How To Create Custom Gradient Wallpapers For Your iPhone

Wallpapers, whether they're for the desktop or for your phone, are a pretty awesome way to customize your device. Wallpapers can be simple vector art or complex designs, and anything in between. Of course finding these wallpapers, ones that look good and do not inhibit you from using your device requires time. GradientDaze is a free iOS app that lets you create custom gradient wallpapers for your iPhone or iPad. The app lets you play with gradients and generates a wallpaper for you on the fly. You select colors and the app shows you gradients generated from them. If you like what you see, you can save it and set it as your lock screen and home screen background.Read More

How To Get The Pixel Phone’s Wallpapers App

Wallpapers aren't something you'd call a feature. Every phone has a wallpaper and every phone lets you choose freely what image you set as your wallpaper. That said, good wallpapers are hard to come by. You might find some great collections and galleries if you regularly browse Imgur but nice HD wallpapers that are the right size for your phone are harder to come by. It's precisely why wallpapers that Google or Apple release for their respective smartphone operating systems are so popular. The Google Pixel phones are no exception, in fact, they come with a dedicated Wallpapers app. The app, even in its preview state, has been so popular that Google released it all Android phones.  The Wallpapers app gives five wallpaper collection to choose from. You get a new wallpaper daily. You can select any one wallpaper for both your lock screen and home screen, or you can enable daily wallpapers.Read More

Taskei For Android Lets You Automate Popular Muzei Live Wallpaper With Tasker

Since its release last month, Muzei Live Wallpaper has gained a lot of acclaim from its users for bringing gorgeous wallpapers from different sources to their home screens. Another app that a lot of Android power users love is Tasker, known for its ability to let users automate countless tasks on Android. While Muzei can automatically rotate your wallpaper, how about the ability to do it based on context, action or any condition supported by Tasker? Taskei acts as a bridge between these two apps to let you do just that. Let’s take a look at how that works.Read More

bitmado For Android Auto-Switches Between Wallpapers From Its Very Own Social Community

Just when you think there are plenty of free wallpaper apps available at the Play Store, along comes another with more to offer. Called a 'shuffling wallpaper engine' by its developer, bitmado is a free addition to the genre that delivers a constant supply of new backgrounds so you don’t have to view the same old boring home screen every time you unlock your device. It's a live wallpaper that automatically cycles through different backgrounds, selecting them from the content and feedback of its Reddit-like community, which lets users upload images of their own, and upvote or downvote those uploaded by other bitmado members. It's like Muzei, but with social elements replacing extensions.Read More

Get Animated Weather Wallpapers On Your iPhone With Weatherboard

Just a few days ago, we covered iDynamic, a Cydia tweak that adds to the iOS 7 dynamic wallpaper collection. Weatherboard is somewhat similar to that release, but it adheres to a single theme: weather. Tweaks like WeatherIcon have already given users a taste of the beauty weather-related animations can add to iOS. With Weatherboard, the animations aren’t just limited to an app icon though, as it offers the animated backgrounds from the stock Weather app as dynamic wallpapers for your home and lock screen. Weatherboard doesn’t automatically set the wallpaper according to the current weather (a feature for future releases, maybe), so you can select any from over 80 available animated backgrounds, where each is available in two flavors; one for the day and one for night.Read More

Get More Animated (Dynamic) Wallpapers In iOS 7 With iDynamic

You can rave all you want about the Control Center or the new flat UI, but dynamic wallpapers will always hold their own in any discussion of iOS 7 features. Even prior to the release of iOS 7, the Cydia store allowed users to enjoy live wallpapers on their iPhone, thanks to apps like LiveWallpaper and Go Desk. Although these animated screen backgrounds are no longer limited to just the Cydia store, there isn't too much to choose from when it comes to the default iOS 7 dynamic wallpaper collection. As you would expect, a lot of people started looking for ways to augment the firmware’s somewhat meager dynamic wallpaper collection immediately after updating to iOS 7. If you are among those users, your search is finally over. iDynamic is a Cydia app that offers a comprehensive repository of dynamic wallpapers. You can choose any animated set you want, and replace the default wallpaper collection with it quite easily.Read More

Download & Install Android 4.4 KitKat Apps On Any Jelly Bean Device

So, you haven’t been able to sleep properly since yesterday after hearing about the launch of the Nexus 5, along with Android 4.4 KitKat, and can’t wait to get your hands on Google’s latest OS and device? Well, how about getting the goodies of KitKat and Nexus 5 on your existing device, while you wait for yours to get shipped (or spend your time envying those who have managed to order one)? Thanks to several community sources out there who managed to get their hands on the Nexus 5 system dump, we now have the APK files for all KitKat apps that shipped with the Neuxs 5, and what’s great is that many of them run just fine on any Android 4.1, 4.2 or 4.3 Jelly Bean device. In what follows, we’ll be taking a look at many of these apps, complete with the download links for their APK files, and installation instructions.Read More

wallpapr Sets WP8 Lock Screen To Auto-Cycle Through Flickr Photos

Forget the snazzy camera apps and superior Facebook integration, it’s features like the dynamic lock screen and resizable live tiles that make Windows Phone 8 a much better OS in everyday routine than Mango ever was. In the past, we have seen the likes of Shoopix and Lock Widgets gain considerable popularity owing to the fact that they tap into Windows Phone’s ability to let apps change wallpapers automatically. wallpapr is another similar app, but has the distinction of pulling photos from Flickr to let users enjoy some high quality backgrounds on their lock screen. The app is capable of automatically changing wallpapers with the passage of time, but it also comes with an image browser of its own that can be used to manually pick photos that you think should grace your WP8.Read More

Apply Tints & Effects To Your iPhone Wallpaper With Sodium

Anyone who likes to keep things fresh on an iPhone by frequently changing the lock screen background is sure to appreciate the plethora of wallpaper apps available on iOS. Not satisfied with those? You can always download any picture from the internet and use it as the wallpaper of your device. There are plenty of photo editors that can help you make ordinary photos look extraordinary, but what if there was a way of making your wallpapers special without having to do any work on them. In the past, we have seen Cydia tweaks like WAlpha that act directly on the wallpaper rather than the photo being used as the background. Sodium is quite similar, but with an amazingly large collection of features. The tweak lets you apply a tint with a particular blend mode to the wallpaper, change its alpha value, and toggle Grayscale and Negative image effects. Read More

Apply Beautiful Wallpapers With Dynamic Clocks To Windows Desktop With Dexclock

Nobody likes a cookie-cutter desktop with unorganized icons and the same boring wallpaper that ships with Windows. Just like we are keen to personalize our office, kitchen, dorm or wardrobe to make ourselves feel more comfortable with the environment, desktop customization also serves the same purpose in our day-to-day computer work, if done nicely. In addition, it can also boosts our productivity and since productivity is closely intertwined with managing your time, keeping a clock at hand seems a really nice idea. Dexclock is a small wallpaper customization utility for Windows that allows you to put a virtual wallpaper clocks as background. It houses four elegantly designed wallpaper clocks, along with an option to download many additional ones from its web portal.Read More

Download Tons Of Free Backgrounds For Your WP8 With Wallpaper Sky

Windows Phone 8 has managed to revolutionize the way wallpapers are viewed, at least by users of the platform. With WP8, you no longer have to go through Flickr or perform lengthy Google Image searches in order to get a decent background for your phone’s lock screen; any image-related app (Shoopix, for example) can automatically change your wallpaper by choosing photos from its own collection. Even apps like NBC News come with lock screen support, which can help users keep their device from getting too boring. So, in this scenario, not many people are likely to want an app that is solely for wallpapers, but Wallpaper Sky might make you fall for it anyway. The app has an amazingly large collection of wallpapers, encompassing just about any category you can possibly think of. In addition, it also has the capability of automatically cycling through random images on your lock screen.Read More

Get iOS 7’s Wallpaper Parallax Effect In Older iOS Versions With 3DBoard

It is not really a secret that Apple often looks to the iOS jailbreak community for inspiration. iOS 6 offered Cydia-inspired features like Do Not Disturb, and the recently unveiled iOS 7 has an alternative to the famous SBSettings in the form of Control Center. It will be unfair to say though that only Apple copies features from jailbreak tweaks, as many tweaks are also inspired by existing or upcoming features of iOS. As iOS 7 is such a major update to the platform, it makes sense that a lot of developers are itching to bring the promised awesome features to users much before this fall, which is when the update will officially come out. There are already a number of Cydia packages that can turn your iOS 6 device into something much closer to iOS 7. 3DBoard is one such tweak, adding the newly introduced parallax effect to the SpringBoard of your iPhone.Read More

Wallpaper Cyclr Periodically Changes iPhone Background Using Tumblr Images

For quite some time, PCs have had the ability to automatically cycle through wallpapers to keep things fresh on your desktop without any hassle. The feature has seeped through to smartphone platforms as well, as Android has some third-party apps that are capable of changing wallpapers automatically, whereas Windows Phone 8 came out with support for such apps as well. Strangely though, not many similar options have yet come to light for iOS, and the new Cydia tweak Wallpaper Cyclr is certainly among the pioneers of this genre. The tweak doesn’t cycle through images stored in your camera roll; it does something even cooler instead. With Wallpaper Cyclr, you get to define any number of tags, and the tweak then loads images related to these tags automatically and sets them as the background for both your iPhone’s lock screen & SpringBoard. It is even possible to make the tweak look for photos that fit a combination of the defined tags. Read More

Auto-Set Google Now Backgrounds As Android Wallpaper By Time Of Day

Those of us who often use Google Now on their Android devices running Jelly Bean are bound to be awed by the background images of the app. What makes those wallpapers awesome is the way they automatically change based on your current local time. All of this however is restricted within the the app itself. Enter GoogleNowWallpapers – the wallpaper app that brings Google Now wallpapers to your home screen, from stars lit in the sky to a bright sunny sky. The app also changes them according to times split into Day, Dawn, Dusk, and Night. You can customize the time after which wallpapers will change to reflect the time of the day. Let's take a closer look at this simple but distinct app after the jump. Read More

Stretch A Wallpaper Across Windows Phone 8 Lock Screen & Kid’s Corner

Even though Windows Phone 8 has been out for quite a while now, I can’t help but feel that Microsoft might have marketed ‘Kid’s Corner’ better by giving it a name like ‘Guest Account’, since the current name leads users to believe the feature has very limited usefulness, and that too for children only. Despite the name, it’s good to see that more and more people have started using Kid’s Corner in recent months. There are already a few apps in the WP Store aimed specifically at enhancing the Kid’s Corner. The app we are about to show you, however, doesn't deal much with the inner workings of Kid’s Corner. In fact, we won’t even go past the Kid’s Corner Welcome screen in discussing it. Has it ever bothered you that the Kid’s Corner - and the real lock screen of your device - must have different wallpapers despite being connected to each other? After all, you can stretch wallpapers easily for desktop devices if you are using multiple monitors. Dual Lock Crop does pretty much the same thing for WP8 lock screen. Now you can stretch any wallpaper across the real lock screen and Kid’s Corner, and that too without much effort. Read More

DeskScapes 8 Brings Wallpaper Effects, Animated & Video Backgrounds To Windows 8

It seems Stardock is paying very close attention to Windows 8. After creating some wonderful apps like Decor8 and ModernMix and selling thousands of Start8 copies, the company has also updated its DeskScapes utility for Microsoft's latest OS. DeskScapes 8 is not only a nice addition to Stardocks' fascinating line of customization tools, but it’s also one of the most powerful wallpaper personalization app for Windows 8. The application puts various enticing desktop backgrounds at your disposal, letting you apply static, panoramic as well as Windows Vista’s Dreamscene-like animated wallpapers to your desktop. Keep reading!Read More

Shoopix Is A Great WP8 500px Viewer With Dynamic Lock Screen Support

Despite having some of the best cameras, Windows Phone devices have always been plagued by the lack of good photography apps to go with the hardware. While the official Instagram or even 500px apps might not have arrived for WP8 just yet, the WP Store now has some really good third-party clients for such services. Shoopix is a 500px client that is just about perfect for casual users of the photography website. The app lets you browse through the most popular sections of 500px in a really neat interface, and even lets you download photos to your camera roll. In addition to all this, if you like the dynamic lock screen feature of Windows Phone 8, Shoopix just might prove to be the app that you have always been looking for.Read More

Create Amazing iPhone & iPad Wallpapers With Simple Swipes Using Deko

Apart from the select few who never bother changing the wallpaper on their iPhone even once after taking it out of its box, everyone loves new home screen backgrounds. You can download pictures from various online sources, or if you're good with art and graphic designing, you can make your own. Deko is an iOS app that eliminates the need to search and design, providing you with a totally new way to get new wallpapers. Using this app, users can create unique abstract designs in seconds, without any designing skills whatsoever. All you have to do is swipe across the screen once or twice and the app generates wallpapers with random, textures, patterns and colors. The length of your swipes determines how different the next generated wallpaper will be compared to the current one. This means an infinite number of differing images that can be saved to your device, shared with friends, and of course, set as the wallpaper. Read More

Download Over A Million Wallbase HD Wallpapers On Windows 8

Wallbase houses one of the largest wallpapers repository on the internet. With over a million HD images, you're bound to be spoiled for choice. I usually stick to DeviantART for most of my wallpaper needs, but Wallbase is always my next stop. Along with a strong web presence, the service also supports mobile platforms in the form of iOS and Android apps. As Windows 8 user base is steadily grwing, an official Modern UI app for the platform is quite likely in the pipeline. However, if you can’t hold your horses until an official app is released, try Wallbase 8. Sporting an elegant and minimalistic design, the app brings you a wide variety of gorgeous-looking high quality backgrounds from Wallbase, ready to be used as your desktop wallpaper or lock screen image.Read More

Set Windows 8 Start Screen Background To Change After Specific Time

The Windows 8 Start Screen has been the topic of discussion for a long time now. The Start Screen is the main workspace for the users of Windows 8. Instead of downloading and installing the applications in desktop mode, the Windows Store will contain all the apps that you can get on your Windows 8 device, just like the Android and iOS platforms. Since the Start Screen is the main interface that you will be looking at whenever Windows starts or whenever you exit an app, customizing it to your own taste seems like a good idea. The default Windows options for the Start Screen lets you change the background color and apply themes; however, a much-needed option i.e. the ability to set a custom wallpaper is still missing from PC Settings. Windows 8 Start Screen Customizer is a tool for Windows 8 (and 8.1) that lets you change the Start Screen background to any image of your choice (update: unlike the built-in options in Windows 8.1, it also lets you choose GIF images), choose the number of app rows to show, and tweak the opacity settings for Start Screen and app tiles. Moreover, you can choose a large number of images and set the background to change after a specified time interval.Read More