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How to find landscape photos on Unsplash for wallpapers

Unsplash is a great place to go to for wallpapers. The site used to let you sort the photos by date allowing you to easily browse through all the new ones. Now, you get a selection of new photos and most new ones will not be discovered. This makes it more difficult to find landscape photos on Unsplash for wallpapers but, if you use Chrome, there’s an extension that will make the search easier.

Install Splash search from the Chrome Web Store and visit Unsplash.

landscape photos on Unsplash

Splash search adds two filters just above the search bar on Unsplash. The filters allow you to filter out photos by orientation where ‘Any’ is no filter and will give you a mix of landscape and portrait photos. The ‘Portrait’ filter will filter out all landscape photos leaving you with just the portrait ones. To get landscape photos, you have to apply the ‘Landscape’ filter and it will filter out all the portrait ones.

A few portrait orientated photos will still sneak through even with the Landscape filter and it likely has to do with the size of the photos but most of them will be landscape. The same goes for the Portrait filter; you will get a few landscape photos in the results.

The second filter is for ‘Luminance’. It has two options; light, and dark. For well lit photos, apply the Light filter, and for darker photos, apply the Dark filter.

You can apply the filter to the home page, or you can search for photos via a keyword and apply the filters to the search results.

Unsplash has a lot of great photos but its search engine isn’t that great and unless you find a really good, well-curated collection of photos on a particular topic, you’ll mostly be seeing the same ones over and over. It’s categories do cover most photo topics but you will still only see the same photos if you browse it everyday for a few days.

Unsplash’s algorithm needs considerable improvement. It seems to favor different photos depending on the device you’re viewing the website on as well. It has some truly great photos and it’s a shame that most of them won’t be found because the newest content isn’t pushed to the top of the front page.

It’s surprising but there really aren’t that many extensions or add-ons (for Firefox), that help users search Unsplash more easily. It’s like an untapped niche.

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