Add, Manage, & Switch User Accounts On Android Lollipop

One of the most awesome features to come out of the latest Android version is user accounts. Our smartphones and tablets are so ridiculously powerful these days that it's no wonder a feature like this was introduced, after all, we have multiple accounts on our laptops. Android Lollipop doesn't just let you add other users, it also comes with a pre-added Guest account that is already set up for you so you can switch to it and hand over your device immediately, when needed. Here's a quick look at how you add and switch between user accounts, and set them up.Read More

GuestMode Creates A Guest Account On Your iPhone For Friends You Can’t Say No To

The Kids Zone feature in Windows Phone 8 has certainly shown that there is room in the market for mobile platforms that offer multiple user accounts, just like desktop devices. On many occasions, it might feels rude to refuse giving someone your smartphone, but it seems even more rude to constantly try and see what they are doing with it. The only way of putting your mind at ease in such situations would be through the creation of a guest account of sorts on your device. For iOS, we have previously covered a tweak by the name of iPrivacy, which lets you limit access to the apps installed on your iPhone. GuestMode is a new tweak for iOS 7 that is based on the same principle, but is much more intuitive in usage. You won’t be confused by a myriad of configuration options while trying to set it up, and the whole thing is ready to spring into action right after you choose the apps and features that you deem safe for the viewing of strangers.Read More

Enable Guest Mode To Restrict Areas Of Your iPhone With iPrivacy

As smartphones keep on improving, perhaps the time isn't too far when computers will be replaced by handheld or maybe even wearable devices. Even now, iOS and Android have lured a lot of users away from frequent use of their desktop or laptop computers, but there is one area where phones and computers differ a great deal: an iPhone doesn't provide the level of privacy that a Mac or PC can. Sure you can put a passcode on the device, but if a situation demands sharing your phone with someone, you can’t just log them into a guest account so that you personal data and settings won’t visible. At least by default you can’t, but there's a Cydia tweak for that. iPrivacy adds a highly customizable guest mode to jailbroken iOS devices that you can enter with a single gesture. It bars access to any app, folder or feature that is for your eyes only.Read More

MacLoc Displays The ‘Switch User’ Screen Whenever You Lock Your Mac

OS X allows multiple accounts to be logged in on a single Mac at the same time. You can lock a user's account, switch to another one, and come back to the first one to find all your apps and windows untouched. The functionality is all there, but it takes an unnecessary number of clicks to get to it. Unless you have an app that triggers it, OS X can’t be locked with a keyboard shortcut; the easiest way to access the ‘Lock Screen’ option is by enabling Keychain's icon to appear in the Menu Bar. In that case, it takes two clicks to lock your screen. If you want the Switch User screen to appear instead of your own user profile already selected and ready to log in, you have to click the ‘Switch User’ option at the bottom of your lock screen. For something so simple and frequently used, this is a lot of clicks. MacLoc is a free Mac App that makes it slightly easier; it locks your screen and switches to the ‘Switch User’ option for you so that you don't have to do it yourself.Read More

Manage & Switch Between Multiple User Accounts In Android Jelly Bean

Using an Android device in a situation where multiple users need to access it often? Don’t want them messing around with each others’ data and settings? You can easily switch and manage multiple user accounts on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean now, using free app User Management that utilizes Android’s built-in multi-user support. With User Management, you can easily Add or remove users as well as switch between different user sessions using Jelly Bean’s built-in multi user support. The only thing the app does is provide you with a user interface to do so, eliminating the need to do it using text commands.Read More

Use Multiple Accounts For Any Service On Your iPad Using Our Pad

An iPad is designed to be an exclusively personal device. Of course, two or more people can use it, but the default behavior of iPad always makes it think that there is only one user on it. While this may not be an issue for most instances, sometimes you may wish for a way to bypass this setting, after all, it is a tablet and not something as personal as a phone. Once such scenario when you might get annoyed by Apple's monogamy can be when you have multiple accounts on Facebook, Twitter or any mailing service, because here the iPad can only set up one account at a time. Our Pad is an iOS app (iPad only) that lets users set up multiple accounts on their tablet with utmost ease. The app is not limited to one or two services, and using it you will be able to configure multiple accounts for your email IDs, social networks and even messengers.Read More

Fast User Switch: Jump To Windows User Selection Logon Screen From Taskbar

Do you share your PC with someone in the family or do you have different user accounts set up for work or personal use? Whatever the case, think of a scenario when you want to quickly switch accounts and using the start menu to switch seems inconvenient. Fast User Switch is a Windows utility that acts as a one button link to the Windows user selection section. The utility can be pinned to the taskbar and clicked to go directly to the user selection screen.Read More

Accounts Tuner: Advanced Security Settings For Windows User Accounts

Accounts Tuner allows users to access added security settings for Windows accounts. You will not be able to change some of these settings using the build-in User Accounts in Windows.It is a freeware application that must be installed on your system. You can launch the program, even if you do not have administrative rights; however, in this case, you can only view system information that is displayed on the application’s main interface. If, on the other hand, you logon as Administrator, you can edit all enhanced security settings for your user accounts.Read More

User Accounts For iPhone & iPod Touch With iAccounts

Have you even been in a situation where you had to hand over your iPhone or iPod Touch to a friend or relative, and hoping that you had some privacy control solution available. Or maybe you have wanted to test some new application that could potentially ruin some of your settings, and hesitated only because you wanted to keep your preferences intact? iAccounts, a new app in Cydia, answers this call.Read More

Enable Administrator Account In Windows 7

Those readers who have switched to Windows 7 from Vista will know that there is a default administrator account in Vista which is disabled by default. Same is the case with Windows 7, the default Administrator account is not enabled in the default settings and when you need to run any particular application in the administrator mode, then you manually assign it the admin right.Read More