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How to close and quit apps from Mission Control on macOS

Mission Control is a way to quickly look at the windows open on your desktop. You can move them to a different desktop if you want and that’s about all you can do. It’s surprising that a feature that’s been around for so long falls short of the Windows 10 version of it which is only a few years old. It turns out that you cannot close and quit apps from Mission Control. To do that, you need an app called Mission Control Plus. It’s not free. The app costs $2.99 but it has a trial version that you can take for a spin before you buy it.

Close and quit apps from Mission Control

Download and run Mission Control Plus. It needs accessibility permission in order to work and it will run in the menu bar. Go to Mission Control and when you mouse over a window, you’ll see a close button at the top left corner.

Mission Control Plus works with keyboard shortcuts as well; you can close a window, close all windows, hide an app, hide all apps, or kill an app with them. To view all the keyboard shortcuts, click the app’s icon in the menu bar and look under Preferences.

This may seem trivial but Mission Control is a great way to clean up app and window clutter. You can get a quick look at everything that’s open so why not clean up the mess while you’re at it?

We mentioned that this feature pales in comparison to what Windows 10 has and it does. On Windows 10, Taskview is the equivalent of Mission Control and you can close windows from there. It’s a built-in feature which means there’s no need to use an app for it.

The trail version of the app isn’t limited in features. You get the whole deal, all the features. The trial version is for ten days and each time you launch the app, it will tell you how many days you have left before the trail expires and you have to buy a license for it. The only downside is that you can’t buy it from the Mac App store. If you prefer to buy apps exclusively from there, and you like this app, you’re going to have to make an exception.

Mission Control Plus is a new app and as such, it requires that you’re running macOS 10.14 i.e., Mojave, or later. That means the current version of macOS, and the next one expected to drop in October 2019 i.e., Catalina will be the only two versions of macOS that can run the app.

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