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Remove Splashy Screens And Forced Intro Movies From Games

Most games show intro movies and splashy screen on start which is not a huge deal since they can be skipped by hitting either Esc or Spacebar key. There are, however, some games where advertisement, splashy screens, and intro movies cannot be skipped because the developers chose to force these stuffs down the player’s throat.

If you are seriously annoyed by these unskippable intros, GNag is your friend. It is a small opensource portable tool that detects all games installed on your system and gives you an option to block their forced intro movies and nag screens. Yes, it works!

At first the application failed to detect Left 4 Dead game, but once Steam client was up and running, it automatically detected Left 4 Dead as you can see from the screenshot below.

Note: The above is just an example. The application only detected the game from Valve because it is installed on my system. This application can detect any game that is included in it’s database and finds it installed on your system.


There are two options given, Block and Unblock. Select the game from the list and hit Block to remove all intro and splash screens. You can always Unlock it later, if needed.

It supports a number of Games with all undetected applications listed under the Scan tab. There are also options to perform a full system-wide scan and scanning a selected directory for games.

GNag Scan[5]

The Defination Editor is not for beginners and novice users since it can mess up your registry. Advanced users can add custom definitions from this tab.

This portable tool works on all versions of Windows, our testing was done on Windows 7 32-bit system.

Download GNag


  1. You can add “-novid” as a launch argument, as is documented, to most/all valve games to remove opening videos. No need for 3rd party stuff – bad example for ‘force these stuffs down the player’s throat’.

    • Valve games do not force these stuffs on users but other Publishers do. You cannot use the -novid launch argument in all games. As for the screenshot that refers to Left 4 Dead, it is only because the application detected this game on my system.

      I am not blaming Valve, just providing a tool which allows user to skip the un-needed intro. Lets say, for e.g, how will you remove the intro from Battlefield 2?

    • The point was that the implication of the text and screenshot was that L4D needed it, which it doesn’t. I specified that I’m speaking about Valve games and not those of other companies so unless Battlefield 2 was made by Valve…

      The tip is sound, it’s the example/implication of it that I disagree with.

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