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How To Automatically Set Wallpapers From Unsplash On Windows 10

Unsplash has a gorgeous, ever-expanding collection of photographs. Every time you visit the website, you probably see the little bar that tells you there’s an app that can pull images from it and set it as your wallpaper if you’re using macOS. There isn’t an official app for Windows 10 to match it but there are plenty of third-party ones. Splash is a free, ad-supported app available in the Microsoft Store that can automatically set wallpapers from Unsplash. It can cycle through them during the day, or change them daily, or weekly.

SPOILER ALERT: Scroll down and watch the video tutorial at the end of this article.

Splash gives you the option to also change your lock screen image, and if you like a particular image, you can save it to your disk with one click.

Set Wallpapers From Unsplash

Download Splash from the Microsoft Store, and run it. It will fetch a new image from Unsplash and set it as your wallpaper. If you don’t like the image, click on it and the app will fetch a new one. If you like an image enough to want to keep it for more than a few hours i.e. save it permanently to disk, click the save button.

If you plan to use the app long-term, it’s a good idea to visit its settings. Click the cog wheel icon at the bottom to open Splash’s settings.

Here, you can allow the app to change both your desktop background and your lock screen, or either one of them. You can also change where the app saves the images you like. More importantly, you can set the change interval i.e., how often a fresh image is set as your background and lock screen image.

If you don’t like the selection of images the app is getting, go to the filter screen by clicking the funnel icon. The filter screen allows you to set the resolution for your screen but it also lets you enter tags for the images you prefer to be set as your wallpaper. Splash uses these tags to find more relevant images.

Don’t ignore the resolution setting either. Unsplash doesn’t have images meant to match the resolution of monitors however Splash does an excellent job at resizing images to fit your screen. If you were to manually resize them, you would probably have to clip it to a great extent.

Splash plays very well with the accent color on Windows 10. If you’ve enabled automatic accent colors, then they will update each time you have a new wallpaper.

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