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Repair/Fix Broken Windows 7 User Profile Association

Back in the Windows XP days,  it was quite normal to have nearly four User profile folders for a single User Account. Yes, my system was quite messed up and never actually got a chance to fix it(except reinstalling the OS). What happens is that Windows forgets the default user profile for an account, making it difficult to recognize the next time system boots up. Thus, Windows will create a new profile folder, usually named User.Computer or User.Domain.

So what exactly makes the Windows forget the default user profile? It could one of the many reasons, such as, disk error, joining and disjoining the computer from a domain, transferring data to new computer, file system and permission issues, etc.

The problem can definitely be fixed but only by an advanced user, since it requires editing of registry and adjusting of permissions. For an average Joe, there was no easy way to fix this problem until today.

ReProfiler is a straightforward portable application that makes it easier to fix the user profile association. Select the User Account and the Profile Folder and hit Assign to fix the issue.


You can also view the Properties, Detach a User Account from the Profile Folder, and Erase Data. There is an option to show System Items but is only for Advanced users.

The app has been tested to work on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2008 Server, and Windows 7. It is always advisable to backup your data before using this app.

Windows 7 has been good on me so far but in case some problem arises, ReProfiler is one of the handy little utilities that will come useful.

Download ReProfiler


  1. I work on enterprise networks have honestly spent more time than I like fixing peoples profiles my problem is when a single profile loads into multiple folders

  2. i don’t recall that error ever happening to me. I’ve used windows since 95 (not much 2k, and only some win3.11. also haven’t yet tried 7)

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