Sync iTunes Library Across Multiple Computers With MediaRover

Ok, so you’re an avid iTunes user with a decent music library collected over years. A friend, family member or colleague of yours likes your music collection and wants it, but there’s no easy way to transfer all those files to them. Or, you want to have the same music collection available at your home and work computers, but cannot figure out an easy way to do so? MediaRover comes to the rescue!

While iTunes is a great media management suite (and I’ve said that many times), and the fact remains that even with iCloud support from iOS 5 onwards, the fact also remains that if you own an iOS device, you cannot do without Apple’s own solution. At the same time, however, the limitation that iTunes library imposes in terms of the number of computers/devices it can be synced to, is also its Achilles Heel. MediaRover allows you to sync your iTunes library across up to 8 computers, either Windows or Mac. This way, the songs in one iTunes library will be available across all others via network-based synchronization.

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In order to use MediaRover, you need an account with them (free, ofcourse) which takes less than a couple of minutes to set up. Once done, you need to enter a provided access code to MediaRover application on your computer to get it working. The software will then analyze your system and internet connection, as well as check the iTunes library for any conflicts that may hinder the sync process. Once set up, it lets you choose certain settings regarding maintaining the consistency.

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MediaRover will also detect if you have any NAS server set up in your network. What’s even better is that if you have streaming media devices like Sonos, Squeezebox etc, this software will work with them. Also, networked gaming consoles like Xbox 360 and PS3 can also access the shared MediaRover libraries.

Once the entire setting up part is done, the software copies your entire music library to its network storage, from where other computers can access the media. This one-time transfer will depend on how fast your internet connection is, and after this initial step all subsequent changes will be automatically synchronized (including metadata updates).

On the downside, the software does not work with dynamic playlists, and is not that good at recognizing duplicates based on metadata as iTunes itself. Hence, one track with two different filenames will be copied twice unless you have a well-organized and manually maintained library.

MediaRover works with both Windows and Mac OS X, and we tested it on Windows 7 x86 system.

Download MediaRover for Windows

  • Jeff Stern

    It’s a nice app, but duplicates your entire library on the server or disk you set as your storage share. Also has a lot of trouble with duplicates.