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Page Stickies: Add Permanent Sticky Notes To Any Webpage [Chrome]

Do you often forget important tasks because you’re always busy working online? Page Stickies, a Chrome extension, allows users to add colorful sticky notes to any webpage, so they can use them as reminders for various tasks. These notes remain visible even when you open the browser the next time. Page Stickies lets you create stickies on any webpage and save them to cloud. You can add notes of five different colors. The notes are resizable, editable once saved and can be placed anywhere on the webpage.

After you’ve installed the extension, click the button in the toolbar and select a sticky color to add a note on a webpage. Page Stickies uses your Google ID (Gmail or Google Apps) to sync the stickies. You should sign into Google if you aren’t already signed in and authorize the app when it asks. You can sign out later if you like.

Stickies can be resized by dragging them around, and any number can be added to a webpage. To move the sticky note around, click on the title, drag it around and place it anywhere on the webpage. Not only does it allow you to add notes, but also saves them, so that the next time you visit a particular page, your notes will remain in the exact location where you left them.

page stickies

Oddly enough tests revealed that the extension does not sync across different Chrome browsers so if you create stickies on your home computer, installing the extensions and running it on your work computer will be of no use. It raises the useful or not question and means that uploading stickies to the cloud is only serving the purpose of backing them up. It’s the wrong kind of bug to have and it brings the value of the extension down.

The color range the extension allows is definitely a plus point since it lets you group and easily identify what kind of a note you’ve made. A particular color can mean you have to do something while another might remind you to make a purchase or share an item from a site with a friend.

You can add notes on a web page that you regularly visit as a reminder to complete a task, which you can continue the next time you visit the website. Page Stickies is a simple but useful extension. With it, you will never miss an important task, so visit the link below to install the extension.

Install Page Stickies For Google Chrome

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