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Get Chrome Desktop Alerts For Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & YouTube

A while ago, we reviewed Chime – a Chrome extension that connects with your personal accounts on multiple social networks and gives you notifications for any activity. Chime stands out for two reasons: its gorgeous interface, and the multitude of services that it supports. The Notifications for everything is a Chrome extension that does something similar but supports fewer services and slightly greater customization. Chime kept a historical record of activity in your different account while The Notifications for everything is like the notification system that Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube lack. You can select which of the four mentioned services you want to receive notifications for, start receiving desktop notifications for them or simply view them on the extension’s icon.

After installing it, visit The Notifications for everything’s options. In the General tab, you can enable the app to continue running in the background and manage how long a notification remains visible. Next, connect whichever service you want to receive notifications for. For each service, you can choose to get desktop notifications, icon notifications, or both.

You will have to connect each service individually; the extension will access all the required information from your account. You can also disconnect any service at any time.

The Notifications Facebook

The notifications are accompanied by the icon of the service they’re from to help make it easier to identify them. Clicking a notification will not take you to the update in question though, which is rather surprising since clicking on a user name or a page that’s linked in the notification will open it in your browser.

The Notifications notification

Feature wise, Chime and The Notifications for everything are similar but not the same. As we mentioned earlier, Chime is a historical record of your accounts’ activity that you can go back and visit any time. With The Notifications for everything, you are just saved the trouble of having to install a notification extension for each service, and having to check your Facebook notification or Twitter timeline again and again.

The only shortcoming of The Notifications for everything is that it will give you notifications for every bit of activity in an account, or for nothing at all. There might be cases when users just want to receive notifications for messages on Facebook, or Direct Messages on Twitter, and new invitations to connect on LinkedIn. Overall, if you found Chime to be overwhelming with its notifications, The Notifications for everything is a good enough alternative.

Install The Notifications for everything From Chrome Web Store

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