Twitter Pulse: View & Filter Most Tweeted Content For Any Website [Chrome]

Only a few days ago, we covered Plus Comments, a Chrome extension that let you view what others are saying about a particular website on Google+. Twitter Pulse is a similar tool that displays up to 10 URLs that have been tweeted the most for the domain you are currently viewing. Moreover, these tweets and articles can then be filtered by different time intervals, such as Now, 24Hours, 7Days, Month and All. Twitter Pulse lets you find popular social content and gives you the ability to see the latest Twitter buzz for your favorite websites. The extension adds a button in the URL bar, which you can click to view articles that have been retweeted the most for the currently-viewed page. Twitter Pulse collects and organizes tweets for popular articles and arranges them in a pop-up, with multiple options. Read More

Tweet From Your iPhone’s Springboard via The Dashtweet Widget [Cydia]

Dashboard X (reviewed here) is all the rage over at the Cydia store these days. People are calling it the biggest thing to come to iOS since Notification Center. The widgets platform is still in its early days though, and there aren’t a lot of widgets available for it yet. However, due to the potential of Dashboard X, a lot of developers have now started coming up with new ideas for iPhone widgets. To no one's surprise, one of the first widgets exclusive to Dashboard X is related to Twitter. Meet Dashtweet, a Springboard widget that lets you tweet from the home screen of your iDevice. The widget even has some fancy features, like Pastie integration (for tweets that are longer than 140 characters) and support for various colors in which you can compose your tweets (although, of course, your tweets will be posted as ordinary, black-coloured ones). Read More

Tweet It!: Quick Twitter Photo Sharing & Custom Timeline Filters For WP7

The Windows Phone 7 Marketplace has got quite a lot of popular Twitter clients on offer, probably owing to the fact that the official Twitter app for Mango phones is a bit too minimalistic. Tweet It! is a third-party Twitter client for WP7 that has the full potential of making you delete the official Twitter app from your phone altogether. Tweet It! is designed to facilitate sharing photos over Twitter, but that’s not its only good feature. The app also has a Drafts section that lets users save tweets when they are offline. Have you ever been in a situation when you thought of something you just had to tweet about, but forgot all about it because you didn’t have access to the internet at that moment? This is exactly the kind of scenario in which Twitter drafts can help you. The app also offers many other cool features, like displaying an inline preview of shared photos on your timeline, gesture control and a really handy Street Mode that makes the app transparent, ensuring that you don’t bump into anyone while using the app during a walk. Read More

TweetsBetween: View Recent Conversations Between Twitter Users [Web]

TweetsBetween is a web application for Twitter that allows you to see the most recent conversation between two Twitter users. Although TweetBetween is a great tool, remember that you can’t track conversations of users who have private Twitter accounts. Also, note that the app only retrieves the most recent messages, so you will only be able to see conversations as long as the users have exchanged messages in the last week. With it, you can keep up with the latest gossip between your favorite people, celebrities or stars. More after the break. Read More

Streamified: Merge All Your Social & RSS Feeds With Google+ [Chrome]

It's always more convenient if, instead of opening social media websites in multiple windows or tabs, you're allowed to view all your social network feeds and updates from one central location. Streamified is an extension for Chrome that gives you an overview of your social networks as well as RSS feeds within Google+. It saves you the trouble of having to visit each social media website by letting you view all the activity from a single window. The extension supports Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Instagram & Google Reader; feeds from all these networks and services can be added to your Google+ stream. This will not only simplify the process of sharing images and links with others, but also allow you to quickly update your status across all selected social media accounts. In short, Streamified provides a one-stop solution to keep tabs on all important social media feeds. More after the break. Read More

Frrole Makes Twitter A Location-Based News Source For 50+ Cities [Web]

Frrole is a social newspaper that provides contextual and useful information from Twitter for 50+ cities. It retrieves location based tweets and offers you the most interesting happenings in your vicinity, or for other popular cities, allowing you to keep abreast of all the news in either your area, any chosen city or the whole wide world. Frrole offers you with a great way to keep track of what is happening locally, without having to manually scan Twitter. Moreover, news items are divided into various categories, in real time, such as Headlines, Entertainment, Sports, Travel, Deals, Events, and Jobs. Also, for each feed, you will be able to view its title, time and the number of retweets. Frrole not only shows you the topics that are most discussed in a city, but also gives you an excellent way for finding new people to follow, based on their tweets. Read More

Twitpic Brings Its Official Client To iOS, Lets You Edit & Share Photos

When it comes to sharing photos on Twitter, Twitpic is one of the most used services all over the world, especially before Twitter brought in its own image service. The web interface of Twitpic is more than enough for uploading and sharing any image, but it is always nice to have a an official client for a service on all major platforms. Twitpic just released its official iOS client, and the app can do everything the web version of the service is capable of. Apart from that, the Twitpic app is a good way of editing photos and uploading them to the famous microblogging service on the go. Like Instagram, Twitpic comes with a nice collection of photo effects and filters, along with a Timeline of its own, which showcases the photos shared by people you follow on Twitter. Update: The official Twitpic client for Android has been released. We've added its Google Play Store link at the end of this post. Read More

Filter Your Twitter Feed Based On Content/Keywords Or Users [Chrome]

Often, while browsing Twitter, we come across tweets that don’t interest us at all, and only serve to clutter our feeds. Unfollowing people is one option if you want to stop seeing tweets that you don’t like, but what if you could just temporarily hide tweets from a user or for a #hashtag within your feed? Open Tweet Filter provides you with keyword and user-based filtering, allowing you to hide tweets posted by certain users or containing tags that don’t interest you. Read More

solplay Lets You View A Twitter Stream With A Topic & Update Frequency Of Your Choice [Web]

Want to know the Twitter crowd's opinion on a particular topic? solplay (currently in beta) displays a continuous flow of tweets regarding a topic chosen by you. The interface takes after that of a conventional media player. You have controls that allow you to play/pause the flow of tweets, or view new ones, by clicking a forward button, while the amount of tweets coming in are depicted by volume bars that you can adjust to control said frequency. You can drag & drop tweets to add them to your Favorites, and create custom topics in the Presets category to search for strings or hashtags. solplay also lets you delete created topics and favorites by dragging them to a trash can within the interface. Read More

Hojoki: Unified Workspace For Group-Management Of All Your Cloud Apps

For those who work with a multitude of cloud services, especially if they all cater to a different type of online content (social media vs. online storage, for instance), sifting through those all at the same time can become really annoying. That is perhaps the main reason why there are so many web apps that let you keep track of all the activity on all your cloud services, and get a real-time vision of, say, a team’s input for a project. Recently, we covered a service called BusyFlow that allowed you to manage all your cloud-based apps in a single interface. Hojoki is a similar web application that retrieves content from a range of services and displays them in a central, unified workspace. Supported services can then be accessed directly from the news feed, which can be shared between a number of team members. Additionally, content can be filtered by different categories, and individual files can be accessed with a single click. The feed updates whenever someone in the team updates a file, creates a new one, or performs any other action. Hojoki lets you access all your tools and team members on one page, so you can always discuss important points and stay informed. Update: Hojoki is now available on Android, iPhone & iPad as well. Read More

Marginize Is Like Foursquare For Websites; Lets You Check In At & Comment On Any Site [Chrome]

Marginize is an innovative Chrome extension that acts as a hub for people to discuss websites. It adds a sidebar to the browser wherein users can check in at sites, view what others are saying about them and add their own comments. The extension even collects and organizes social media content (Tweets, Facebook updates, Google Buzz comments etc.) about a website within the sidebar. Another interesting facet is that users are awarded badges for check-ins. For example, a user who checks in the most at any particular website becomes the curator for that page. Sound familiar? That's right. The concept is very similar to that of location-based social network Foursquare and its 'Mayor' badge/title, awarded to users with the most frequent check-ins at a certain place. Read More

Jolicloud For iPhone & Android: All Your Social Media Photos, Links & Videos Under One Hood

Jolicloud is not a new name when it comes to cloud integration of data, as the web version of the service has been around for quite a while and has managed to gain considerable popularity among users. The idea behind Jolicloud is rather simple, albeit infinitely useful. This service lets you manage all your data and media content, from all your social network and other online accounts, by treating it as if it belonged to the same source. In Jolicloud, the content you shared on a particular date is displayed on the timeline, regardless of the source of the content. This means that a Facebook photo and a link from Twitter might appear next to each other if they were shared at the same time. The services that can be linked to your Jolicloud account include just about all the popular ones, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr and many others, making Jolicloud a truly useful integrator for all the content that matters. Update: Jolicloud is now available on Android as well. We've added a link to its Google Play Store page at the end. Read More

Ambientweet Is An Intuituve, Hotkey-Controlled Twitter Client For Mac

Not all Twitter users are the same, and similarly, not all Twitter clients are made to work the same way. For the Twitter users who tweet very often and are as glued to their timeline, clients like Tweetdeck might be the right choice. However, those users who don’t treat their Twitter feed like holy scriptures, but like to keep up with the news just the same, minimalistic ones are better. Ambientweet is one such minimalistic Twitter client for Mac that works almost entirely with keyboard shortcuts. It displays one tweet at a time as a notification on your desktop, and cycles through the ones you’ve received. There are buttons for quickly retweeting, replying, favoriting or posting a tweet, but for going through a particular user’s tweets or scrolling through the ones in your feed, you will have to use keyboard shortcuts. Read More

MyCurrent Displays Your Twitter & Facebook Feeds Within A News Ticker

TweetDeck is by far one of the most popular Adobe AIR based clients available out there for managing Twitter and Facebook accounts.  It not only lets you view incoming comments and updates, but also has a built-in viewer for images and videos. For some, TweekDeck might be slightly overbearing since the constant updates very likely to distract one. MyCurrent is an Adobe AIR based application that lets you view your Twitter and Facebook feed within a news ticker bar on your desktop. The app lets you view an item by hovering the mouse over it, opens it in your default browser when clicked, and allows you to reply to any update from the ticker. You can post updates to both Twitter and Facebook from the ticker, and if you find it too distracting, you can minimize it to a corner of the screen. It will notify you with a small numerical badge if there are any updates. Read past the jump for more. Read More

DLTTR For Android, iOS: Bulk Delete Tweets From A Selected Time Period

With literally millions of tweets flying by every passing second across its globally expanded network, Twitter has to be lauded as a truly addictive micro-blogging platform that can entice even the mildest of the users towards sharing each and every memorable moment/event of their lives with the world. Having said that, you might, at some stage of your life, come across some of your earlier tweets that make you regret sharing them, or might have gotten posted accidentally, and now you may want to delete them then and there. While the Twitter website and its official mobile clients are good at letting you delete one tweet at a time, what if you were to delete all your tweets in bulk at once? What if you wished to delete all your tweets posted in, say, just the past hour, day, week, or the entire collection of tweets that you’ve posted ever since registering with Twitter? If you’re an Android or iOS user, all you need to do is install Delete Tweets: DLLTR on your device, and delete the entire bunch of tweets that you’ve posted over the past hour, day, week, month or ever since you got hooked on to the Twitter network. The app supports handling multiple Twitter accounts at once, and cleaning the history of tweets from a selected time period with DLTTR is as easy as one-two-three. Read More Displays Tweets Being Posted From A Specified Location [Android, iOS]

Third-party Twitter clients are available in abundance across the app stores of all renowned mobile platforms, but not all support displaying the latest tweets from a specific location. In fact, this is a facility that, as of this writing, can neither be enjoyed via the official Twitter mobile client, nor the Twitter website itself. So, how does one learn about all the tweets flying around from, say, your neighborhood, from a particular street in Melbourne, or from any location of one’s interest for that matter? Through, that's how. The app utilizes Google Maps to display tweets posted from any user-specified location on map. Not only does the app let you manually search for required locations (with real-time search suggestion support), but also allows you to filter the content being displayed. In this regard, you have the choice of searching for tweets that contain specific keywords, or list only those tweets contain images. There more that this awesome little app has on offer. Read More

CloudMagic: Unified Real-Time Search For Twitter, Gmail, Contacts, Google Docs & More [Extension]

CloudMagic is a Chrome and Firefox extension that lets you search across multiple services, such as Gmail, Contacts, Calendar, Docs, Twitter and more. The extension lets you speedily search all your registered services and presents unified results. It also offers instant email message previews, as well as drag-and-drop feature for search results. CloudMagic lists relevant tweets, emails, docs, calendar events and contacts instantly as you type, and works across multiple services. Moreover, the Quick Preview feature allows you to quickly view and copy data from existing emails while composing new ones. The extension is easy-to-use and integrates seamlessly with your Gmail and Twitter interface. Read More

BlingBoard For Android: Widget For Call, Messaging, Facebook & Twitter Alerts/Updates

The option to check your latest email, messaging and social media notifications/feeds on your phone via homescreen widgets is one of the things the Android platform is revered for. Fresh to the Google Play Store, BlingBoard is a slick and beautifully designed Android homescreen widget that adds a bit of style to the aforementioned concept, and lets you view your latest missed calls, unread text messages, emails, Facebook and Twitter feeds under one roof. The widget is a collection of five main tabs that provide you easy and instant access to notifications pertaining to each of the aforementioned categories without requiring you to launch apps for each. You can view the 20 latest updates within each category, call your contacts back, send a quick reply to received text messages, and post directly to your Facebook Wall and Twitter timeline. Read More

QuickCom: Create Templates & Tweet Them From NC [Cydia]

Twitter has become a pretty important component of iOS, especially since the release of iOS 5. Another new feature which has proved to be really useful and popular amongst iPhone users, is the Notification Center, and that is why you have many Cydia tweaks combining these two aspects of iOS. QuickCom is the latest in the line of such tweaks, and it adds a shortcut to open the “Compose Tweet” box as soon as you tap it. However, there are many other tweaks available in the Cydia store which will let you do exactly that. QuickCom differs from its competitors owing to the fact that with this tweak you can define several contexts, or templates, and each time you use the QuickCom buttons, the new tweet box will show up with the selected template text already present. Read More

Kulisha Lets You Aggregate & Pin Social Feeds In A Clutter Free Interface [Web]

Normally, to stay up-to-date with websites like Facebook and Twitter, we have to visit the social networks separately and spend a great amount of time on each, but with Kulisha, it is possible to view updates, news, tweets and feeds from multiple sites at the same time. Kulisha is a social network aggregator that collects your social feeds into one central place, provides a more graphical experience, and then allows you to pin them, in a manner similar to Pinterest. This web application makes sure you get a richer experience by gathering all your feeds in a neat interface. It displays feeds in compact tiles and arranges them without any clutter or ads. The Facebook feeds have a dark blue line at the bottom, whereas Twitter feeds come with a lighter blue color. Read More