HTML Cleaner: Auto Optimize HTML Files By Removing Junk Characters & Tags

If you are a web designer, then you might know that one thing people hate to see on a web page is junk items, such as extra spaces, quotation marks, optional end tags etc. Manually editing HTML files can become a tedious task, especially if you are dealing with a lot of web pages. Wouldn't it be great if an application could automatically optimize your HTML documents by removing all the unwanted characters? HTML Cleaner is a software for Windows that allows you to remove unnecessary characters from your HTML documents including spaces, commas, and other symbols as well as, reduce the file size. This reduction in number of elements and file size is helpful in reducing the download time and bandwidth usage of both the server and users. More on HTML Cleaner after the jump.Read More

MediaPlus: Resize, Pin & Add Effects To Images/Videos On Any Website [Chrome]

If you want to take full control of videos, images and other media on your favorite webpages, then MediaPlus, a Chrome extension, is just the right tool for you, as it lets you move, resize, turn lights off and maximize images and videos to full-screen. The extension adds multiple controls in a slick toolbar under each image and video. With it, you can move, resize and pin media content on pages like YouTube and Facebook. You can also maximize media content to the whole browser window or pop it out. Furthermore, you can add various effects to images, such as sepia, blur, glow and more. Darkening area around videos and watching them without any distraction is also made possible. MediaPlus makes it possible to customize embedded Flash videos on any website.Read More

PageEdit: Edit Any Website Within Chrome & View Changes Instantly

PageEdit is a powerful WYSIWYG editor that lets you edit any HTML page in Chrome, and allows syntax color highlighting in source editing mode. The extension makes it easy to edit webpages and view them directly in the browser. PageEdit can particularly come in handy for web developers and designers who want to test or experiment with their own websites. Once you’ve installed the extension, click the button right next to the URL bar when browsing a webpage, and a toolbar with extensive options will be added to the top of the page. PageEdit also offers users with settings for the skin and toolbar options. The skin can be set as default, Office 2003 or v2 from a drop-down menu, whereas the toolbar can either be set as default or basic. You will notice that the basic toolbar offers you with fewer editing options as compared to the default one.Read More

AutoPatchWork: Auto-Load Next Pages On Search Results & Websites [Chrome]

AutoPatchWork, a Chrome extension, automatically loads the next page of a website and inserts it at the end of the current page. After installing the extension, simply scroll down a webpage and the extension will load the next page of the current website at the end of your current page. AutoPatchWork eliminates the need to navigate to next pages on websites, such as Google, Yahoo! and other search engines. The extension works by pulling results from all pages and displays them under the first page. This process is repeated whenever a webpage ends. AutoPatchWork is a handy extension that makes it easier to scroll through websites without having to click the next button over and over again.Read More

iPhone Emulator: View How Websites Would Appear On An iPhone [Chrome]

iPhone Emulator takes any webpage and opens an iPhone-emulating browser to show you how the webpage would look if it was rendered on an iPhone. This Chrome extension creates a new, re-sized Chrome browser that scales down the website content like an actual iPhone does. Users should note that the extension requires permission to run in incognito mode. The incognito mode isolates the session from your main browsing sessions, so websites do not send mobile cookies to your desktop session and vice-versa.Read More

Automatically Enable Particular Extensions On Specific Websites [Chrome]

If you have a large number of extensions installed and want to manage them more effectively, then Extension Automation can be quite useful for you. This Chrome extension allows you to enable and disable particular extensions for specific websites. Extension Automation makes it easier to manage other extensions by automatically enabling or disabling them based on the webpages you visit. The extension helps you work easily by removing the clutter from the toolbar, and prevents unnecessary running of extensions in the background.Read More

Highlight Words & Find Expressions From Urban Dictionary [Chrome]

There are different kinds of dictionaries available online; some for different languages, some for specific fields like accounting, chemistry or biology. Then there is Urban Dictionary; a wonderful and rich resource of all the slang and slander on the internet. From the newest to the oldest terms used either as internet slang or to hurl insults on public forums without being caught by moderators, the site has it all, except for a quick way to access it. Urban Dictionary Search is a simple, but useful extension for Chrome that allows users to search all types of expressions on, right from their toolbar. Searches can be carried out in two different ways; you can either select a word on a webpage and click the button in the toolbar to lookup the expression, or click the button in the toolbar and enter a word. After typing the word, hit Enter and the results will instantly be displayed in the pop-up. Urban Dictionary Search is easy-to-use and has no options or settings, whatsoever.Read More

Quickly Access & Filter Recently Visited Pages From Omnibar [Chrome]

Want to quickly access your recently visited webpages? Recent is a Chrome extension that allows you to quickly find pages that you have recently visited. The extension is simple but useful, as it lets you access recent pages without having to navigate away from the page and open the history for Chrome. All you need to do, simply type the keyword Recent in the omnibox, hit Tab and the results will instantly be displayed in a drop-down list. With it, you can quickly filter down omnibar results and glance at your recently visited pages.Read More

Easily Capture Complete Webpage Screenshots With TipCase Web Snapshot

One of the most useful utilities available for all major platforms are screenshot tools. Screenshots are a great way to make those boring and complicated tutorials easy. Including images with text adds color to it, and makes it more interesting for the reader. Moreover, there are times when you can explain something only with words, and a screenshot does wonders for the author in getting the message across, and for the readers to understand exactly what the writer meant. Imagine how bland the articles here at AddictiveTips would look if we stop adding screenshots with the text. I have always liked this quote, 'a picture is worth a thousand words' -  it stands true for screenshots as well. Windows also comes packed with Snipping Tool that provides all their is to capture most kind of screens. Previously, we have also covered some very good applications for taking high quality screenshots, such as Shotty, which finely preserves Aero effect in screens and Greenshot, one of the best screen taking tools. However,  both of these utilities do not allow you to take screenshots of a complete webpage. Yes, taking screenshots of entire webpage has its own good reasons. Worry not though, as TipCase Web Snapshot is here to get this job done for you . It is a portable application for Windows that lets you easily capture the full-page screenshots of web pages, with as little effort as there is.Read More

Kwout: Capture Parts Of Websites & Share On Social Networks [Chrome]

When we come across interesting images or other interesting content on website, we often share links with our friends in one way or another, but with Kwout, you can share stuff more efficiently by quoting specific parts of a webpage as images. This useful Chrome extension, allows you to select parts of webpages as an image with an image map. Once you’ve installed the extension, all you have to do is, place the selector box over the are you want to share ad upload it to post it on popular social networks. Users should note that all hyperlinks are still active even after the part is quoted. The images can be shared on popular social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Flickr and more.Read More

Find Out How You Reached Your Current Tab Through Screenshots [Chrome]

Chronic web surfers, a.k.a internet addicts, links are clicked on impulse and within minutes your browser window is littered with so many tabs that it isn’t possible to make out the page titles any more. Whether surfing for recreation or for work, we keep opening links in new tabs and then forget how we got to a particular page. This can throw us off when we need to return to whichever page the link originated from or when we need to see which website proved to be a good resource. So…Where Were We? is a Chrome extension that lets you keep track of the previously viewed pages and provides you with a screen shot of the webpage that was used to reach the current one. The extension works on all such pages that are opened in new tabs. All you need to do is click the button in the address bar and a pop-up will display the entire webpage.Read More

Page Stickies: Add Permanent Sticky Notes To Any Webpage [Chrome]

Do you often forget important tasks because you're always busy working online? Page Stickies, a Chrome extension, allows users to add colorful sticky notes to any webpage, so they can use them as reminders for various tasks. These notes remain visible even when you open the browser the next time. Page Stickies lets you create stickies on any webpage and save them to cloud. You can add notes of five different colors. The notes are resizable, editable once saved and can be placed anywhere on the webpage.Read More

Scrollbar Anywhere: Click & Drag Anywhere To Scroll A Webpage [Chrome]

If your mouse lacks a scrollwheel or you simply want to click anywhere on a webpage to scroll it, then Scrollbar Anywhere, a Chrome extension, makes it possible to scroll pages as if the scrollbar was right under the mouse cursor, no matter where it is placed. The extension lets you scroll pages without clicking the scrollbar or using the scrollwheel. Just right-click the mouse button (or any other of your choice) and drag your mouse to scroll the page. Moreover, you can set the top speed, friction and grab & drag style scrolling option from the settings.Read More

ToggleLink: Easily Select Text From Links On Any Webpage [Chrome]

Copying text from links can be quite annoying, as we have to first carefully put the cursor at the beginning or end of the link, and slowly highlight it. As we do this, we also have to make sure we don’t accidentally click the link. ToggleLink: Select Text From Link, a Chrome extension, makes things easier and lets you convert links on webpages to text, so that you can easily copy, select or highlight them. The extension basically toggles the link and helps you select the text. Once you’ve installed the extension, all you have to do is press Shift and hover your mouse over the link. The URL will instantly be converted to text, and you will easily be able to copy all or some of the text. You may want to quickly copy the text, as it changes back to its original form after five seconds.Read More

SnowDeer Web Scrapper: Capture Snapshots Of Entire Webpage On Android

There are plenty of screen capturing tools available to Android users. Apps such as Screenshot (by Kastor Soft), ShootMe and ScreenCaster & Recorder are just a few renowned names that instantly pop up to mind. That said, all apps belonging to the aforementioned genre are effective if you wish to capture still images of just the currently displayed screen. What if you were to capture an entire webpage on your Android without going through the hassle of grabbing and stitching/combining multiple snapshots to achieve said purpose? This is where SnowDeer Web Scrapper steps in. Sporting a simple web-browser style interface, the app lets you instantly capture snapshots of an entire webpage that you’re currently browsing. Not only can you specify a destination directory of choice for scrapped images, but also set a user-defined filename for each. In addition, the app lets you save each image in high quality JPEG or PNG format, and supports a native image gallery that contains all the captured images.Read More

iReader: Read Articles In A Clean, Clutter Free Layout [Firefox]

iReader, a Firefox add-on, allows you to view news stories and articles in a clean and clutter-free interface. It strips out all the extra content, such as ads and sidebars, and displays the article in a neat layout with a toolbar that comes with multiple options, such as zoom in and out, print, emailing, sharing and more. In addition to that, it supports multi-page news articles as well. iReader works automatically, and as soon as you land on a webpage that displays an article, iReader icon appears right in the URL bar. Simply click this or use the hotkey to open the article in iReader. The add-on can be useful for people who want to read articles without any distractions.Read More

FindList: Dropdown List For Firefox Find-In-Page With History Feature

Firefox's word search function can search one word after another, without keeping a history of the previously entered words. This means when you're searching multiple webpages or websites, you have to enter the same search words over and over again. Not only can this be tiring, but also a time consuming process. FindList, a Firefox add-on, turns the find box to a drop-down history list, and saves the last 50 searches on a web page. So, while browsing the web, you can simply access and select words from this drop-down list. In addition to that, the number of entries can easily be changed from the FindList Preferences.Read More

iZoom: Automatically Fit Webpage Contents To Window Size [Chrome]

iZoom Chrome extension allows users to view entire webpages, even when the window size is decreased, and, increases the content size as the window's size is increased. It automatically changes zoom level to fit window width. The extension comes with three different zooming modes, Shrink, Grow and Shrink & Grow. For Shrink, the zoom is always 100%, unless window width is decreased and contents will shrink to fit. Grow, on the other hand, causes the webpage content to grow with the width of the window. Content will shrink and grow to fit window width, when the Shrink & Grow option is enabled. When you switch between modes, the current pages must be reloaded in order for the changes to take effect. In addition to the zooming modes, users can also exclude images, videos, flash elements and java applets from zooming effects. Exempted items can be added from the options, or simply add current page and host to exceptions from the right-click context menu.Read More

EasyReader: Customize Online Content For Better Readability [Chrome]

If you read loads of articles or other content online, and find it difficult to focus on reading because of the layout or font size, then EasyReader, a Chrome extension, can be of great help, as it allows you to customize and improve the readability of a whole or part of an article. Simply click the EasyReader button in the toolbar, mouse over the content and click on it to read articles in a clearer interface. You may customize the color, size, font and text alignment. It simply works by displaying your content in a simple, clutter free text box by stripping extra items from a webpage. Another useful feature is the ability to change the font size, which can particularly come in handy for people who have a problem with writing size on some websites. Also, change the width of the content by dragging the right edge of the box, and add images to the background by simply entering an image URL in the options.Read More

Copy, Organize & Upload Research Content To The Cloud With Shelfster

Research is an integral part of writing. No matter what the topic is, a writer has to spend a lot of time doing research before they can actually start to pen down anything. These days, most of the research work is done on the internet, where writers browse through hundreds of web pages, reading and looking up new information from multiple sources at a time. Shelfster is an application that simplifies the process of researching and writing by allowing you to quickly capture text and image clippings from documents, as well as webpages. The content can be organized, viewed and edited using titles, tags, annotations and project categories, and is stored directly in an online account, enabling you to access your data wherever there is an internet connection and a capable device.Read More