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40 The Witcher Netflix Series Wallpapers

The Witcher series by Netflix is determined to not tie itself to the games. The games were just as popular as the series itself but for whatever reason, Netflix is pretending they exist in a different universe. If you enjoyed the series and would like wallpapers from it, you’ll find there isn’t much available. This is mostly because taking screenshots on Netflix is rather difficult but IMDb has a large collection of stills and if you get a little creative, you can capture a still from Netflix. Here are 40 The Witcher Netflix series wallpapers for you to try out until you figure out how to take your own screenshots. These are all stills from the series so they aren’t exactly perfect for a screen but they fit well.

The images you see below are only previews. They’ve been resized and cropped. No image is a 4K image. There are no spoilers in the images. To download the entire album, use this link.

Series logos

These 11 wallpapers are a mix of the logos released by Netflix and the title card that you see at the beginning of each episode which features a different sigil.

Geralt of Rivia

7 Stills of the title character that do not give any of the plot away but still make for a good background.

Other characters from the series

10 stills of other pivotal characters from the series, again, all spoiler free.

Places, one Creature, and a dragon

The Witcher doesn’t have nearly as many monsters as you’d expect but it has some nice imagery. These 11 images don’t do all of it justice since it is a visually good looking series.

These make for a little over 40 wallpapers in total. None of them have been edited though if you’re skilled with Photoshop or know how to use GIMP, you can get creative. Getting a still is sometimes the tricky part. If you’d like the original photos, as they were, you can visit the IMDb page for The Witcher and check them out from the gallery. There are about 550+ images there from the series, BTS, and its premier as well as some promotional images.

The series appears to have renewed interest in the games which Netflix is distancing itself from but oddly enough, there aren’t as many wallpapers for it available. There is plenty of art found for the games and it may take a while, maybe the next season or two, before we see anything truly creative for the wallpapers from the series itself.

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