprofessional, are a Foursquare fan who checks in to different rooms in your own house, retweet too much or just aren’t interesting enough, there are many reasons why people may unfollow you on Twitter. If you’re the sort that cares about their followers, then you are likely in search of good tools for keeping track of people who unfollow you, so you can become a better Twitter user. One tool we’ll be discussing in this post is an app for iOS that actually sends push notifications when people unfollow you. Check it out after the jump! Read More

Give Twitter A Responsive Design & Navigate It Using Chrome Omnibar

Twitter has seen a design revamp or two since its inception and the changes have mostly been welcome (possibly something Facebook envies). The last time Twitter overhauled its interface was mostly cosmetic and aimed to encourage people to use the web interface. If the new design and the added keyboard shortcut functionality isn’t enough to satisfy you, Responsive Twitter is a Chrome extension that will change your mind. One of the most amazing things this extension does is turn the Twitter website into a responsive design. Resize your browser window and the feed column is adjusted accordingly. You can go as small as 236px in width before the window can no longer be shrunk further though the experience goes downhill when the window is less than 288px. What this extension will let you do is have Twitter running in a fairly thin column on the side of your screen. The extension also adds some functionality to the Omnibar allowing you to easily switch to your Home, Activity, Mentions, Messages or Discover page or, to open a user’s Tweet stream by typing only their Twitter handle in the Omnibar. Lastly, it adds a Twitter button next to the URL bar to open Twitter in an independent Chrome window. You can resize this window and the extension will remember your preference for it. Read More

Live 140 By OneLouder Apps Is A Social TV Guide For Android & iOS With Live Tweets

Fresh out of the oven, Live 140 by the renowned OneLouder Apps is an ideal platform for all the TV addicts out there who love sharing what they think about their favorite shows. Available for both Android and iOS, Live 140 is a relatively fresh take on the concept of online TV guides that not only brings to you up-to-date info about your favorite shows and sporting events, but also lets you follow and contribute to a live feed of relevant tweets flowing in from all parts of the globe. Anyone who has laid their hands on the company’s recently-released Twitter client, Slices, will instantly identify Live 140 as a carbon copy of the app, both in terms of aesthetics as well as functionality. The difference, however, lies in the fact that Live 140 is dedicated entirely to the top TV shows and all the tweets addressing them. Like Slices, Live 140 sports a well-crafted UI that makes navigating to desired content a breeze. In addition, it is equipped with all the necessary socializing tools to help you with exploring, sharing, searching for, following, retweeting and bookmarking stuff. Read More

Use Keyboard Shortcuts To Tweet, Update Facebook & Send Messages In OS X

The major difference felt when updating from OS X Lion to OS X Mountain Lion is the obvious iOS-ification of the system. In addition to integrating several features that were previously iOS-exclusive, Mountain Lion adds greater convenience for social media enthusiasts with Twitter and Facebook integration, making it easier to share links, images or updates with your network. At the same time, you can consolidate your Contacts to include emails and phone numbers from Facebook friends and Twitter followers. The integration is seen throughout all stock apps and in the Notification Center, but what’s been left out are keyboard shortcuts. Mountain Lion lets you tweet or update Facebook regardless of which app or folder you’re working in, but for some reason, you have to always access the two using their respective widgets in the omnipresent Notification Center. Introducing Eggy, a free OS X app that lets you define keyboard shortcuts for posting to Facebook and Twitter, and sending an iMessage through the Messages app. It runs silently in the background without so much as adding an icon to the Menu Bar. Read More

Bring Back The Old Filmstrip In Twitter’s Image Viewer With This Chrome Extension

Twitter changed its layout a while back and it was mostly well received with the text buttons replaced by icons and the bar on the moved to the left. These changes were the most obvious ones for anyone who regularly used Twitter’s web interface. For those who relied on a desktop or mobile app for most of their Tweeting, the changes were obviously of little consequence. There was still some criticism on the new design, but users eventually adjusted to the change. A few months back, another change to the Twitter interface removed the filmstrip-like view you would get when viewing images shared by a particular user. You can still use the left and right arrow keys to move to the next or previous image but the thumbnail previews are no longer available. Please bring back photo grid view! is a Chrome extension that restores the old view. Read More

Add Tweet, Facebook Sharing & ‘Add To Playlist’ Options To Stock iPhone Music App

You can make use of a lot of services for music discovery, but the songs suggested by people you know are always likely to appeal to your taste more than some computer-generated recommendations. This is why the concept of scrobbling has gained quite a lot of popularity over Twitter in recent years. If you are proud of your taste in music, and want others to share your passion with you, posting the title of your “Now Playing” track over social media is a pretty good idea. A lot of people use their iPhone or iPod touch as their primary music player, but unfortunately, the stock Music app in iOS does not offer any option to share song titles while listening to them. Of course, there are third-party music players in the App Store that let you do that, but a majority of iOS users prefer the stock Music app, which is what makes Scale such a good idea. Scale is a new Cydia tweak (released at the ongoing JailbreakCon) that adds a sharing menu to the Now Playing area of the stock Music app in iPhone. Thanks to this menu, you can share the title of the current song over Twitter (and Facebook, if you're running jailbroken iOS 6), or via SMS and email. In addition to scrobbling, it offers the bonus feature of adding any song to a playlist from the Now Playing screen. Read More

Brewster Merges Your iPhone Contacts With Facebook, Twitter, Gmail & Others

Like most of the stock apps in iOS, Contacts is functional, but does not come with too many extra bells and whistles. In fact, it is not too different from the address book you could have had in an old feature phone. However, the thing that sets iOS apart is the availability of all the awesome apps for iPhone users. There is a plethora of contact management solutions in the App Store, most of them offering something unique for you. Brewster is an iOS contact manager that combines your address book contacts with the ones from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare and Gmail. The best thing about the app is that you just have to sign in to all these accounts, and everything else is done automatically by Brewster. The app acts like an address book, but it is also a useful tool to sort your contacts using a lot of filters. Read More

FlipToast Comes To iPhone, Merges Your Twitter & Facebook Feeds Together

At least once every day, I go through my Twitter feeds on my iPhone, and right after I have done that, my next step is to launch the Facebook app and see if I have got anything interesting there. I am sure that many smartphone owners follow the same daily routine, as mentally, we categorize Twitter and Facebook as two services that are closely related and form a major part of our social network. This is the idea upon which FlipToast is based. The service is not a new one by any means, and has been around for Windows for quite a while, but having a Facebook and Twitter aggregator on your iPhone is even more useful than having it on your computer. FlipToast is an app that can be used to view all the latest posts, photos, events and notifications on your Twitter and Facebook accounts in one place. The app does not take the source of posts into account; rather, everything is categorized based on the type of content. For example, all the photos will appear in one section (no matter whether they are from Facebook or Twitter), while notifications and events have got menus of their own. Read More

Janetter: Multi-Account Supported Feature-Rich Twitter Client For Android

Third-party Twitter clients are a dime a dozen, but not all come with multiplatform support. One fine example of a feature-rich cross-platform Twitter app is that of Janetter. Initially available to Windows and iOS users, Janetter has eventually made its way to the Google Play Store to add to the list of ever-increasing unofficial Android Twitter clients, such as Slices, TweetLine, Plume, TweetCaster, TweetPixx, Boid and numerous others. Although not entirely Holo-themed, the app attracts with its clean and simple looks, and a well-laid out design. It contains almost all the goodies that an impulsive tweeter would love to have in their favorite Twitter client. However, the specialty of Janetter lies in a couple of features that it brings to the table; the first of which is the intuitive manner in which it lets users sift through their bookmarked items by just swiping sideways on the app’s home screen. Each bookmarked item gets added to the main UI in the form of a separate screen, and can be interacted with in a couple of ways. Other salient features of the app comprise multi-account support with option to check updates for the desired account without having to log out of the current one, complete Lists support, customizable actions for tap and long-press gestures, option to Mute content by keywords, users or apps, option to save composed tweets as drafts, enhanced search feature, previews of photo-containing tweets, user-selected photo upload service and a whole lot more. Read More