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Red Dead Redemption 2 Wallpapers: 15 Images for your desktop

Red Dead Redemption 2 has been as popular as you’d expect the game to be. It’s even been a major plot point in this year’s season of South Park. The game is pretty extensive and most people are likely still playing, and loving it. If you’re in love with the game and would like your desktop to reflect it, you might be looking for Red Dead Redemption 2 wallpapers. Here’s a list of 15 wallpapers for Red Dead Redemption 2.

The Red Dead Redemption 2 wallpapers featured here include screen stills from the game and may include very minor spoilers. We’ve tried to restrict the selection to images that don’t give the game away but it’s a beautiful game so we can’t exactly help including a few stills as well. A vast majority of these wallpapers come from the subreddit dedicated to the game. Most images are HD, or 4K with few exceptions.

1. Rock Star Wallpapers

Rock Star is the name behind Red Dead Redemption 2 and if you visit their website, you can get some of the images used to promote the game in wallpaper size and you can get them for both mobile and desktop. Open the dropdown under an image and select what you want to use an image for.

2. South Dakota sunset

Credit: Reddit user Lepryy

Download here.

3. Red dead Redemption 2 gang

Credit: Reddit user Lil-Mingo

This wallpaper also has a mobile version that fits the iPhone 6S but will work for other screen sizes as well.

Download for desktop and mobile.


Credit: Reddit user MadTechWizard

Download here.

5. Arthur Morgan – Game still

There are a few variations of this wallpaper available modified by different users. Credit to Reddit users: Hvarfa-Bragi for the original 4K version, and user NotRyanWhatsoever for the second variation.

Download here, and here.

6. Sadie

Credit: Reddit user blumajora

Download here.

7. The Van der Linde Gang

Credit: Reddit user sam–b

Download here.

8. Braithwaite Manor (Minor Spoiler)

Credit: Reddit user Slocole

We’re not sharing the image here since it includes a minor spoiler but if it doesn’t bother you, click the download link to view and download the image.

Download here.

9. Outlaws for life

Credit: Reddit user yasinnam

Download here.

10. Minimal RDR 2

Download here.

11. More game stills

Credit: reddit user SubjectDelta10

Download here.

12. Stylized trailer scenes

Credit: Reddit user u/C_CT_

Download here.

13. More screenshots

Download here.

14. Day of redemption

Download here.

15. Full Map

Download from Attack of the fan boy.

Bonus: Phone wallpapers of characters from the game.

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