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DropDownloadURL: Batch Download All Files From Any Link [Mac]

You’ve probably come across a lot of file downloaders; some are forma specific, i.e., apps that download videos from YouTube, while others are more general. DropDownloadURL is one such app for Mac that allows you to download just about anything from a given URL. Depending on the type of link you enter, the app can download software, web pages, videos, images etc. If you’re wondering what the point of using an app like this is when you can download via your browser, this app allows you to queue multiple downloads and leave your system to do its work. It is useful in the event that you have to download lots of files but have limited bandwidth and would prefer to download files one by one.

The interface is simple, if not pretty, and supports drag & drop. Select a URL from your browser, and drag it onto the app window. You can paste a URL by clicking Import URL…and pasting the link in the window that opens. To import URLs directly from your browser, click Process Browser URL, but ensure that your browser is the front most app. When you add URL(s), the app automatically starts downloading the file/page.


To select where the files should be saved, open the app’s preferences and specify a destination in the Output Folder field. If you are likely to save downloaded files to different destinations each time, check the Always Prompt Me for Output Location option. The app has an extremely useful function that allows you to classify files by type into folders. To classify files, click Aggregate (this cannot be undone), and to ensure that files with similar names are not overwritten, see that the Overwrite Files by Same Name option is unchecked.

DropDownloadURL preferences

Remember that this app isn’t a download manager, it is simply an aggregate downloader that will download whatever date is saved to a link, including webpages.

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