Merge Email Newsletter Subscriptions Or Unsubscribe In Bulk With Swizzle

We surf around the internet, and every now and then, subscribe to newsletters of different websites, which results in a flooded inbox. At times, all these emails cause important messages to get lost in the mix, or at least, make it extremely hard to filter them out. Getting rid of all newsletter subscriptions isn’t the only solution in this case. Introducing Swizzle, a web app that helps solving the unwanted subscription problem. It scans our email account for all subscriptions, and lists them for us. From this list, we get to choose the subscriptions we want to keep and those we want to get rid of. In case you decide to keep a few subscriptions, Swizzle allows you to group some or all of the subscriptions and receive their newsletters in one single email in the form of an all-in-one digest, allowing you to choose the days and time of the day you would like to receive it.  To get started, simply enter your email address on the home page and click Go, and enter your password of your email address on the page that follows. Note that Swizzle does not create an account for you here, but is simply asking you for the credentials to access your inbox.

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Once that is done, Swizzle starts to go through your email account, searching for all the websites you have subscribed to, and displaying them one by one. Swizzle usually takes one to five minutes to completely scan your email account for all subscriptions. This may vary depending upon the number of subscriptions or the size of your Inbox.

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Beside each subscription that it finds, Swizzle provides you with two options – you can either unsubscribe yourself from the newsletter or add the subscription to your digest list. All the subscriptions you add to the digest list will be shown under Your Daily Swizzle. Once you’re done adding subscriptions to said list, click the I’m Done button below .

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Depending on what you added to your Daily Swizzle list, Swizzle will show you a few recommended newsletters to subscribe to, and if you do, these will automatically be included in your Daily Swizzle. Below this, you’ll find the options to set the digest’s Frequency and Time. At this point, Swizzle requires you to create an account, so that it can store information regarding your daily digest. To create an account and complete the setup, you can sign in through your Facebook account or simply enter a new password to sign up with your current email address.

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