Data Detective: Monitor Data Usage & Cost In Local Currency [Android]

Although there are plenty of data monitoring & tracking apps on the Android Market such as Onavo, My Data Manager and Stats etc., not all provide you with estimates of how much money you will be charged for the amount of data that you’ve consumed over a period of time, and that too, in your local currency. This is where Data Detective steps in. Featuring numerous useful data monitoring, controlling and usage tips, graphical analysis of total mobile and Wi-Fi data usage, and detailed breakdown of data usage and cost incurred by individual apps, Data Detective ensures that you know how much you're spending on mobile internet.Read More

MyPublicWiFi Creates WiFi Hotspot With Firewall & URL Logging

Normally, wireless internet connections can be easily shared using ICS (Windows' own Internet Connection Sharing), or by making an Ad-hoc network connection.  While you can use a Wi-Fi router for connecting an Android or Symbian phone to the internet, your router might not be able to support too many devices. In such a case, one can create a Wi-Fi hotspot with the help of applications like MaryFi. However, MaryFi is restricted to merely creating a Wi-Fi hotspot, and does not provide options to use a firewall for securing the network. MyPublicWiFi is an application for creating a free Wi-Fi hotspot that turns your computer into a wireless router with Firewall and URL tracking functionality. This can be useful for setting up a secure Wireless Access Point, with MyPublicWiFi’s firewall protection to restrict user access to specific servers. Using the firewall, you can also restrict certain types of services, which you may not want the shared users to access.Read More

SimpleDrop: Stream Media & Sync Data, Contacts Between Desktop, iPhone & Android

iOS users have always wanted to get the option to sync their device data wirelessly with their desktop system. With iOS 5, this wish finally came true, but what if you are on an older version of iOS or own an iOS 5-unsupported device? That’s where SimpleDrop comes in. This amazing app allows you to send and receive data (music, videos, photos, files and contacts) to/from its desktop client, given that the PC and iDevice are on the same Wi-Fi network. That's not all. The app even lets you sync data between your desktop system and Android devices, stream media from one device to another and even sync data directly between and Android and iOS device.Read More

AirDroid Allows Remote Access & Control Of Android Over Wi-Fi Via Web Browser

Very much similar in functionality to previously reviewed Paw Server and LazyDroidAirDroid lets you remotely control your Android device from your computer over a common Wi-Fi connection. Apart from serving said purpose quite effectively, AirDroid offers many additional features for which you’d otherwise have to install at least a couple of different apps. Whether it be reading, forwarding, replying to, composing or deleting text messages, managing and playing various multimedia files, installing/uninstalling apps, managing contacts, ringtones, call logs and various files stored on your SD card or viewing your device status in detail (internal/external storage breakdown, number of installed apps & files) as well as managing all the various tasks running on it, you name it, AirDroid can do it, and all from within your web browser.Read More

Cloudless: Two-Way WiFi Media Sync Between Computer & Android Without A Desktop Client

If you've been following our Android apps section for quite a while now, then you might probably remember SweeSoft’s SweetHome!, a free app that automatically syncs all your device’s photos/videos to your computer over a common Wi-Fi network, without a desktop client. Just recently, said developer has added a new level to the aforementioned concept and released an alpha build of a brand new app to the Market by the name of Cloudless Wi-Fi Media Transfer. The app extends its remote syncing support beyond images/videos, allowing you to sync your favorite music (MP3) files as well. Using Cloudless, you can now enjoy two-way sync of media files; from your computer to Android and vice versa. That’s not all, you can sync media files across multiple computers that are connected to your network, and specify sync directory as well as direction for each.Read More

NetSurveyor: Advanced Signal Analyzer For Wi-Fi Surveys

NetSurveyor is an advanced Wi-Fi network discovery application for gathering information about wireless access points in the vicinity. It displays data in the form of graphical charts and detailed reports, which can be generated as PDF files. NetSurveyor can be used to assist installation of a Wi-Fi network, verifying network configuration settings, troubleshooting Wi-Fi issues, carrying out Wi-Fi site surveys, detecting rogue access points, checking Wi-Fi coverage and strength. In case you do not have a Wi-fi card attached to your system, you can run NetSurveyor in Demo mode to test its capability.Read More

Wi-Fi Analytics Tool: A Comprehensive WiFi Network Analysis App For Android

Android users have the luxury of picking from plenty of device monitoring and performance tracking apps (Elixir II being one of the most comprehensive of the lot) to keep a close tab on the resources that are being consumed by either the operating system or the various applications that run on it. Developed by a WiFi solutions company called Amped Wireless, Wi-Fi Analytics Tool is yet another app from said genre that, as suggested by its name, has been specifically designed to keep you informed of the various Wi-Fi networks that lie in the range of your device and optimize them accordingly.The app extends its support to analyzing various facets of any connected/disconnected Wi-Fi network that has been detected by the device and displays comprehensive information about its different parameters ranging from channel interference to signal strength through graphs and statistical analyses.Read More

Turn PC Into Virtual WiFi Hotspot With WiFi HotSpot Creator

With the advent of Wifi, internet usage was revolutionized, getting rid of tangled wires. Every device comes out today contains a Wifi, from your PC to smartphone, laptop to tablet and TV to Blu-ray players, it seems as if Wifi has now dominated our lives. The beauty of Wifi is that you can get instant access to the internet wherever there is a hotspot. However, sometimes we need to access internet in places where Wifi hotspot is simply not available. Luckily, there are various tools available for Windows that turn your PC into a Wifi hotspot, so it would work exactly like a Wifi router or access point. If you have been looking for one, then today is your lucky day. Try WiFi HotSpot Creator, a handy tool to create a WiFi hotspot and share your internet connection, so WiFi enabled devices like laptops, smart phones, and tablets, can connect to internet via PC. It auto-enables the ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) option of your current connection to seamlessly turn your PC into a WiFi hotspot; you don’t have to go through the tiresome process of opening Network & Sharing Center. Just launch the tool, enter the connection name and passphrase to create your WiFi hotspot. Moreover, it creates WPA/WPA2 PSK based secured connection, allowing you to connect those WiFi enabled devices which cannot connect with wireless ad-hoc network. More details ahead after the break.Read More

WiFiKill For Android: Remove Other Devices From A Wi-Fi Network

Do you share a Wi-Fi network with someone and end up frustrated because all the bandwidth is being hogged? Well, there’s a very mean, yet effective, solution to your problem available on the Android Market right now. With WiFiKill, you can now do what should be considered the meanest thing you can do to a person using the internet; kicking them off the Wi-Fi! Normally, this is managed through a PC with admin rights to the Wi-Fi router, but WiFiKill is here to give you control, and make war as you kick people off of a Wi-Fi network so that you get the bandwidth you need.Read More

Perform Wi-Fi Connection Diagnosis With PEAP Provision Using TekWiFi

Protected Extensible Authentication Protocol or PEAP was jointly developed by Cisco, Microsoft and RSA Security in order to resolve deficiencies of EAP (Extensible Authentication Protocol) which is used in wireless networks and Point-to-Point connections. PEAP was designed to provide more secure authentication for 802.11 Wireless LANs. TekWiFi is a portable application that monitors your wireless connection and displays available wireless networks in reach. You can acquire diagnostic information on connected wireless networks, assigned IPs, as well as associated gateway and DNS servers. It automatically provides PEAP authentication on client side, along with diagnosis of connection problems for DNS servers, default gateway, Wi-Fi hotspot or the specified ISP homepage, which makes TekWiFi very useful.Read More

How To Share A Wi-Fi Connection With A System With No Wi-Fi Card [Ubuntu]

Sometimes you may require sharing a wireless internet connection with a computer which has no Wi-Fi adapter. Doing so can become quite tricky as the computer without a Wi-Fi card cannot be connected to a wireless router. In this post we will provide you with a quick tip to explain the procedure to share a wireless internet connection from one Ubuntu system with a Wi-Fi card (e.g. Laptop) to another Ubuntu computer which has no Wi-Fi card (e.g. a desktop PC).Read More

Connect To WiFi Networks By Scanning QR Codes With Barcode Scanner [Android]

A couple of months back, we covered WiFi Joiner – an Android app that allows you to create QR codes for WiFi access points and share them with your friends, colleagues or customers so that they may simply scan these codes to connect to the affiliated networks – eliminating the need to share long access keys. However, to scan said codes, they would need to have the same app installed on their devices. Not to undermine the functionality that WiFi Joiner provides (they were there first, after all), but it’s highly unlikely for all your Android-wielding friends to have the app on their devices. Relatively new to the Android Market, WiFi QR Code Generator works roughly the same way but, however, the QR codes it generates can be scanned with Barcode Scanner – a free app that, owing to its simplicity and effectiveness, has grown to become the default QR code scanner for a vast majority of Android users. More than 10 million downloads and counting (as of this writing) are proof positive of its popularity.Read More

TS3 Remote For Android – Monitor TeamSpeak 3 Desktop Client Over WLAN

In the beginning of the current month, the guys over at TeamSpeak Inc. released the Android variant of their group VoIP chat client in beta. Apparently, that wasn’t all they had in mind for the platform. Released to the Android Market roughly a week ago, TS3 Remote is a handy little Android tool that lets you connect to the TeamSpeak 3 client running on your computer over local WiFi and monitor whatever channel you are currently in. The app simply displays all users in the channel along with their nationality and status (mute, speaking etc.). It does not stream audio. So what’s the point? Join us after the break to find out.Read More

Disable Radio And Use Wi-Fi On Any Android Device Without Airplane Mode

Do you have an old Android device lying around in the drawer somewhere that you were contemplating on using as an Mp3 device? Stuck with an Android phone that is no longer activated? Devices in such condition can still serve the purpose of a movie or music player or are even great for surfing the internet on Wi-Fi. You must be aware that Wi-Fi and radio are at the top of the list when it comes to battery consumption, and for a device meant to be used as an Mp3 player alone, it’s not fair that the device keeps checking for a a service signal and consequently be wasting some vital battery juice. Of course there is the Airplane Mode that does that for you, but you would have to enable that option every time you turn the device on. This is where this Wi-Fi Only script comes in handy, and you have XDA-Developers forum member Condemned Soul to thank for that. The script is meant to run on any rooted Android device running any ROM.

Read More

Analyze Wireless Network Coverage In Mac With NetSpot Survey Software

Finding out whether your Wi-Fi is properly configured and placed at location where all Wi-Fi enabled devices can easily connect to network without encountering any signal strength problems is arguably a hectic task, as you have to move around the worksite to place your WiFi devices at hotspot reachable locations. In such situation, Wi-Fi coverage analysis tools can come extremely handy to map your different worksite locations with Wi-Fi devices covered area. If you own a Mac and are looking for a way to visualize your wireless network, NetSpot is probably the best tool you can try. It’s basically a wireless survey software that lets you draw map of your workspace to not only view availability of WiFi networks but to analyze WiFi coverage as well. In addition to checking your Wi-Fi network covered area, it also help users plan in setting up Wi-fi devices, so they can access WiFi hotspots without having to move around different locations to check signal strength.Read More

Connecting To Hidden Wi-Fi Issue To Be Resolved In Mango

If you are a user of Windows Phone 7, then some of the basic issues that an Android user (and a WP7 hater) is sure to throw at you are missing features like the lack of copy paste (now resolved), ridiculously small number of apps (we are getting there, with 25k already in the Marketplace) and too much security (read inaccessibility of hidden Wi-Fi networks). On the latter you can now hold your own in any argument. Hidden Wi-Fi connectivity is finally coming to Mango! For a lot of people, it is the unavailability of such relatively small features that make Windows Phone 7 virtually impossible to use. If you are already using a beta version of the upcoming Mango update, then don't be surprised if you don't find the hidden SSID functionality on your phone. The feature has not been rolled out just yet, but will make its way to WP7 in the final Mango build.Read More

WiFi Network Backup Manager Saves And Loads WiFi Connection Settings

Configuring your wireless network settings can be quite a hassle when you have to re-configure your wireless connection after formatting your system or when an issue occurs. In many cases the wireless network is auto detected and merely requires a key to be entered for connectivity. However, sometimes the selection of the specific encryption and security type and other settings may have to be configured, which can be a bit hard to remember if you require connecting to multiple networks. For example, you might have a higher level of security settings for your Wi-Fi connection at office than at home. Instead of having to remember these numerous settings, why not save these settings for being imported later? Wi-Fi Network Backup Manager makes it easy to save and load Wi-Fi network profile settings. It allows saving an XML file of your wireless connection(s), which can be loaded in any other or the same computer (when required) to instantly load your Wi-Fi settings.Read More

Find Out The MAC Address Of Your Windows Phone 7 Device [Guide]

Media Access Control address, or MAC address as it is more commonly known as, is a way of authenticating if a device really belongs to a specific network or not. It also lets the network devices communicate with each other properly. It is your MAC address that tells your service provider if you are using a mobile device or a desktop and what sort of a device are you on. If you are a relatively advanced user then this can be pretty important for you. Unlike the previous versions of Windows for mobile phones, Windows Phone 7 lets you view your MAC address quite easily.Read More

Monitor & Manage Your Data Plan With My Data Manager For Android

My Data Manager is an efficient and useful app that controls and monitors the flow of all downloaded data on your Android device and allows you to manage all data-related settings by placing download limits on incoming data from various sources such as mobile networks, roaming plans and Wi-Fi connections. With My data manager, you can keep a track of the recent history of  data consumption by each app through a visually rich graphical interface. The app allows you to view bar and pie-chart graphical representations of said information.Read More

Wifi Syncr – Sync Files From Computer To Android Device Over WiFi

In our quest for apps, we’ve found several on the Android Market that let you remotely upload/sync files from your Android device to your computer (Sweet Home, for instance). Today, we found an app that reciprocates said function. New to the Market, Wifi Syncr is a free, easy-to-use tool that establishes a one-way sync from your computer to your device over a shared WiFi network. More specifically, the app remotely downloads files from a user-defined shared directory on your computer to one on the SD card of your device. And unlike most of the device-to-computer apps that we’ve come across so far, Wifi Syncr has proved to be the easiest to set up. More after the break.Read More