Bonis Audio Player Boasts Highest Quality FLAC, WAV & OGG Playback

Being a music lover, I’m always on the hunt for new audio players that can deliver crisp sound and do justice to my ears as well as my high-end Sony headset. I've tried a lot of media players in the past, ranging from Winamp to JetAudio, Media Monkey to MusicBee, and a truckload of others until settling down with iTunes (I know it’s not the best audio player, but it's great if you own an iOS device). Today, I stumbled upon a unique, feature-limited yet powerful media player called Bonis Audio Player and couldn't wait to give it a try. Although the developer touts it as equipped with the latest generation audio engine for highest quality sound decoding, I had my doubts until taking it for a test drive myself. Read More

WaveShop Is An Advanced Audio Editor That Handles WAV Files

Considering the countless options available out there, finding the right audio editor that exactly matches your needs can be a tough job. Most of the available tools can perform simple editing tasks such as converting audio files into different formats, splitting them, or just cutting a part out of the complete track. However, advanced audio editing that involves adding silence at different points, inverting and reversing the track, generating different types of sounds, amplifying the track, etc, requires you to have more sophisticated tools. We have previously covered several audio editing applications such as the cross-platform Ocenaudio for analyzing and edit audio files, as well as web apps like FileLab Audio Editor that let you to apply different effects to an audio track. WaveShop is an open-source audio editor for Windows that specializes in handling WAV files and modifies only specific parts of the track as per your requirement, rather than the whole track in one go. Read More

Wavosaur: Powerful Portable Audio Editor With 3D Spectrum Analysis

If you feel the name "Wavosaur" sounds like a wannabe dinosaur, you wouldn’t be entirely wrong. However, Wavosaur is an immensely feature rich audio editor meant for the serious. What do I mean by serious? The plethora of features this editor brings to the table are meant for users well versed with audio editing, for tasks that involve more than just trimming, looping or adding fade in/outs to the audio file. While the editor retains the more common editing functions such as cut, copy, paste, paste mix, paste replace/insert, paste to new file, trim/crop, delete, undo for casual users, there’s way much more to explore here. Screenshots and some important salient features of the application after the break. Read More

Text To Speech WAV: Transcribe Text To Speech & Save It To A WAV File

Text To Speech WAV is a handy text to speech utility that converts any text to WAV audio format, according to user defined bit rates. Unlike other applications of its kind, it also allows saving an audio file of the text to speech playback. You can also select the volume and playback speed. During testing, we found the speech rate, volume and bit rate features of this application to be pretty smooth in terms of providing text to speech playback, and also found the saved WAV file (from a sample text playback) to run seamlessly on a third-party media player. Read More

Play WAV Files In Gmail Attachments Without Downloading Them [Chrome]

Chrome may seem like a simple web browser with a clean interface and something under the hood that makes it superfast but it is actually a whole lot more. Chrome is more than just a web browser; it is also a file viewer that you can use to open local files including audio and video files. There are some format constraints but if you take an MP3 file and drop it on to a Chrome window, you will see a media player appear and play your file. What this means is that your browser has the ability to open files and you don’t always have to install a separate file viewer. This ability of Chrome’s can be extended to web pages as well provided you have the right extension installed. WAV Player for Gmail is a Chrome extension that allows you to play WAV audio files in Gmail attachments without having to download the actual file. It adds an embedded player within Gmail messages that contain audio files in WAV format. It can particularly come in handy if your voicemail messages are in WAV format or when you don’t want to download a WAV file you received. In case the WAV player doesn’t show up or doesn’t seem to work, close your Gmail tab in Chrome, and reopen in a new tab, and your problem should be solved. The question is how does Chrome do it? The short answer is HTML 5. The extension uses Chrome’s native ability to render HTML 5 and inserts the <audio> tag in emails pages that contain WAV files in order to play it. Read More

Moo0 AudioTypeConverter: Convert Audio Files Between 33 Audio Formats

Moo0 AudioTypeConverter is an efficient audio converter that supports conversion for 33 audio formats. It is quite easy to use, and will be found useful even by users who do not have much knowledge of complex audio conversion parameters, such as bitrates. Moo0 AudioTypeConverter supports conversion via simple drag and drop, and also provides advanced configuration options, which can be used by advanced users to adjust the conversion of audio files. The supported audio formats include 3GP, AMR, AU, FLAC, M4A, MOV, MP2, MP3, MP4, OGG, PCM and many more. Read More

Apply And Adjust Audio Effects With Moo0 AudioEffecter

Moo0 AudioEffecter is an application for adding and adjusting effects of audio files, including detailed adjustment of volume, bass, pitch etc. For example, you can enhance vocal and instrument sound for amplifying the audio track playback sound. Moo0 AudioEffecter has been developed by the same developers who previously brought us Moo0 ConnectionWatcher, Moo0 File Shredder, Moo0 DiskCleaner and Moo0 MultiDesktop. Read More

Convert And Analyze Audio Files For Errors With Helium Audio Converter

Helium Audio Converter is a feature rich audio converter with the ability to analyze damaged files. What makes it different from common audio converters is it’s powerful inspection tool which can be used to analyze Mp3 and Flac files before converting them. You can also set options to specify how conflicting file names should be managed. For instance, it can be specified if source files should be deleted after conversion and whether a warning should be given when converting from an inferior to a better format.  The supported conversion formats include, Mp3, Mp4, MPC, WAV, WMA, Ogg Vorbis, M4A, AAC and Flac. Read More

Convert And Extract Audio From Video Files With Gnac [Linux]

Gnac is a Linux based audio converter which can encode files between Ogg, Flac, Mp3, SPX, WAV, and Mp4 formats. What makes Gnac quite useful as compared to other audio converters out there is, that it can also extract audio from videos. This attribute can be quite useful for editors who often require extracting audio streams from videos. Although this can be done with advanced editing software, however, it can be a bit lethargic to do so on video editing software. Read More

Convert Or Extract Audio Quickly With NV Audio Converter

NV Audio Converter is an audio converter which converts audio files between several audio formats and extracts audio from a video source. It is quite simple to use and supports batch conversion, with support for commonly used audio formats such as MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, FLAC, AAC, MP4, AMR, M4A, AC3 and PCM. What makes NV Audio Converter quite useful is that it converts audio files quicker than most software of it’s kind. It also supports more formats than other audio converts like Music Converter. With NV Audio Converter, you can convert 3-4 files (8 minute long) in just a matter of thirty seconds. Read More

Make MP3/Wav Files Louder With Vloud

Have you ever downloaded an mp3/wav file and found that its volume is too low, what can you do in such situations? You will need to increase the volume of your speaker system and will need to revert it back after some time once you are done listening to the file or what if even this does not help? Try an online free service called Vloud, which increases the volume of mp3/wav files. Read More

Cdex – Rip Audio CD To Mp3 or Wav Format

Cdex is a free opensource tool that can extract the data from the audio cd and save the files in either wav or mp3 format. You can also rip the audio cd using Windows Media Player, but this tool has advanced features such as support for audio file tags, ability to add headers to mp3 files, and more encoding options.

First insert the cd in the drive and load this tool. You will find all songs listed, you can edit the Album name, Artist name, Genre, and Year.

Read More