How To Schedule Wi-Fi To Turn On Automatically After Turning It Off In Windows 10

You can turn Wi-Fi On/Off on just about any device that lets you connect to the internet. IoT devices don't have a dedicated interface for disabling Wi-Fi but phones and computers do. You might need to turn Wi-Fi off for any number of reasons and you will of course, do so consciously. Turning the Wi-Fi On or Off is, and always has been, something we do manually. There's no scheduling when Wi-Fi will be turned On or Off on a phone or desktop. Windows 10 is breaking away from that. It now lets you automatically turn Wi-Fi back On after a while. You still have to manually turn it Off as per your own need but Windows 10 will remember to turn it on again for you. The feature is only available in the Windows 10 Insider Build 14942 for now. Read More

How To Scan Your WiFi Network For All Connected Devices From Your Phone

Your router's administrative panel will show you lots of information about your WiFi network. It's where you can change the password, block access to a domain of your choice, change which channel you connect to, and more. It's also where you can see a list of all devices that are currently connected to the network. To access this information though, you often need to access the administrative panel from your desktop. If you only need to access the panel for something specific i.e., how many devices are currently connected to the network, you might want a quicker way to do it. Home Wifi Alert-Wifi Analyzer is a free app for iOS and Android than can scan your WiFI network and list all devices currently connected to it. You can ping a device and name it if it is one you recognize. Read More

How To Disable Your WiFi Network When An Ethernet Cable Is Connected [Windows]

When connecting to a WiFi network, Windows will always favor the strongest one available. If you're in range of several known WiFi networks, Windows will favor the one with the strongest signal strength and not the one that's faster or has fewer devices connected to it. Regardless of how strong a WiFi signal is, an Ethernet cable connection is almost always going to be better and Windows will favor it over WiFI connections in most cases. However, if your system refuses to favor the Ethernet connection over your WiFi network you can tell Windows to disable the connection altogether when it detects an Ethernet connection. Here's how. Read More

How To Set WiFi Connection Order In Windows 10

Most offices have more than one WiFi connection available. Multiple connections serve either as a backup in case one of them fails, or they are meant to distribute the load from many users across multiple connections. That said, Windows 10 doesn't consider which of the available WiFi connections has stronger range before connecting to one. Instead, it gives priority to connections based on which one was added first, and which one was added later. That is the default behavior and it can be problematic especially if you often have to manually change which WiFi connection your computer is connected. Here's how you can change the priority of a WiFi connection in Windows 10. Read More

How To View Passwords For WiFi Networks In Windows 10

If you ever needed to look-up the password to your WiFi network on Windows 7, all you had to do was click the WiFi icon in the system tray, and from the pop-up menu, right-click on the network you wanted to view the password for to get to its properties. Inside the properties window, was a Security tab where you could check the WiFi password. Come Windows 10 and this option, while not lost, has become much harder to access. Here's how you can view the password for known WiFi networks in Windows 10. Read More

Use Your iPhone To Find Free WiFi Networks Anywhere In The World

Internet is a basic human right in some countries, while in others, it's pretty much a luxury. Regardless of what status the internet has where you live, free WiFi is something no one would say no to. WiFiMapper is a free iOS app that uses your location, and your WiFi radio to scan your surroundings for free WiFi networks. Naturally, the range is short but it's also a crowd-sourced tool for mapping all the free WiFi available in the world. Users can log places where free WiFi is available and they are displayed in the app on a map so you can see from miles away where free internet is available even if you can scan the area with your phone. Read More

Switch Wi-Fi Networks From The Notification Center In Android 5.1

Android 5 added some useful toggles to the Notification Center and a nice Do Not Disturb/Interruptions mode that could be turned on/off from the volume keys. With the roll out of Android 5.1 these toggles in the Notification Center have also received an update making it easier for you to connect to other devices via Bluetooth or to connect to a different Wi-Fi network. Here's how. Read More

Trigger Based Profile Switcher For Sound, Display, WiFi, & More [Android]

Sound and WiFi profiles need to be changed depending on where we are. Both are changed so frequently that complex automating apps like Tasker aren't used and instead, apps dedicated to managing sound and WiFi profiles are sought, duly found, and used. SwiP - ProfileSwitcher  is an Android that doesn't just manage sound and WiFi profiles but gives you a whole set of other options for the state of Bluetooth switch, brightness, Display time out duration, and more. Each profile comes with triggers which can be location based, time based, battery charge or state based, or triggered by a headphone jack being plugged in. Read More

Vestigo: Access WiFi Switch, Network, And Information From Any Screen [Jailbreak]

How often do you access your WiFi switch or need to view network information on your iPhone? If it's often enough for it to be annoying to switch to the Settings app each time then Vestigo is a tweak that can help. It is available in the ModMyi and Insanelyi repositories and can make the WiFi switch, networks in your vicinity, any network information available on any screen with a simple Activator gesture. The tweak opens a pop-up, overlaid on whichever app you're currently using, that lets you scan for other networks, turn WiFi on/off, and view signal strength among other things. Read More

Wireless Manager Saves Battery By Disabling WiFi When Out Of Range [Android]

The Wi-Fi radio on your Android device can be a real battery hog if left enabled for a longer period especially when it’s not even connected to a specific network as it constantly checks your environment to find (and connect to) an access point. Many users who have mobile data enabled will not turn WiFi off when they know they will be using mobile data because they are used the device switching between whatever connection is available, however, the WiFi continues to tax the device's battery. This is where Wifi Manager comes to the rescue. It allows you to set an interval time between Wi-Fi network checks, in turn drastically reducing your phone’s battery consumption. The app detects when you are no longer in range of a WiFI connection and turns the switch off, saving your battery. It then checks at regular intervals to see if a WiFi has become available and will turn WiFi when there is an available connection. Read More

Automatically Switch From WiFi To Mobile Data When Signal Is Low [iPhone]

With the smartphones of today, data traffic has become an almost essential requirement. You cannot really take the full potential out of your phone for a spin unless you have a data plan – be it cellular data or wireless internet. Generally, WiFi is always the preferred mode of internet connectivity on smartphones, not just because of the data costs that the other solution incurs, but also owing to the toll that it takes on your phone’s battery life. Mobile data, on the other hand, offers freedom and internet connectivity on the go, and for this very reason, a smartphone user finds themselves jumping from one to another depending on requirement. The problem, however, is that these jumps are manual, and you actually have to go into settings to make the change especially on an iPhone. This is where the newly-released Cydia tweak SwitchData comes in. Read More

AVG Wifi Assistant Automatically Toggles Wi-Fi On Android Based On Cell Tower Signal Strength

Forgetting to turn off WiFi on your Android phone when you’re out and about can be quite annoying, especially when you find the WiFi scanner has drained the little battery you had left. Unfortunately, the Wi-Fi toggle buried deep in the Settings app takes an extra step to reach whenever you need to enable or disable it. Even if the Android version in your phone does have quick launch toggles in the notification area for the purpose, you will still have to remember to turn WiFi off. Wouldn't it be great if you could automate the process somehow? That is exactly what AVG Wifi Assistant does. Named 'WiFi Hotspot On/Off Manager' on the Play Store, this free Android app from the popular security firm remembers the cellular network towers near the locations you're at more frequently, and then automatically toggles WiFi based on their signal strength. Read More

Create A WiFi Network Blacklist & Get Connectivity Alerts On iOS With NotifyWifi

SBSettings is the first thing that compels many users to jailbreak their iPhone as soon as some developer comes up with a solution to get Cydia working on the latest iOS version. Within SBSettings, the most useful thing is its easily accessible dropdown window, housing a string of options including several system toggles. While all these toggles are really useful, the WiFi control is probably the most frequently used. During the course of the day, most users switch between multiple WiFi networks, making the WiFi section of the Settings app really important. As the internet umbrella continues expanding, more and more WiFi hotspots are becoming available publicly. If you like keeping your device’s WiFi on, it might end up connecting to networks you wish to avoid, without you ever noticing. Tweaks like AutoProtect and CleverPin can give you some indication regarding connectivity, but its still not as clear as getting a proper notification. That’s what NotifyWifi does. This tweak sends users a push notification every time they connect to a WiFi network or there is a change in the network’s status. NotifyWifi can also be used to keep your device from ever connecting to some networks automatically. Read More

PowerLine For Android Adds Bar Indicators To Screen Edges For Battery, WiFi & Several Other Stats

Widgets on your screen take up space that you would otherwise dedicate to your favorite apps. While many beautifully crafted widgets greatly compliment your screen, having way too many can make it look quite cluttered. Widget developers therefore have to get creative with how they design their widgets, and keep a lot of aesthetic details in consideration. If you are a minimalist who wants to keep monitoring key stats of their Android device such as battery level, signal strength, Wi-Fi strength, unread messages, missed calls, memory, processor consumption, internal/external storage space, give PowerLine a shot. It is an Android app that adds on-screen indicators for all these stats in form of entirely unobtrusive colored lines along the edges, meaning you don't have to use any widgets to clutter up your screen for viewing this info at a glance. These lines show whether the item in question is on a healthy level, riding low, or in the danger zone. With the free version of the app, you can add any two indicators on your screen at a time, while the paid version removes this restriction. Read More

OpenSignal For iPhone Maps Nearby WiFi Hotspots & Ranks Cellular Networks By Coverage

Despite the availability of network monitoring apps for iOS, the platform has never had something as comprehensive as Android’s OpenSignal. The previously covered Signals 2 works only on jailbroken devices, and doesn't deal with Wi-Fi networks at all. OpenSignal, on the other hand, offers a  speed test, and has the capability of mapping out signal strength for both cellular and Wi-Fi networks. After a long wait, now you can have all these amazingly useful features on your iPhone, as the developers of OpenSignal have just released an iOS variant in the App Store. The app lets iDevice owners sniff out Wi-Fi networks in their vicinity, and also helps them in deciding which cellular network provides the best coverage in their area. Read More

Chainfire’s Hotspot Control Removes WiFi Tethering Restrictions From Unrooted Android Devices

Native Wi-FI tethering support has been a feature of Android since version 2.2 (Froyo), but it is disabled or hidden from the Settings in many devices, thanks to their manufacturers or the carriers that sell them. On certain devices, the feature automatically gets disabled if no SIM card is present in the device. There have been several solutions out there to bring this functionality back to such devices, but almost all of them require root access. If you’re unlucky enough to have this feature disabled on your Android device and don’t want to root it to get it back, Chainfire has a solution for you in Hotspot Control. Just released on Google Play Store, it is a tiny app that allows you to easily toggle Wi-Fi hotspot mode on your unrooted Android device on which the native feature is present but hidden or disabled by the device manufacturer or your carrier. Read More

xCloud Syncs Files Between PC, Mac, Android & iOS Over Cloud & WiFi

Dropbox was once considered the cutting edge of cloud services, but now it seems every other company in the tech industry is hopping on the cloud computing bandwagon. The latest entrant in this field xCloud. No, it's not another cloud storage solution with unlimited storage, but rather a files synchronization app that lets you sync your files between a desktop PC and an Android or iOS mobile device. Though, what's special about the service is that you can perform syncing over your local Wi-Fi network as well, bypassing the need to upload files to the cloud first. So basically your PC itself works as a cloud storage for you, letting you access the stored content from anywhere you find internet connectivity. In addition, you can send Wake On LAN commands through the mobile device to access the storage remotely if your PC is in sleep mode, provided your motherboard supports this option. It’s dead simple to configure and even simpler to use. Read More

Set Your iPhone To Auto Enable WiFi When Launching Certain Apps

iOS’ most endearing trait might be its slick interface, but the platform is great at facilitating users in their everyday tasks as well. This is evident from the 50MB download cap for each app installation over mobile data in the App Store. Most of us have limited data plans and with the kind of internet speeds offered by 3G and LTE, one might easily forget to switch to a Wi-Fi connection before starting a heavy download or a long video streaming session. Also, if you don’t have a mobile data connection, there is no point in launching apps like Mail and Facebook without first activating your Wi-Fi. Carnitine is a new Cydia tweak that has been designed with all these scenarios in in mind. It allows you to decide for what apps you want to enable Wi-Fi for upon their launch. You don’t have to manage an extensive lists of apps for this purpose, as Carnitine lets you configure everything on the go. Read More

How To Fix The Limited Wi-Fi Connectivity Issue On Microsoft Surface

After a long development cycle and some cheesy advertisements, both Windows 8 and the Surface RT tablet finally made their way to the consumers on October 26th 2012, apparently to mixed reaction from critics and users alike. Rather than encouraging the UI overhaul, various users have found the latest version of Windows to be schlocky and flawed. According to some recent reports, a number of Surface users (including ourselves) have been facing limited Wi-Fi connectivity issues since day one. The tablet sometimes shows ‘Limited Connectivity’ error in network status, thereby leaving you unable to use the internet unless you reconnect to the Wi-Fi router or access point. Although Microsoft has released an update to combat this issue, a lot of users are still facing the same conundrum. On the bright side, however, the issue can be easily fixed by following a few simple steps. Read More

SoftPerfect WiFi Guard Protects Your Network Against WiFi Thieves

WiFi allows us the freedom to move about while using the internet on our portable devices, without worrying about the Internet connection being disconnected within the range. Though it does't come without a price. On one hand, WiFi gives us great mobility, but on the other hand, there's the problem of people stealing your WiFi data by free-riding over your network. You can avert this by setting a password on your connection; however, if someone manages to guess or hack your password, they can still log in. Since you cannot strictly define the perimeters of WiFi signals, if stationed near a Window or an external wall of your house, it becomes very easy for people to catch its signals. This can increase your internet bills and effect its performance for you, if they are using huge amounts of bandwidth. SoftPerfect WiFi Guard is an application for Windows that scans your network and displays a list of all the connected computers. It pings all devices connected to the network and shows everything that returns a ping. Moreover, if an unknown device connects to the network, you are immediately alerted through a notification on your screen. Read More