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Sync Songs In Music Folder With iTunes Automatically

Adding your music collection to iTunes playlist is always a pain considering how the it becomes unresponsive and is generally slow (read this article to speed up iTunes). Last year we reviewed an application called iWatch Syncer which synced any music folder with iTunes. The basic operation was seamless but the lack of options was a major setback.

Now meet SYNCiTunes, a simple Music Folder-iTunes sync application with up to 10 different options that gives user complete control of the syncing operation.


What makes it useful is that unlike other apps, it can update iTunes tags that were changed outside iTunes and delete songs from iTunes library that doesn’t exist any more. The inclusion of sub-folders syncing is also useful and so is making real-time changes.

The application works with all versions of Windows and iTunes. We tested it on Windows 7 32-bit system.

Download SYNCiTunes

For more, there are some useful software you might be interested in, that can sync iTunes playlist with Mp3 Player and non-iPod Mp3 Player with iTunes.


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