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Chrome Extensions To Make Viewing Twitter Images & Videos Easier

Very few people use Twitter’s web interface. Some need support for multiple accounts, other want to schedule tweets; some like to automate and filter tweets in their feed, while others just look for simpler features like the ability to edit a tweet before retweeting it. Twitter itself isn’t very nice to third party clients and with its mounting list of restrictions, you might find yourself forced to use the web interface. One of the shortcomings you will come across on Twitter’s web interface is the image viewer. You can no longer see previews for Instagram images in tweets, and that’s only the beginning of it. Here’s a list of extensions that will help you view images and videos more easily.



If you, or the people you follow on Twitter actively share images uploaded to Instagram on Twitter, InstaTwit is a must-have. This extension lets you view images shared from Instagram in your Timeline again. To preview the image, click the ‘Expand’ link and wait for the extension to load the image. The extension does not detect the images automatically like Twitter does, and you will still have to screen your timeline to find the Instagram shares. Once found though, images load fast enough.


Install InstaTwit From Chrome Web Store

Photo Zoom for Twitter

Twitter lets you preview images in your timeline but if you’d like to view images shared by a particular user in a much easier way, you need Photo Zoom for Twitter. It opens any image that you move your mouse over in a floating window. This includes profile pictures and any of the recently shared images you see when visiting a Twitter profile. This extension is for the slightly lazy Twitter user who would like to get to images faster and with less effort.

Photo Zoom for Twitter

Install Photo Zoom for Twitter From Chrome Web Store


Previeweet is yet another extension to help you find tweeted images in your Timeline. The extension adds a small thumbnail preview next to each tweet containing a picture. The thumbnail preview isn’t just for images though; Previeweet also supports thumbnails for videos shared from Vimeo, Twitvid, and YouTube. The extension works silently in the background, loading thumbnails automatically with the tweets. A helpful icon on the thumbnail preview gives you a clue as to what service the image or video has been shared from.


Twitter’s web interface does reasonably well at showing multimedia content and it wouldn’t be fair to say that it lacks in any major aspect (except when it comes to showing Instagram pictures). That said, those who would like a richer Twitter experience or features similar to ones Twitter clients support, these extensions can prove to be helpful.

Install Previeweet

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