noodzy: Hashtag-Based Control For Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Gmail [Web]

noodzy is a smart bar that lets you add simple tags to manage popular social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, YouTube and more. By having all your favorite and most frequently used social media services added to a single Noodzy account, you can easily share your messages and status updates with your online buddies without having to open multiple tabs. Using this nifty web app, you can perform multiple functions, like update your status, open Google to enter a query, view your wall or your friends wall right within the same interface, play YouTube videos directly on the bar and more. Read More

Icon Badger: View Count Of Unread Items For Pinned Tabs [Chrome]

While pinning tabs is quite convenient, you might lose the ability to see the unread item notifications that many websites add to the favicon. This is where Icon Badger, a Chrome extension, comes in handy. It takes care of the problem for you by placing a count of unread messages or items to the favicons of various popular websites.  This nifty little tool provides an easy way for you to see new items at a glance, even when your tabs are pinned or when you’ve got a bunch of tabs open. The extension works for many popular websites, such as Google Reader, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and more. Read More

MetroTwit Updated: Windows 8 Support With Filters, Undo Tweet Options

Twitter is one of the most famous social networking services out there. It allows you to keep yourself updated and get to know about events in real time. A lot of Twitter users prefer to use desktop clients rather than the web app because the desktop clients, such as TweekDeck, Seesmic, Sobees etc, provide much better viewing and management options than the web app itself. Back in June 2011, Usman covered a Metro UI based Twitter client for Windows called MetroTwit. At that time, the application was in beta, and lacked certain features as well as possessing bugs. Now, however, the first stable version of MetroTwit has been released, with Windows 8 support as the major highlight. The developers have introduced some very useful and much needed changes in the client, including Multiple account support (paid version only), filter support and undo tweet functionality. Keep reading to find out more about the changes included in the latest version. Read More

Highlight Text To Search On Google, YouTube, Wikipedia & More [Chrome]

Select Search, a Chrome extension, provides you with quick search options on popular engines, and can save a lot of time when you have to search the same term on multiple websites. With it, you can search Google, Wikipedia, Twitter with only a click or two. In addition to that, you can add other popular search engines to the pop-up and quickly search Google Images or YouTube for selected text. All you have to do is select some text on a website, and a tiny pop-up will appear with Wikipedia, Google, Twitter and Google Image search options. The pop-up is also active on text fields and is fully customizable. Users can add various popular search engines to the bubble, change the number of columns, transparency and more from the Select Search Options. Read More

Post Extra-Long Tweets As Images Using Scrivor For iPhone & iPad

The whole concept of Twitter is to let people broadcast their thoughts in a concise manner, where the focus is on conciseness. Though, there are many people, who aren't very fond of the 140 character limit. In fact, every once in a while, are all bound to feel like 140 characters just aren't enough to convey certain messages. That is where Scrivor can come in handy. This new iOS app lets users compose extra long tweets, with no word limit, and then post them to Twitter as themed images. Cosmetically, the app is pretty good too, and the background of each tweet that you send through Scrivor can be chosen from among those provided in the app’s settings. Read on to learn more. Read More

Bird Bell: Monitor Your Twitter Notifications From The Menu Bar [Mac]

We’ve covered Twitter clients for Mac in the past and what they all do is let you read your Tweets, Tweet to your followers, retweet people you follow, send messages and reply to tweets. There are, however, other things that one might be interested in when it comes to a Twitter client. While many people need these clients to monitor their feeds, there are people who need a client that will tell them when they have been followed or unfollowed. Bird Bell is a free Mac app that, in addition to notifying you when one of your tweets has been favorited, retweeted or you’ve been added to a list, also tells you if you’ve gained or lost a follower. The app supports Growl notifications, and lets you manage more than one account. Read More

Schedule & Queue Messages For Facebook, Twitter And LinkedIn [Chrome]

You‘ve no doubt come across apps and extensions that allow you to manage Facebook and Twitter accounts at the same time. With the recent change in Twitter’s API, some of you might just be in the market for a new app or service to manage both your Twitter and Facebook feed. GrabInbox is a Chrome extension that works in conjunction with a web service. It lets you manage your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn feed and also schedule status updates and messages. It allows you to choose what type of activity you want to monitor for each account and gives a single dashboard to view it all.  The scheduling options let you schedule messages for a later date and time. GrabInbox lets you easily share any webpage that you browse across your social networks. You can queue links and schedule posts for a later time and date. After you install the extension, a button is added right next to the URL bar. GrabInbox allows you to post the same links on multiple sites without having to open several tabs. You may add Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin accounts along with Facebook Fan pages. Read More

Android App Of Proximity-Based Social Network What’s Shakin’ Released

Based on the concept of location-based information sharing, What’s Shakin’ is a relatively new and innovative social networking service that lets users specify a radius around a particular location on map, from where they can follow all the proceedings taking place on various other social networks, including Facebook and Twitter. Apart from specifying a particular point on map to follow social activities of other users, the service also lets you decide which users should appear on the conversation thread, and which ones should be excluded. In an attempt to help the Android users follow all the social activities taking place on Twitter from only their desired location, What’s Shakin’ has just launched its official Android client in the Google Play Store. The app lets you set a particular location and relevant radius on map, and presents all the latest from the What’s Shakin’ and Twitter world on a universal news feed. This means that you can get all the latest updates from a specific location without even having to be present there at that very instance. Want to post your own status message? No problems! With the app on running on your device, you can easily and instantaneously post to Twitter, as well as the What’s Shakin’ network itself. Read More

My Tweet Pal: Filter Out Junk Tweets Without Unfollowing Anyone [iOS]

There is always that one person on your Twitter account who thinks the world is all ears to listen to their precious thoughts, and just won’t stop tweeting. A simple solution to this problem might be to unfollow them, and forget all about it. However, this can lead to a lot of complications, and that’s why the person stays there, littering out timeline, and there’s not much you can do about it. Or can you? You certainly can, if you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Meet My Tweet Pal, an extremely useful iOS app which learns all about your Twitter taste, and shows only those tweets you are likely to appreciate. With this app, it’s you who decides what you want to see on your Twitter timeline. Read More

SocialShoutings Lite: Post To Twitter & Facebook In One Go [Mac]

We’ve covered apps in the past that allow you to manage multiple social network accounts from your menu bar. Facebox is one such app, covered last year, for viewing your Facebook feed, messages and posting updates. Social Lite is another app that lets you view feeds from Facebook and Twitter and view messages in your Gmail inbox. SocialShoutings Lite is a free Mac app that lets you post to Twiter and Facebook at the same time. The app shows a character count and supports URL shortners,,, and Read More

Quick Tweet: Use Hotkeys To Quickly Tweet From Your Desktop [Mac]

If you’re active on Twitter, it’s likely you’ve often had the thought, "I have to tweet this real quick." If you use Twitter from its web interface, you will likely have to go through a few clicks to post a tweet. It is a much shorter process if you use a good Twitter client; however, if your main concern is to tweet and you aren’t interested in having tweets pop up as they happen on your screen, Quick Tweet is a free Mac app that will let you stick to the said part only. The app has one purpose only, getting your 140 character message out to your followers. The interface is minimalistic, and can be toggled via s simple keyboard shortcut. Read More

Social Radio: Listen To Twitter Updates While Enjoying Music [iPhone]

If you use Twitter on regular basis, and own an iOS device, then chances are that you spend some part of your day going through the tweets in your timeline daily. The Social Radio for Twitter is a new iPhone app which spices up the whole process of checking out your Twitter timeline. The app is a combination of music player and Twitter radio. It reads aloud your tweets, but many other apps do that, too, so what makes Social Radio different from other apps? The fact that it fetches the music in your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch’s library, and mixes the songs with the Twitter audio feed, giving the effect of listening to a personalized FM station, is what makes The Social Radio an entirely new experience. Not only does the app reads out your own timeline, it also lets you stay in touch with tweets related to trending topics. Read More

FastStatus: Use Activator Gestures To Quickly Compose SMS, Tweets Or Mail [Cydia]

Although many Cydia tweaks, and even apps in the iOS App Store, have started employing gesture control, one can’t help but feel that there is much more that can be done with the concept. There are quite a few tweaks that make the process of composing and sending tweets faster and more efficient. Similar apps exist for SMS and email too. Won’t it be nice if there were a way to avail all these options from one menu accessible through a simple gesture? Well, that’s exactly what FastStatus does. It lets you launch a menu containing options to compose Twitter updates, SMS and email through an Activator gesture. Some might argue that the functionality offered by FastStatus is not worthy of a standalone, separate Cydia tweak, but when you think about it, this tweak has the potential of becoming one of your most frequently used iPhone tweak. Read More

WeeToolbox Brings Multiple Useful Shortcuts In One NC Widget [Cydia]

Notification Center is one area of iOS where you can’t help feeling that it has a lot of untapped potential. Fortunately, the developers over at the Cydia store think the same, as is evident from the number of tweaks which are designed for the iOS 5 Notification Center. A few months back we did a list of widgets for NC, and even after that, a lot of such tweaks have been released. WeeToolbox is the latest addition to Cydia widgets for Notification Center, and it combines a lot of functions for which you previously needed many different tweaks. WeeToolbox is a widget for providing you with shortcuts for composing Twitter updates, turning on the flashlight, making phone calls, launching camera and transferring any copied text to the cloud. Read More

Kwout: Capture Parts Of Websites & Share On Social Networks [Chrome]

When we come across interesting images or other interesting content on website, we often share links with our friends in one way or another, but with Kwout, you can share stuff more efficiently by quoting specific parts of a webpage as images. This useful Chrome extension, allows you to select parts of webpages as an image with an image map. Once you’ve installed the extension, all you have to do is, place the selector box over the are you want to share ad upload it to post it on popular social networks. Users should note that all hyperlinks are still active even after the part is quoted. The images can be shared on popular social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Flickr and more. Read More

youRhere: Save Your Reading Progress Within Any Article [Chrome]

youRhere, a handy Chrome extension, enhances your online article reading experience by letting you save articles that you can check out or share later. Not only does it save the article, it also highlights and saves the exact line where you left off while reading. Once the extension is installed, all you need to do is double click a line in the article, and youRhere will save the article and the exact line for you. Moreover, youRhere also allows you to share articles with friends on Facebook and Twitter. Read More

Syrinx: Twitter Client With Keyboard Shortcuts & Tweet Filters [Mac]

Just a couple of days ago, we covered Itsy, a simple Twitter client with a clean interface and growl notification support. Syrinx is a Twitter client for Mac that doesn’t have as great an interface as Itsy, but supports keyboard shortcuts and allows you to filter out tweets that contain a particular word. The app lets you edit tweets before retweeting them, show the number of unread tweets on the Dock icon, bookmark new tweets, favorite them, send and view messages, change the text, row and background color and enable Growl notifications for new tweets. You can choose to either bookmark or open a new tweet when you click its Growl notification. Read More

[Giveaway] Twittelator Neue: Hands Down The Most Beautiful Twitter App For iPhone, iPod touch & iPad

Twitter clients are nothing new to iOS, and the iTunes App Store is full to the brim with them, if not overflown already. The deep Twitter integration that iOS 5 users enjoy has made the microblogging network an integral part of many iPhone users’ lives. Then, coming back to Twitter clients, you get a lot of good options to choose from, including the official Twitter app, which is elegantly laid out, neat and super functional. Taking all this in account, one is hard pressed to find a Twitter client that outshines the competition, and Twittelator Neue does just that. It is, hands down, the most beautiful Twitter client ever released (yet) on any platform, mobile and desktop alike. Details past the break. Read More

Itsy: Simple Twitter Client That Supports Growl Notifications [Mac]

TweetDeck is an extremely popular Adobe Air based Twitter client, with both a Mac and Windows PC version. TweetDeck is feature rich, and perhaps, an avid Twitter user’s dream; however, if you’re looking for something simpler, Itsy might be the answer. Itsy is a free Mac app that is perfect for the passive Twitter user. It supports Growl notifications, lets you view images, retweet tweets, favorite them, reply to them, view direct messages, mentions and search Twitter. The app regularly refreshes and checks for new tweets. It sits quietly in the menu bar, and while the window can be hidden by closing it, Itsy will continue to run and can be reopened from either the Dock or Menu Bar icon. Read More

Cobook: Mac Address Book That Imports Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter Contacts

The Mac Address Book isn’t nearly as popular as some of its other default apps, like iCal and the mail client. This is one of those apps that doesn’t universally wow Mac users, and many have one or two general beefs with it. Cobook is a free Mac App that is a viable alternative to the default app, the app lets you import contacts from Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. The app can not only work as your default address book, but also integrate with the Mac Address Book if you’d still rather use it and sync contacts via iCloud. The app is easily accessible from the Menu Bar, and allows you to view all the information added for a contact. Since information is coming in from different sources, i.e., Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, it combines the contacts into one. Read More