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Facebook Analyzer: Get Detailed Breakdown Of Interaction Between Facebook Friends [Android]

The popularity of the pioneering social network service, Facebook, is growing at a rate of knots, so it is fitting to have such nifty tools at hand that let users keep a close tab on the various facets of their account, and let them monitor their activities on the network. Just recently, we covered an interesting Android app called Likes!, which displays everything that their Facebook friends have Liked on the network in one place. Here’s another handy app called Facebook Analyzer that displays a detailed statistical and graphical breakdown of your Facebook friends’ interactions with their friends on the network. Based upon the extent of interaction with each friend, the app also presents you with as many as four different score/rank sheets and relevant pie charts sorted by the total score accumulated on the network by shared comments, likes, etc.

Facebook Analyzer might not be all that rich aesthetically, but it works perfectly as advertised, helping you get an overview of your friends’ and your interactions with other Facebook users on a per-person basis. Quite obviously, in order to help the app prepare and present its analysis report, you must first authorize it to access your Facebook account.

Facebook-Analyzer-Android-Friends-List Facebook-Analyzer-Android-Total-Score

Once that is done, you’re presented with a list of all your friends on the network. Tapping a friend’s name scans his/her feeds list to determine their interactions with other Facebook users. The screen that follows shows a list of all the friends of the selected user/friend of yours sorted by Total Score. Tapping Menu > Switch Mode switches to a different type of list (Interact Count, Score From Friends, Score To Friends), whereas tapping Menu > Pie Charts displays a pie chart for the selected list.

Facebook-Analyzer-Android-Score Facebook-Analyzer-Android-Interactions

Tapping a friend’s name lets you check the breakdown of the his/her overall scores. From the same screen, you can also see history of all the comments that both users in question have made on each others’ posts so far.


Users concerned about privacy issues can rest assured that Facebook Analyzer only accesses data that is public. Neither does the app have privileges to access personal messages shared between any two Facebook friends, nor can it access any content that has been hidden using custom privacy settings.

Download Facebook Analyzer for Android

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