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AutoPatchWork: Auto-Load Next Pages On Search Results & Websites [Chrome]

AutoPatchWork, a Chrome extension, automatically loads the next page of a website and inserts it at the end of the current page. After installing the extension, simply scroll down a webpage and the extension will load the next page of the current website at the end of your current page. AutoPatchWork eliminates the need to navigate to next pages on websites, such as Google, Yahoo! and other search engines. The extension works by pulling results from all pages and displays them under the first page. This process is repeated whenever a webpage ends. AutoPatchWork is a handy extension that makes it easier to scroll through websites without having to click the next button over and over again.

Once you’ve installed AutoPatchWork, results will get pulled as you scroll down and you will be able to access the AutoPatchWork status bar at the bottom of the page. From here, you can toggle the extension on/off and access the options. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and the following results will be displayed, and if you continue scrolling further, the process will be repeated until more results are displayed. The extension not only works on search engines, but also on any website where pagination is involved.


The AutoPatchWork options page has four tabs, these are, Basics, Filters, Styles and About. The Basic category allows you to Open siteinfo manager, where you can disable the extension on different websites. Also, enable auto start, open new tab from inserted links and not work FRAME options. In addition, you can choose to display the status bar at the bottom of the page.


The Filters category lets you exclude filters by selecting a domain, prefix or regexp option from the drop-down menu. Simply enter a URL and click Add.


AutoPatchWork saves up time and lets you view more, without having to repeatedly click the Next button. The extension can specially be useful for people who work on research topics and often have to access multiple pages on a website.

Install AutoPatchWork For Google Chrome

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